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Michael J. Fox Gives His Predictions For The Future

10/23/2015 9:34am EDT
Michael J. Fox Gives His Predictions For The Future On The Heels
So if you missed out on all the hoopla surrounding "Back to the Future" day on Oct. 21, there's still one more thing you need to know.

Michael J. Fox, the star of the trilogy of films, has his own predictions for the future, 30 years from today. Which, if you're good at math, would make the time 2045.

When his character, Marty McFly, went forward in time he discovered hover boards, flying cars and peace in the Middle East.

At the film's screening, as reported by E!, Fox still wants some of those things to come true.

"I'd like to see world peace! I'd like to see everybody just get along,...

Nike Turns 'Fiction Into Fact'

10/22/2015 9:02am EDT
'Back To The Future 2' Self-Lacing Nikes Coming Spring 2016
The days of truly becoming "Back to the Future's" Marty McFly are getting closer and closer as Nike is releasing the official shoe of the second film in the series, the Nike Mag, to fans in the spring of 2016.

This is real. This is today. Coming spring 2016. cc: @RealMikeFox @Nike

— (@MichaelJFoxOrg) October 21, 2015

The film's star Michael J. Fox and Nike have confirmed that the film franchise’s coveted self-lacing sneakers are indeed real and coming to stores next year.

Nike PR director Heidi Burgett teased sneaker fans Wednesday morning wi...

Rumor Patrol: Find Out What Rumors Were True Or False This Week

10/17/2015 10:21am EDT
Rumor Patrol: Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd Reunite For 'Bac
You can't go one week without hearing a ridiculous story involving some of your favorite celebrities. Thankfully, the Starpulse Rumor Patrol is here to sort out what's real and what's fake.

Michael J. Fox And Christopher Lloyd To Reunite For "Back To The Future 4": On the heels of the 30th anniversary of the classic film "Back to the Future," Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd have announced they are reuniting for a fourth installment of the classic time-travel film.

Verdict: Kinda! Both Fox and Lloyd did reunite over coffee in a sweet bit for the car company Toyota. In the new ad, b...

Cast Of NBC Hit Show Reunites 30 Years Later

10/8/2015 9:46am EDT
Family Ties
The cast of the hit NBC series "Family Ties" reunited for a special interview for Entertainment Weekly and it was just like 30 years didn't happen since the show first premiered.

Wait, 30 years?!

"Family Ties" which aired from 1982 to 1989, jump-started the career of then-known Michael J. Fox and also starred Meredith Baxter, Michael Gross, Tina Yothers and Justine Bateman.

Oh yeah, Tracy Pollan and Courtney Cox also took turns smooching Michael J. Fox on the series as his girlfriend and one continues to smooch him today, four kids later.

As part of Entertainment Weekly's annual reuni...

Yes 'Back To The Future Fans,' There Is A 'Jaws 19' Trailer

10/6/2015 11:37am EDT
'Back To The Future' Inspires Trailer For 'Jaws 19'
'Back to the Future' fans will have to wait a couple more weeks to see if Marty McFly really does arrive in the future on October 21, 2015, but Universal Pictures is making at least one prediction about that date come true with a new trailer for 'Jaws 19.'

Confused? When Marty McFly/Michael J. Fox arrived in the future Hill Valley in the year 2015 in 'Back to the Future II,' the movie spent the next couple of scenes making a few jokes about what the future would be like. Predictions included a new drink called Pepsi Perfect and a Chicago Cubs World Series championship. Mixed in with all of...

These Celebrities Came Close To Death

7/22/2015 2:00pm EDT
24 Celebs That Came Close To Death
You might not think you’ve got much in common with the biggest celebrities in the world, but do you remember the time you almost stepped in front of that bus zooming down the street? Yeah, they know how you feel. Celebrities might seem immortal to the public eye — and that’s part of the reason why it’s such a shock when one passes away — but the reality is, celebs come close to death way often than one would believe. From gun shots to car accidents, here are some celebrities that came close to death.

