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Final Trailer For 'The Force Awakens' Debuts, And It's Full Of Epic Awesomeness!

10/20/2015 7:49am EDT
Epic Third And Final Trailer For 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens'
The third and final trailer for what is easily the most anticipated film of the year, "Star Wars: The Force Awakens," has finally arrived arrived, debuting during halftime of ESPN's game between the New York Giants and Philadelphia Eagles on "Monday Night Football."

Clocking in at just over two minutes, the trailer reveals more about the new main characters in the film, beginning with Rey (Daisy Ridley), a scavenger searching the remains of fallen spacecraft on the desert world of Jakku.

In a voice-over a woman asks Rey, "Who are you?"

"I'm no one," she replies...

Next, rogue stormtroop...

The Force Is Strong With All This Awesome New 'Star Wars' Stuff

9/8/2015 3:01pm EDT
Sphero's remote control BB8
At 12:01 a.m. on Friday, September 4, enough new Star Wars merchandise to fill a space cruiser went on sale to promote the next film in the saga, the J.J. Abrams-directed seventh episode, "Star Wars: The Force Awakens."

Dubbed "Force Friday," Disney & Lucasfilm's ginormous merchandising campaign runs the gamut from action figures and apparel to new innovations and video games. New books tie in with the new movie, which hits theaters on December 18, giving hints and clues to the new story and what has happened in the past 30 years in that galaxy far, far away. The new Star Wars: Battlefront...

First Poster For 'The Force Awakens' Reveals More About On One New Character

8/17/2015 7:01pm EDT
Star Wars The Force Awakens
The first poster for "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" arrived over the weekend at Disney's annual fan expo, D23, but it's not the official poster for the highly anticipated movie.

The poster was created by Drew Struzan -- the same artist who produced the posters for the Star Wars prequel trilogy and for the 1997 original trilogy special editions -- and it features one big reveal about the film that hasn't come up in the two trailers.

Daisy Ridley, who plays the scavenger Rey, stands front and center and is flanked by the AWOL stortrooper Finn (John Boyega) and new bad guy Kylo Ren (Adam Dri...

Harrison Ford Seems To Be On The Mend

5/26/2015 4:00pm EDT
Harrison Ford Spotted Driving In L.A., First Photos Since Plane
Fans of Star Wars and Indiana Jones were shaken when actor Harrison Ford crashed his plane on a Los Angeles golf course in March. Thankfully, the actor seems like he's in better condition today, thanks at least in part to the care provided by his actress wife, Calista Flockhart.

Ford made it out of the hospital by the end of March, with reports that the actor was seen driving around L.A. making the news.

But it wasn't until last week that Ford has actually been seen in the flesh.

People Magazine has the photos of Ford driving around at the wheel of a Tesla sports car with an unidentifie...

'Indiana Jones 5' Is Definitely Happening -- But Not Anytime Soon

5/5/2015 9:55pm EDT
Indiana Jones
Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy has confirmed that a fifth Indiana Jones movie will definitely happen, but it probably won't be anytime soon.

During her interview with Vanity Fair magazine to promote this December's continuation of the Star Wars saga in the J.J. Abrams-directed Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Kennedy confirmed that Disney is set to continue on with the franchise.

The film studio landed the rights to Indiana Jones following its blockbuster deal to acquire Lucasfilm from George Lucas for a mere $4 billion; inking a deal with Paramount to land the series, along with small...

Behind-The-Scenes Photos And Video Reveal A Lot More About 'The Force Awakens'

5/4/2015 5:31pm EDT
Star Wars TFA Vanity Fair
A shoot by famed photographer Annie Leibovitz for the June issue of Vanity Fair magazine has confirmed some of the casting rumors about Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

The legendary photographer got to go behind-the-scenes on the set of the new film, snapping several never-before-seen photos (see them here) and revealing some interesting details about the first film in the Star Wars sequel trilogy, directed by J.J. Abrams.

Mild Spoilers Ahead...

