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Matthew Fox Sheds More Light On DUI Arrest

10/18/2012 7:15pm EDT
Matthew Fox
Alex Cross star Matthew Fox has added more information to reports about his DUI arrest in Oregon earlier this year, insisting the media got it all wrong.

The actor admits the drunk driving arrest was accurate but so much of what was reported about the incident was way off the mark and he's using a new interview with Men's Fitness magazine to clear up the truth.

He reveals, "I was on my way home from a fast food place... I had a Del Taco in one hand while trying to drive my friend's car with the other... My friend's car is a 1967 Cadillac, which is a sweet car. I'm sure that had something ...

Matthew Fox Opens Up About DUI Case

10/17/2012 8:23am EDT
Matthew Fox
Matthew Fox was happy to take part in an alcohol information program as part of a plea deal in his DUI case and has learned an "enormous amount" from the course.

The Lost star was charged with two misdemeanors, driving under the influence (DUI) and driving without a license after his car was pulled over by police in Bend, Oregon in May. He pleaded no contest to one count of DUI, and was reportedly ordered to give up boozing and hand over the keys to his vehicle for one year, as well as completing a drug and alcohol treatment program.

Fox has now opened up about his sentence, telling El...

Matthew Fox Lost 40 Pounds To Achieve Scarily Ripped Body In 'Alex Cross'

9/20/2012 9:03am EDT
Alex Cross
The film "Alex Cross" follows a young homicide detective/psychologist (Tyler Perry) as he meets his match in a serial killer (Matthew Fox). The movie is adapted from the worldwide best-selling novels by James Patterson, and Fox trained vigorously to to achieve the scarily ripped body of his bad guy character Michael "The Butcher" Sullivan.

The actor looks like a mean and lean thug with a shaven head, tattoos and veiny muscles covering his body.

The former "Lost" star adopted a whole new diet to lose a staggering 40 pounds. He also worked out rigorously with celebrity trainer Simon Waters...

Matthew Fox's Mug Shot: He's A Deer In Headlights

7/3/2012 4:01pm EDT
Matthew Fox mug shot
The press just keeps getting worse for former "Lost" star Matthew Fox. Just when news about his DUI arrest died down, the actor was forced to go to the Deschutes Count Jail in Bend, Oregon, on Friday to have his mug shot taken. So he's in the news...again.

On May 4, the actor, 45, was pulled over by police and taken into custody for two misdemeanor counts of driving under the influence and driving without a license.

The camera at the jailhouse was broken at the time of his arrest, and officers were unable to take his photo for their records. Last week he was asked to return to the jail so...

Matthew Fox To Avoid Jail If He Goes To A Treatment Program

6/6/2012 8:59am EDT
Matthew Fox
Matthew Fox will avoid jail time if he completes a court diversion program. Last week, the former "Lost" star was banned from driving and drinking alcohol for one year after striking a plea deal in his DUI case.

The actor was charged with two misdemeanors, driving under the influence and driving without a licence, after he was pulled over by police in Bend, Oregon in the early hours of May 4.

Bend Circuit Judge Roger de Hoog handed out the sentence on Tuesday, and Fox wasn't required to appear in court.

Deputy District Attorney Cliff Lu told, "He has to go to an evaluator for ...

More Bad News For Matthew Fox: No Alcohol Or Driving For One Year

6/2/2012 10:00am EDT
Matthew Fox
It's been one heck of a week for Matthew Fox. First he was accused of beating women and then he faced the repercussions of drinking and driving.

After striking a plea deal in his DUI case, the "Lost" star has been banned from driving and banned from drinking alcohol for one year. On May 4, police pulled over the actor in Bend, Oregon, and he was charged with two misdemeanors - driving under the influence and driving without a licence.

After reportedly reaching an agreement that will keep him out of jail, Fox plead no contest to one count of driving under the influence.

The actor must giv...

Ohio Bus Driver Drops Assault Lawsuit Against Matthew Fox

5/31/2012 11:30pm EDT
Matthew Fox
A party bus driver from Cleveland, Ohio, has dropped her lawsuit against former Lost star Matthew Fox, according to

Heather Bormann claims that Fox assaulted her while he tried to board a private bus, alleging that he attacked her "with his fists" and hitting her in her "right breast, groin, arm and legs, inflicting severe, disabling injury," according to documents she filed with an Ohio court.

Bormann was suing for $25,000 for assault, battery and intentional infliction of emotional distress; however, now she has dropped the lawsuit entirely.