Tracy Morgan

Tracy Morgan was involved in a devastating car wreck in 2014, where he was ...

1980s Heartthrobs Then & Now (Photos)

5/19/2015 2:27pm EDT
80s Heartthrobs: Where Are They Now?
Rob Lowe shot to fame in films such as "The Outsiders," "St. Elmo's Fire," "Youngblood" and "About Last Night." He was one of the infamous members of the "Brat Pack," which also included Emilio Estevez, Anthony Michael Hall, Andrew McCarthy, Judd Nelson, Demi Moore, Molly Ringwald, and Ally Sheedy.

In 1988, Lowe made headlines after a videotape surfaced showing him engaged in sexual activities with two women at an Atlanta hotel during the Democratic National Convention. One of those women turned out to be just 16. Lowe's reputation was ruined and after entering rehab for drug and sex addi...

Seven Great Actors Who Excel In The Movies And On TV

12/22/2014 1:00pm EST
Double Threats: 7 Great Actors Who Excel In The Movies And On Te
The hierarchy when it comes to acting in Hollywood has historically always placed more importance and gravitas on the work of actors who have appeared on the silver screen when compared to their TV counterparts.

Legendary actors who got their start on TV like Bill Murray (Saturday Night Live), Michael Douglas (The Streets of San Francisco) and Denzel Washington (St. Elsewhere) were only said to have "made it" as huge stars once they were able to transition into movies.

But a strange thing has happened over the last few years - mega movie stars are falling all over themselves to try and ge...

'The Good Wife': 'Red Zone' - Pick Your Side

11/10/2014 9:06am EST
'The Good Wife' Recap And Review: 'Red Zone' - Pick Your Side
Overstepping one's boundaries, either actual or perceived, seems to be the theme of this week's The Good Wife. Every major character is either finding some sort of trouble, telling someone else how to get out of it, or both. It's all quite the tangled mess, but it does come with some pleasant revelations at the end.

While Jonathan (a returning Steven Pasquale)'s focus group rambles in half a dozen directions, Owen (Dallas Roberts) asks Alicia to help one of his students with a rape case, and no sooner has he put on the "puppy dog face" than Diane drags her over to listen to the tape of Car...

Michael J. Fox 'Stunned' To Learn Robin Williams Had Parkinson's

8/15/2014 9:29am EDT
Michael J. Fox 'Stunned' To Learn Robin Williams Had Parkinson's
Michael J. Fox had no idea his friend Robin Williams was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease prior to his death from an apparent suicide on Monday.

The funnyman's passing prompted speculation about his state of mind and whether addiction or money problems contributed to his suicide.

Williams' publicist stated that he was not in financial straits, and his wife Susan Schneider revealed on Thursday that he was sober at the time of his death but was coming to terms with a recent Parkinson's Disease diagnosis.

Fox, who has been battling the condition since the early 1990s, wrote on Twitter: ...

'The Good Wife' Review: 'The One Percent'

5/12/2014 8:42am EDT
'The Good Wife' Review: 'The One Percent'
As we're just one week away from The Good Wife's fifth-season finale, this is where you'd expect hints to start appearing and pieces to begin falling into place. That's exactly what happens in "The One Percent," which handily dispatches a case of the week while playing out various scenes meant to ramp up the underlying tensions before we get to the finish line.

One of Alicia's clients, Fortune 500 CEO James Paisley (Tom Skerritt, Leverage) gets pied in the face, then opens his mouth and threatens a very pricey merger (is there any other kind?). It's then a struggle for Alicia and Cary to d...

Get Shorty: Hollywood's 15 Shortest Actors

4/24/2014 4:03pm EDT
Verne Troyer
Stars come in all shapes and sizes, and these actors prove your height doesn't decide your talent. Here are 15 of Hollywood's shortest actors.

Verne Troyer, 2'8". Verne got his start as a stuntman (he did stunts for an infant in Baby's Day Out), but is widely known as Mini-Me in the Austin Powers series.