The cover features old heroes Han Solo (Harrison Ford) and Chewbacca (Peter Mayhew) with new characters Rey (Daisy Ridley), Finn (John Boyega), an...

'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' -- Watch The Epic New Teaser Trailer!

4/16/2015 4:43pm EDT
Star Wars TFA
The second teaser trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens has officially been unveiled, and it. is. epic!

The new preview was shown on Thursday during day one of Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim, Calif., where director J.J. Abrams and producer Kathleen Kennedy shared it following a Q&A session with cast members.

The new trailer begins with a speeder cruising across the landscape of a desert planet (not Tattooine -- more on that in a minute), where a crashed X-Wing fighter lies in the foreground and a crashed Star Destroyer sits in the background. We can only assume that the speeder belon...

Latest On Harrison Ford's Recovery

3/31/2015 3:12pm EDT
Harrison Ford Released From Hospital, Spotted Out in LA
Actor Harrison Ford is finally out of the hospital after recovering from his harrowing plane crash on March 5.

People Magazine reported that Ford, 72, was spotted driving in Los Angeles this past Saturday. The legendary Star Wars and Indiana Jones actor suffered severe injuries when his vintage World War II plane crashed on a Los Angeles golf course. The plane's engine reportedly lost power, forcing the actor to make a sudden crash landing. Ford suffered a large laceration to his scalp and multiple broken bones, including in his pelvis and ankle. He was rushed to the UCLA Medical Center in...

Ford Still Recovering With Wife By His Side

3/17/2015 1:11pm EDT
Harrison Ford Recovering From Plane Crash With Help From Wife Ca
Nearly two weeks after crashing his vintage plane onto a golf course in Los Angeles, 72-year-old actor Harrison Ford is still recovering in the hospital. But his stay has been made at least a little more pleasant thanks to some TLC from his wife, actress Calista Flockhart.

People Magazine reported that Flockhart spent hours with Ford daily in the aftermath of the accident, going right to his bedside after dropping their 14-year-old son off at school.

"She drops Liam off in the morning and then spends hours with Harrison", a source told the magazine.

Flockhart, who married Ford in 2010 a...

Harrison Ford Update: How Is He Feeling? Can He Still Fly?

3/9/2015 8:55am EDT
Harrison Ford Is 'On The Mend' And Will Be Able To Fly Again
Harrison Ford is "on the mend," according to his son Ben, who posted an update on Twitter following the star's airplane crash on Thursday. The actor, 72, suffered a broken pelvis and ankle when his vintage aircraft had engine trouble following take off at Santa Monica Airport in California.

Ford crash landed the plane on a golf course and is credited with quick thinking and saving lives for avoiding nearby homes. He was taken to the hospital and is currently in stable condition.

His son posted and then deleted an update on Saturday: "We want (to) thank you all for your concern. Dad has t...

Harrison Ford Expected To Make Full Recovery From Plane Crash Injuries -- Read What Happened

3/6/2015 2:34pm EST
Harrison Ford Plane Crash
Harrison Ford is suffering from a broken pelvis and a broken ankle in addition to some facial lacerations following his plane crash in a Los Angeles suburb on Thursday.

The actor underwent surgery following the accident, wich happened when his vintage yellow 1942 Ryan Aeronautical ST3KR WWII fighter plane lost its engine and he was forced to make an emergency landing on a golf course near the Santa Monica Municipal Airport where he took off from moments before.

Ford, who was flying -- ahem -- solo, radioed back to the tower to say he lost his engine and was turning around for an emergency...

Harrison Ford Banged Up After Plane Crash (See Photos Of The Plane)

3/5/2015 9:49pm EST
Harrison Ford
Airplane enthusiast Harrison Ford was forced to crash land on a California golf course Thursday afternoon after experiencing engine failure from his vintage two-seater plane.

The actor radioed back to the Santa Monica Airport shortly after taking off to inform air traffic controllers of his situation, and he was given the all clear for an emergency landing, but his plane went down about 100 yards short of the airport, an official said during a later briefing. reports that two doctors were on the course at the time and treated Ford, 72, for multiple cuts on his head after a number ...