Fox had filed a counterclaim - whi...

Dominic Monaghan: 'Matthew Fox Beats Women'

5/30/2012 11:30am EDT
Dominic Monaghan
Dominic Monaghan pulled no punches when he claimed that fellow Lost alum Matthew Fox beats women. In fact, he stated it clearly - twice.

Monaghan decided to take questions from fans on Twitter a few days ago when an innocent question popped up asking Dominic to tell Matthew to get a Twitter acount. He replied, "he beats women. No thanks."

The same fan responded with, "but what about all those good times you had!?!" which only brought about a stronger response: "how do you know we ever did?you don't know either of us.he beats women.not isolated incidents.often.not interested."

Matthew Fox...

Matthew Fox Almost Unrecognizable In New Photos From 'Alex Cross'

5/20/2012 12:45pm EDT
Matthew Fox
Former Lost star Matthew Fox has stunned fans with his new look - as a tattooed thug.

Artwork from Tyler Perry's new film Alex Cross show a shaven-headed Fox looking lean and mean.

The actor's character kills detective Cross' wife in the prequel to thrillers Kiss The Girls and Along Came A Spider.

Perry plays the younger Cross, who was portrayed by Morgan Freeman in the aforementioned films.

See Fox's new look at

Matthew Fox Arrested For Driving Under The Influence

5/7/2012 2:37pm EDT
Matthew Fox
Lost star Matthew Fox is facing a charge of driving under the influence (DUI) following an arrest over the weekend.

The actor, 45, was reportedly on his way to grab a late snack when he was busted by cops in his hometown of Oregon in the early hours of Saturday.

He was taken into custody and released later that day, according to

Matthew Fox's Accuser Wants Countersuit Dismissed

11/15/2011 8:16am EST
Matthew Fox
The female bus driver who accused Matthew Fox of assaulting her in August has filed papers demanding the actor's countersuit against her is dismissed.

The Lost star attempted to board a party bus in Ohio when he was confronted by driver Heather Bormann because his name was not on the private guest list.

A scuffle ensued and Fox was accused of hitting Bormann, while the female driver allegedly punched the actor in the face. Fox was detained by police but not formally arrested.

Just weeks later, Bormann sued the actor, accusing him of assault, battery and intentional infliction of emotio...

Matthew Fox Launches Countersuit In Alleged Bus Attack

11/7/2011 8:52pm EST
Matthew Fox
Actor Matthew Fox has launched a countersuit against the female bus driver who allegedly assaulted him during an incident in August.

The Lost star had attempted to board a party bus in Ohio in the early hours of August 28 when he was confronted by driver Heather Bormann because his name was not on the private guestlist.

A scuffle ensued, during which Fox was accused of hitting Bormann in the crotch and breast, prompting the female driver to punch the actor in the face. Fox was detained by police but not formally arrested.

In September, Bormann filed three charges against the actor, inclu...

Matthew Fox Won't Be Charged For Hitting Bus Driver

9/18/2011 10:08am EDT
Matthew Fox
Actor Matthew Fox has escaped prosecution over an alleged attack on a female bus driver following an altercation in Ohio last month.

The Lost star had attempted to board a party bus in Cleveland in the early hours of August 28 when he was confronted by driver Heather Bormann because his name was not on the private guestlist.

A scuffle ensued, during which Fox is accused of hitting Bormann in the crotch and breast, prompting the female driver to punch the actor in the face.

He was detained by police after the incident, but was not formally arrested. Bormann subsequently filed charges agai...

Matthew Fox Sued Over Party Bus Scuffle

9/16/2011 2:26pm EDT
Matthew Fox
Actor Matthew Fox has been slapped with a lawsuit by a female party bus driver he is accused of assaulting during an incident in Ohio last month.

The Lost star had attempted to board the coach in Cleveland in the early hours of August 28th when he was confronted by driver Heather Bormann because his name was not on the private guest list. A scuffle ensued, resulting in Bormann punching Fox in the face, leaving him "spitting blood".

According to court documents filed in Ohio, Bormann claims Fox came at her "with his fists, delivering sudden and severe blows to her right breast, groin, a...

Police Question Matthew Fox For Allegedly Hitting Woman Outside A Bar

8/29/2011 11:24am EDT
Matthew Fox
Matthew Fox was held by police on Saturday after clashing with a woman outside a bar, according to a report.

The Lost star had attempted to board a party bus in Cleveland, Ohio but was confronted by the female driver as he was not on the guest list.