Peter Dinklage, 4'5". Dinklage is now well known for his work on the series Game of Thrones as Tyrion Lannister. When asked if he should be the "spokesman for little people," he said, "I don't know what I would say. Everyone's different. Every person my size has a different life, a di...

NBC Axes 'The Michael J. Fox Show'

2/6/2014 9:45am EST
NBC Axes 'The Michael J. Fox Show'
NBC has kicked "The Michael J. Fox Show" to the curb after just one season. Network execs canceled the comedy after it struggled in ratings.

The show has been removed from the current line-up, and it's unclear if the remaining seven episodes of the full 22 season order will air on NBC.

Michael J. Fox played Mike Henry, who put his career on hold to spend more time with family and focus on his health after getting diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. Five years later, with his family's encouragement, he goes back to work.

NBC recently shut down production on Sean Hayes' "Sean Saves the Wor...

'Back To The Future' Musical To Debut In London In 2015

1/31/2014 12:00pm EST
'Back To The Future' Musical To Debut In London In 2015
A "Back To The Future" musical will debut in London's West End on the 30th anniversary of the film's release next year.

Robert Zemeckis's sci-fi comedy adventure, which hit theaters in 1985, starred Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd. It centers on teenager Marty McFly who befriends a scientist working on a time machine and is accidentally sent to the 1950s where he inadvertently interferes with his parents' romance.

The film's composer Alan Silvestri will join Grammy-winning producer Glen Ballard to write the music and lyrics for the theatrical production, while Zemeckis and Bob Gale w...

E! Bosses Apologize For Airing Insensitive 'Fun Fact' About Michael J. Fox During Golden Globes Red Carpet Show

1/13/2014 1:32pm EST
Michael J. Fox
Michael J. Fox has received an apology from the E! network after the cable channel showed a "fun fact" about his battle with Parkinson's disease during their telecast of the Golden Globes arrivals Sunday night.

During the net's live red carpet show prior to the ceremony, bits of celebrity trivia were shown on screen, and the one about Fox, who was nominated for Best Actor in a TV Series Comedy for his "The Michael J. Fox Show," the fact shown read, "Michael J. Fox was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease in 1991."

The way it was done sparked numerous complaints online, after which E! apolog...

Michael J. Fox Drank To Cope With Parkinson's, Lizzy Caplan Sizzles In GQ, Jennifer Lawrence Joins Cast Of 'East Of Eden'

9/26/2013 10:06am EDT
Jennifer Lawrence
Jennifer Lawrence has joined the cast of the remake of John Steinbeck's "East Of Eden". The actress is set to reteam with "Hunger Games" director Gary Ross. Brian Grazer will produce the movie, which will be split into two parts. Lawrence will also star in the adaptation of Hannah Kent's "Burial Rites", which will also be directed by Ross. Elia Kazan directed the original film adaptation of "East Of Eden", which starred James Dean. (story)

Michael J. Fox started drinking as a way to cope with his Parkinson's Disease diagnosis. The actor, who has an eponymous new show about a newsman suffer...

Fall TV Preview: NBC's 'The Michael J. Fox Show'

9/25/2013 1:00pm EDT
The Michael J. Fox Show
To watch or not to watch?  To suffer through a lackluster new show and risk missing a spectacular one?  It's the fall television roulette that can drive lesser TV fanatic insane.  Luckily, I am here to offer preview of the not-for-review pilots I managed snag this summer.  Consider me your DVR Whisperer, advising you on which shows should get your season pass and which you should just skip.  Here are my first impressions on NBC’s “The Michael J. Fox Show,” premiering Sept. 26 on NBC at 10/9c.

The Premise: Beloved and respected news anchor Mike Henry (Michael J. Fox) retired after his Parki...

Billy Connolly & 9 Other Celebs With Parkinson's Disease

9/16/2013 9:08pm EDT
Billy Connolly
Scottish actor and comedian Billy Connolly revealed today that he is receiving treatment for Parkinson's disease. There is no cure for the disease, which includes symptoms such as tremors and slowness of movement.