'Star Wars: Episode VII' Has A Title, Wraps Filming

11/6/2014 10:09pm EST
Star Wars: The Force Awakens
Just over a year until its release, Star Wars: Episode VII has gotten an official title.

The film's official facebook page shared an image of the franchise's logo, showing the new subtitle "The Force Awakens."

The caption for the image was big news also: "'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' has completed principal photography."

The cast and crew of the film, directed by J.J. Abrams, celebrated the wrap of filming last weekend, and everyone received a baseball cap and a note from producers Abrams, Kathleen Kennedy and Brian Burk.

"It is a true honor and absolute joy to come to set every day a...

Harrison Ford Heads Back To Work As Production Resumes On 'Star Wars Episode VII'

8/29/2014 4:21pm EDT
Harrison Ford
Harrison Ford returned to work on Star Wars Episode VII this week after recovering from a broken leg he suffered on the set of the film back in June.

The actor, 72, was involved in an on-set accident involving legendary space cruiser the Millennium Falcon, when part of the ship fell on his leg and crushed it.

Initially believed to be a badly broken ankle, Ford's injury actually turned out to be a broken leg, which required surgery and rehab to fix.

Production on the highly anticipated movie came to a halt because of the star's injury, and filming finally resumed earlier this week, accord...

Here's Why 'Star Wars: Episode VII' Will Totally Kick Ass

7/28/2014 4:30pm EDT
4 Reasons Why 'Star Wars: Episode VII' Will Be Awesome
When Disney bought out Lucasfilm in 2012 and gained the rights to Star Wars, pretty much no one saw it coming. One second fans of the franchise were lamenting the handling of the prequel trilogy, while the next the sheer prospect of a sequel trilogy -and the endless possibilities that go with it- were utterly tantalising.

Though the plot of Star Wars Episode 7 is unknown, filming is currently under way, with Disney viewing a December 18th 2015 release date. But after being stung by Jar Jar Binks, interplanetary politics between Naboo and the Trade Federation, Anakin Skywalker and an overu...

Harrison Ford's Ankle Injury Halts 'Star Wars' Production

7/7/2014 1:23pm EDT
Harrison Ford's Ankle Injury Halts 'Star Wars' Production
Disney will close down production on "Star Wars: Episode VII" next month for a couple of weeks while Harrison Ford continues to recover from an ankle injury he sustained on set.

The actor, 71, broke his leg in early June after a piece of the spacecraft Millenium Falcon fell on him at Pinewood Studios in the United Kingdom. Ford, who is reprising his role as Han Solo, had surgery, and less than three weeks after the incident was spotted hobbling around with a crutch.

Filming has since continued; however, movie executives have revealed that they will shut down production for two weeks in Au...

Tom Cruise Will Not Be Starring In 'Star Wars'

6/26/2014 2:00pm EDT
Tom Cruise Will Not Be Starring In 'Star Wars'
If you were hoping to see Tom Cruise in the upcoming "Star Wars" movies, then we are sad to say that you are out of luck. While Cruise is a fan of action flicks, the rumor of his appearance in "Star Wars: Episode VII" is simply not true.

The rumors of Cruise's involvement in the "Star Wars" franchise began with an article featured in "The Sun". The reports stated that Cruise spoke with producer J.J. Abrams to discuss a possible role in the movie franchise. It was unclear what role Cruise was allegedly auditioning for, likely because the rumors were false.

A source told the publication ...

Harrison Ford's Broken Ankle Could Keep Him Off 'Star Wars' Set For Up To 8 Weeks, May Require Surgery

6/17/2014 5:30pm EDT
Harrison Ford
Harrison Ford will have to sit out of filming of Star Wars: Episode VII for up to eight weeks following an injury he sustained on set last week.

The 71-year-old star, who will reprise his role as Han Solo in the saga's sequel trilogy, broke his ankle on Thursday when a door from Solo's ship, the Millennium Falcon, fell on him during filming.