A tussle ensued, and an off-duty police officer at the scene handcuffed Fox, according to The actor was later quizzed by police and released, but was not formally arrested.

Cops in Cleveland are still investigating the incident.

'LOST': The Ten Best Episodes

4/6/2011 8:34am EDT
Now that 'LOST' has been off the air almost a year, it seems the appropriate time to re-visit the series.

In the coming weeks, I will re-visit many series - some old, some new, some current - and reveal my picks for the ten best episodes of each.

With the 'LOST' anniversary looming, here then is my list of the ten best episodes of the series, in descending order. It was very difficult to narrow down. Do you agree? Please sound off in the comments.

10. 'There's No Place Like Home' - Season 4, Episode 13

The fourth season finale features bloody battles (Ben stabbing Keamy), emotional ...

Matthew Fox Slams 3D Movies

2/21/2011 11:29am EST
Matthew Fox
Actor Matthew Fox has blasted modern Hollywood movies, insisting they are "gratuitous" and dismissing the 3D revolution as a "setback".

The Lost star has launched an extraordinary rant about the mainstream film industry in the U.S., branding romantic comedies unfunny and claiming he "hates" acting and is not in "any hurry" to progress up the career ladder.

He tells Britain's Live magazine, "Look at 3D. That's a major setback to good storytelling. I took my little boy to see The Last Airbender. It was an awful film. The director M. Night Shyamalan hasn't directed a good movie since The S...

Fans Get Lucky With 'Lost' Lottery Numbers

1/5/2011 10:55pm EST
Superfans of TV show Lost got lucky on Tuesday - if they followed character Hurley's cursed lottery numbers.

Four of the six winning numbers in the Mega Millions lottery matched the digits that haunted Jorge Garcia's character after he won $114 million.

Tuesday's jackpot was $355 million.

Anyone with Hurley's Lost numbers would have won a whopping $150.

According to Lost creator Damon Lindelof, 9,078 people "played Hurley's numbers."

Click for more great "Lost" pictures:

Lost Without 'Lost'? Try This...

10/14/2010 2:10pm EDT
Regardless of what you thought of the ‘Lost’ finale that aired last May, chances are you will miss the show come January. Then, you’ll realize during the doldrums of winter that your favorite show is not making a return from the usual eight-month hiatus. It is, in fact, over. Done. Finito.

There are ways to cope, however. There are potential new shows that may remedy your ‘Lost’ pains, and there are shows coming up that will sound promising to you. There are even a few old favorites you might find comforting.

What you can watch now:

-‘The Event’ on NBC. There’s no way you could ha...

2010 Emmys: Who Should Win & Who Will Win

8/28/2010 1:00pm EDT
2010 Emmys
It’s a transitional year for the Emmys, meaning this is one of the more exciting races in recent memories. The flood of new nominees (brought on by a stellar development slate) means that we can no longer rely on the predictable Emmy voting to determine winners. Instead, this is a year where we can see many newcomers emerging and starting a whole new slate of predictable nominees.

Yes, that was a little cynical, but it’s the sad truth of the Emmys – habits are hard to break for the voters. Luckily, this year the virgin nominees have afforded them an extensive choice for brand new habits.


'Lost' Vehicles Sell For $87,500 At Auction

8/24/2010 1:22pm EDT
The vehicles from "LOST" were among the biggest items to go under the hammer at a props and memorabilia auction on Sunday.

The Jeep were the highlights of the two-day sale, which culminated early on Monday morning, raising $87,500.

The van was the big highlight - it went for $47,500. The DHARMA Jeep and Hurley's Camaro both fetched $20,000.

Other highlights of the Profiles in History sale included a script of the pilot episode signed by show co-creators J.J. Abrams and Damon Lindelof, the suit Matthew Fox's character Jack was buried in and his set chair, and a large section of the Ocean...

Celebrity Birthdays - July 14, 2010

7/14/2010 3:00am EDT
Matthew Fox
Happy Birthday to:

"Lost" star Matthew Fox (1966)

Actor Jackie Earle Haley (1961)

Prolific character actor Harry Dean Stanton (1926)

Actor Dale Robertson (1923)

Film director Ingmar Bergman (1918)

Folk legend Woody Guthrie (1912; d. 1967)

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'Glee,' HBO's 'The Pacific' Land Massive Emmy Nominations

7/8/2010 10:26am EDT
Hit TV musical "Glee" is set to be the toast of the 2010 Primetime Emmy Awards after landing a massive 19 nominations.