More than 1.5 million people in the United States have been diagnosed with the disease, according to The American Parkinson Disease Association.

The progressive disorder develops gradually, sometimes as just a small tremor in one hand. It also causes stiffness or soft and slurred speach, according to the Mayo Clinic.

Connolly isn't the only celebrity who has been diagnosed with...

10 TV Shows We Are Most Looking Forward to This Fall

7/28/2013 2:00pm EDT
Marvel's Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.
Every fall a new batch of television shows emerge, and this year’s lineup is filled with familiar faces, promising new talents and exciting storylines. Here are 10 TV shows we are most looking forward to:

1. “Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.,” ABC (airing Tuesdays at 8 p.m., premieres Sept. 24)

Joss Whedon thrilled Marvel fans with “The Avengers,” and they’re are likely to geek out once more with “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” Whedon serves as executive producer on the show, which follows the team that assembled the Avengers on varying missions around the globe. Leading the pack to solve unexpla...

Michael J. Fox Doesn't Want To Be A Novelty On His New Show

7/28/2013 7:48am EDT
The Michael J. Fox Show
Michael J. Fox is coming back to television on “The Michael J. Fox Show.” Addressing his Parkinsons head on, he plays Mike Henry,  a newsman going back to work while managing his condition, just like the real Fox is doing with this show. Fox has been inspiring people since he revealed his diagnosis, but on the show he’s having fun with the public sympathy. The network puts together a schmaltzy promo reel with slow motion and inspiring music.

“That’s a little meta,” Fox said today in a session with the Television Critics Association. “We’re playing on that because it’s funny, the struggle w...

NBC Reloads With New Fall 2013 Primetime TV Schedule

5/13/2013 10:07am EDT
Michael J. Fox Show
NBC released its fall schedule on Sunday, making some big moves as they announced some new comedies and dramas with veteran stars such as Michael J. Fox, James Spader and more – time slots were also changed for some returning and beloved favorites.  

Moving shows included "Chicago Fire," "Revolution," "Parks and Recreation," and "Parenthood," whose times were adjusted to make room for some brand new anticipated series.

New shows include the action thriller "The Blacklist" starring James Spader which is given the 10pm Monday night spot following "The Voice."

Michael J. Fox's make his retu...

Michael J. Fox Is Making Another TV Series Because He 'Loves' To Do It

4/9/2013 3:32pm EDT
Michael J. Fox
Michael J. Fox is ready to go full-time on the small screen with a new Sony-produced, currently untitled sitcom. Director Will Gluck and writer Sam Laybourne ("Easy A" and "Arrested Development," respectively) are reportedly on board for the show, which is expected to premiere sometime later this year.

According to "Access Hollywood," the comedy will center around Michael J. Fox's own life experiences suffused with a bit of fictional persona. He will portray a reporter with Parkinson's. Details haven't been released, but we do know that his character will have kids and he will be, as Fox h...

Taylor Swift Not Upset With Michael J. Fox Over Dating Dig

1/19/2013 3:00pm EST
Michael J. Fox
After making fun of Taylor Swift's dating misfortune in a recent interview, Michael J. Fox reached out to the singer to set things straight.

The actor took aim at Swift in an article on, following up Golden Globes hosts Amy Poehler and Tina Fey's comedy warning for the singer to stay away from Fox's son, who was an official usher at the awards show on Sunday night.

Fox told the website he wouldn't know who Swift was if his son Sam brought her home, and then joked, "Taylor Swift writes songs about everybody she goes out with, right?" - referring to the singer's penchant for wri...

Michael J. Fox 'Excited' About TV Comeback

9/12/2012 3:12pm EDT
Michael J. Fox
Michael J. Fox decided to go ahead with plans for a TV comeback after making a breakthrough with medication to control the symptoms of his Parkinson's disease.

The Back To The Future star, who first found fame on hit 1980s sitcom Family Ties, will return to the small screen in his first full-time leading role in more than 10 years in a new, currently untitled comedy written by Cougar Town scribe Sam Laybourne.