"The initial day or two after the accident it was hard to move things around but now we have had more time we can juggle things, bring some scenes forward and push others back," a source told London's Mirror Online.

Fortunately the production is expe...

Calista Flockhart Jets To England To Tend To Injured Harrison Ford

6/14/2014 1:00pm EDT
Calista Flockhart & Harrison Ford
Harrison Ford's wife, actress Calista Flockhart, has flown to England to be with him while he recovers from an ankle injury.

Earlier this week the actor, 71, was airlifted to John Radcliffe hospital in Oxford after he broke his ankle while filming "Star Wars: Episode VII." He reportedly hurt himself after a door from the Millennium Falcon, the spacecraft that his character Hans Solo pilots, fell on him.

Flockhart's spokesman has confirmed that she is en route to the United Kingdom but added that the actress had been planning to visit him even before the accident occurred.

Film executives...

Harrison Ford Injures Ankle On 'Star Wars' Set, Millennium Falcon Door To Blame

6/13/2014 8:46am EDT
Harrison Ford Injures Ankle On 'Star Wars' Set, Millennium Falco
Harrison Ford injured his ankle while filming "Star Wars: Episode VII" in Buckinghamshire, England, this week. The actor, 71, reportedly fractured his ankle after he was crushed by a hydraulic door and was airlifted to a hospital.

A rep for Disney told The Hollywood Reporter: "Harrison Ford sustained an ankle injury during filming today on the set of Star Wars: Episode VII. He was taken to a local hospital and is receiving care. Shooting will continue as planned while he recuperates."

Ford is reprising his role as Han Solo in the project, and he reportedly injured himself after the door ...

The 14 Most Ridiculous & Iconic Death Scenes In Hollywood

5/1/2014 5:00pm EDT
The 14 Most Ridiculous & Iconic Death Scenes In Hollywood
Hollywood movies are full of extravagance - fast cars, beautiful women, international men of mystery, evil villians and giant, global conspiracies. It's also full of elaborate endings, many of which ultimately culminate in at least one death. The problem is, in that quest for a real show-stopper, some of these deaths cross the line from 'iconic' to ... well, 'ridiculous.' Here, we will pay homage to the Hollywood deaths that have gone down in history as iconic, as well as dissect what ones ultimately went too far.

Please be warned, the following pages will have considerable amounts of gore...

Mark Hamill Thrilled About 'Extraordinarily Talented' Star Wars Cast

5/1/2014 8:24am EDT
Mark Hamill Thrilled About 'Extraordinarily Talented' Star Wars
At least one of the cast members of "Star Wars: Episode VII" is thrilled with yesterday's cast reveal. Mark Hamill, who plays Luke Skywalker in the iconic franchise, tweeted early Thursday morning: "UK table read- I was knocked out by the diverse & extraordinarily talented new cast members. WOW they're good! The saga is in superb hands."

Director J.J. Abrams announced the cast on Tuesday, saying in a statement: "We are so excited to finally share the cast of Star Wars: Episode VII. It is both thrilling and surreal to watch the beloved original cast and these brilliant new performers come t...

Official Cast Announced For 'Star Wars: Episode VII'

4/29/2014 7:01pm EDT
Star Wars Episode VII Cast
A day after reports that Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill all happened to be in London, England, where Star Wars: Episode VII just happens to be filming, the official casting announcement for the film was released on And, indeed, the three stars will be returning for at least the first film in the new trilogy.

Ford, Fisher and Hamill will also be joined by Peter Mayhew, who returns to the saga as the Wookiee Chewbacca and Anthony Daniels, who will once again don the gold outfit of droid C-3PO.

Ford prompted speculation earlier this month when he was photographed ...

New & Old 'Star Wars' Cast Members Dine With Director JJ Abrams In London

4/29/2014 3:00pm EDT
New & Old 'Star Wars' Cast Members Dine With Director JJ Abrams
Several members from the original "Star Wars" films joined cast members from the upcoming film for dinner in London, England, over the weekend. Director J.J. Abrams organized the event at 34 restaurant in Mayfair.