The comedy about a group of high school students in a choir club will fight for the Outstanding TV Comedy prize against "Curb Your Enthusiasm," "Modern Family," "Nurse Jackie," "The Office" and "30 Rock," which has taken home the title for the last three years.

"Glee's" leading stars Matthew Morrison and Lea Michele have been nominated in the male and female categories for the outstanding comedy actor awards, while their co-star Chris Colfer has received a best supporting...

Enigmatic Final Scene Of 'LOST' Added By Network - Not Producers

5/27/2010 11:05pm EDT
The final scene shown during ABC's Sunday night broadcast of the "LOST" series finale was added to the show by the network - not executive producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse - according to a report on Entertainment

The last images of Oceanic Flight 815 wreckage strewn across the beach with only the soothing sound of crashing waves in the distance quickly became one of the show's biggest mysteries.

But a spokesman for ABC told the L.A. Times, "The images shown during the end credits of the 'Lost' finale, which included shots of Oceanic 815 on a deserted beach, were not p...

'LOST' Final Recap: A Fitting Ending That Should Stand Up Against Time

5/24/2010 1:35pm EDT
Lost - Finale
This might be the most difficult thing I've ever written, and I can't even figure out how to get started. LOST has changed television, and if you don't believe that, you don't understand what an incredible show it was. Even haters can realize that with its original plotline and encouragement of science fiction in a major network, it opened doors for shows outside of the box to maybe be taken more seriously than they used to. It was a community show, one that encouraged the millions of fans to think and discuss and speculate together in a way that had never been seen. It decided to cancel it...

Jorge Garcia's 'Teary' 'Lost' Farewell

5/21/2010 4:30pm EDT
Jorge Garcia
Lost star Jorge Garcia was overcome with emotion as he wrapped the hit series, admitting he "got a little teary" saying farewell to co-star Matthew Fox.

The actor, who plays Lost plane crash survivor Hurley, has recalled his time on the show in a touching essay published just days before the program comes to an end on Sunday. The star insists his six-year stint was unforgettable and admits he will miss all the friends he made among the cast and crew during filming in Hawaii.

Garcia writes for Daily Variety, "I think the time spent under the cast tent on set will be what I'll miss the mo...

'LOST' Recap: 'What They Died For'

5/19/2010 11:58am EDT
Lost - What The Died For
This is the last week of LOST. After Sunday, there will never be a new episode of this gripping, incredible show again. They are going out on their terms, and it is difficult not to be emotional about it as a long-time fan. Last night was the final time LOST would air as a regular hour, and it set up things nicely for the two and a half hour series finale on Sunday. So let's look at the last normal episode of the best show on television, titled "What They Died For."

They start right out being mean and showing Sun, Jin, and Sayid dying again. Like we ever needed to see that heartbreaking ho...

'LOST' Recap: 'Across The Sea'

5/12/2010 4:39pm EDT
Lost accross the sea
This is the episode of the LOST's that all the fans were breathlessly awaiting, and now that it has come and gone ... the general feeling afterward is 'meh.' The problem comes down to expectation, and with only a few episodes left of this incredible show, people are getting impatient for answers. Honestly, I don't expect them to answer half of the questions they should, because then it would just be three hours of telling the audience exposition. Still, in an episode that is said to have long reaching answers and prove they knew what they were doing from the beginning, there should actuall...

Break-In Drama At 'Lost' Star's Home

5/8/2010 10:39am EDT
Malcolm David Kelley
"Lost" star Malcolm David Kelley was caught up in a real-life drama on Friday morning when he called cops to report a break-in at his home in California.

Teenager Kelley, who plays Walt on the hit desert island drama, called the police when he heard someone trying to break into his family's Bellflower home.

Cops apprehended the person minutes later outside. reports one person was taken into custody.

The young actor's publicist, Dominic Friesen, says, "Malcolm and his family are incredibly grateful that no one was injured during today's incident. It has been a frightening ordeal....

Everything You Need To Know About The End Of 'Lost' Is In This Week's Special Collector's Edition Of EW

5/6/2010 2:29pm EDT
Entertainment Weekly has been obsessing over "Lost" since it first premiered in 2004, and now that the end is near they have put together the ultimate handbook to get viewers ready for the remaining episodes before the series signs off. From the big finale preview (Entertainment Weekly was on set) to recaps of every season to an oral history of how it all began, this week's special collector's issue has the entire Island covered.

For the filming of the pivotal sequence that's part of the final 10 minutes of "Lost's" two-hour series finale, nearly two dozen cast members are in attendance, ...