The NBC show will be partly inspired by his own personal battle with Parkinson's and Fox now reveals why he went ahead with the project.

He tells the Associated Press, "I'm really ...

Michael J. Fox Honors 9/11 Victims At Charity Event

9/11/2012 2:46pm EDT
Michael J. Fox
Michael J. Fox marked the 11th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks on Tuesday by participating in a charity event to honor the New Yorkers who were killed.

Bosses at financial firm Cantor Fitzgerald lost 658 employees when members of al Qaeda hijacked two planes and crashed them into the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001.

As a way to honor the victims and their families, company executives hosted their annual Cantor Fitzgerald Charity Day on Tuesday to raise funds for a variety of non-profit organizations, including the Voices of September 11th, which offers support to those ...

Michael J. Fox To Star In New NBC Series

8/21/2012 8:23am EDT
Michael J. Fox
Two-time Emmy nominee Michael J. Fox is returning to television on a new show from NBC. The untitled comedy will center on Fox as a husband and father of three from New York City dealing with family, career, and challenges - including Parkinson's - all loosely drawn from the actor's real life, according to an official press release from the network.

Robert Greenblatt, Chairman of NBC Entertainment, commented, "(Fox) is utterly relatable, optimistic, and in a class by himself, and I have no doubt that the character he will create and the vivid family characters surrounding him will be both...

Robert Downey Jr. Steals The Show At 'The Avengers' Premiere To Close Out Tribeca Film Fest

4/30/2012 12:30pm EDT
Robert Downey Jr
The closing weekend of the 11th annual Tribeca Film Festival went out with an epic bang worthy of superheroes. The Friday night premiere of Queen: Days of Our Lives was entertaining and funny (who knew drummers could be funny?). One of the best bits came when the band described how "Another One Bites the Dust" came about--Roger Taylor explains that John Deacon came up with the baseline; the band thought it was great and they all took a break by going out to pizza, only to find that he'd forgotten his part when they returned. But Taylor remembered!

The first part of the doc was especially ...

Michael J. Fox Doesn't 'Give A Damn' If He Shakes In Front Of People

4/2/2012 9:11am EDT
Michael J. Fox
Michael J. Fox kept his struggle with Parkinson's disease secret for seven years because he feared it would destroy his ability to find work.

The star was diagnosed with the debilitating disorder at the height of his career back in 1991.

Fox kept his medical condition from fans and suffered in silence until 1998 when his symptoms became impossible to hide - and he now admits he purposely kept his health battle secret for the sake of his career.

He tells Parade magazine, "I thought, 'Oh my god, are people going to laugh at me if they know I'm sick? Can I still do my work?'"

Shortly after...

Michael J. Fox Turned To Booze To Cope With His Parkinson's Disease

3/30/2012 2:44pm EDT
Michael J. Fox
A devastated Michael J. Fox initially turned to alcohol to cope with his Parkinson's disease diagnosis.

The Family Ties star discovered he had the degenerative disorder back in 1991 and confesses he took to the bottle to drown his sorrows.

He tells Parade magazine, "For a time I dealt with it with alcohol, which turned out to be a disaster. I'd always been kind of a partier, but this was the first time I was drinking in order not to feel something. It had a dark purpose."

The actor eventually quit drinking for good and now Fox credits his wife of 23-years, Tracy Pollan, with helping h...

Michael J. Fox Goes Back To The Future & Rocks Out At His Annual Parkinson's Disease Fundraiser (Video)

11/14/2011 10:57pm EST
Michael J. Fox
Michael J. Fox took to the stage in New York over the weekend to perform at his annual fundraiser for Parkinson's Disease research.

The Back to the Future star was diagnosed with the degenerative disorder in 1991 and has worked tirelessly to raise awareness about the debilitating condition through his Michael J. Fox Foundation.

The weekend event, entitled A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Cure Parkinson's, attracted a string of stars including the actor's The Good Wife co-star Julianna Margulies, who looked on as Fox performed a rendition of Chuck Berry's "Johnny B. Goode" on his guita...