A source told Britain's The Sun, "The cast are being flown out to various locations to film. Bosses want to capitalize on them all being in London by booking in a get-together. It was a top secret mission, nobody was allowed to let on they'd be meeting up."

It's been confirmed that Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill will reprise their roles from the original series. Al...

Star-Studded Oscars Presenters Revealed - See The Full List

2/24/2014 9:03pm EST
Star-Studded Oscars Presenters Revealed - See The Full List
Robert De Niro, Sidney Poitier, Brad Pitt, and Kerry Washington are among the Hollywood stars set to present awards to their colleagues this Sunday at the Academy Awards.

While we don't know which awards they will be presenting, we can make some educated guesses. It stands to reason that Daniel Day-Lewis will be presenting the Best Actor award, since he won it last year. The same logic points to Anne Hathaway and Jennifer Lawrence presenting Best Supporting Actress and Best Actress, respectively.

The Oscar producers have hinted at a "hero theme" this year. Neil Meron told EW, "... we have...

Carrie Fisher, Harrison Ford & Mark Hamill Will Appear In 'Star Wars: Episode VII'

1/23/2014 2:00pm EST
Carrie Fisher
Carrie Fisher and two of her "Star Wars" co-star are definitely appearing in the highly anticipated "Episode VII."
It's been rumored for months that Fisher (Princess Leia), Harrison Ford (Han Solo) and Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker) will return for J.J. Abrams' blockbuster, and the actress has officially confirmed all three will be back.
She told TV Guide magazine that the trio is expected to begin filming this spring. She explained, "I'd like to wear my old hairstyle again - but with white hair. I think that would be funny."
Meanwhile, Abrams confirmed earlier this week that he met wit...

The Most Anticipated Films Of 2014, Part One

1/1/2014 9:03am EST
Dumb and Dumber
No more new films will be released in 2013 - but there's no need to fret! Check out why we're hyped (and why we're worried) for these highly-anticipated 2014 films:

Dumb And Dumber To

Why We’re Hyped: The Farrelly Brothers, Jim Carey, and Jeff Daniels would only do the film if everyone was involved.

Why We’re Worried: When’s the last time the Farrelly Brothers made a good movie? Will Jim Carrey alienate half of his audience on Twitter – again?

The Expendables 3

Why We’re Hyped: Antonio Banderas, Harrison Ford, Mel Gibson and Kelsey Grammer join the ridiculous cast for another go at...

Han Solo's DL-44 Blaster To Go Under The Hammer

12/4/2013 9:28am EST
Star Wars
A laser gun used by Harrison Ford's character, the enigmatic smuggler Han Solo in the Star Wars franchise is expected to fetch more than $200,000 in an online auction.

The prop weapon, which does not fire, was used in close up scenes in the science fiction movies.

According to online auction house, the DL-44 Blaster's most notable scenes are in Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back where Darth Vader lifts the weapon out of Solo's hand and in Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi when he wrestles the weapon back from a Stormtrooper.

The item has been posted...

'Ender's Game' Review: Asa Butterfield Holds His Own Against Harrison Ford

11/1/2013 3:01pm EDT
'Ender's Game'
The film 'Ender's Game' was a pleasant surprise since I never read the book (written by Orson Scott Card). That might have something to do with the fact that I'm not a 12 year old teenage boy or girl. Apparently the book and its sequels sold zillions of copies.

For those of you who don't know what 'Ender's Game is about, here you go. There are these super nasty aliens, known as the Formics that have attacked Earth - I'd probably be nasty as well if I looked like them. Unless you find humongous insects with lots of arms your idea of beauty you won't taking these guys home to your mother any...

Harrison Ford: I'd Play Indiana Jones Again, Not Sure About Han Solo

10/10/2013 7:07pm EDT
Harrison Ford
Harrison Ford would happily play Indiana Jones again - but isn't as quick to jump on a possible role as an older Han Solo.

While talking to Graham Norton to promote his latest movie, Ender's Game, Ford said he'd play the adventuring archaeologist again "In a New York minute, yes."

He said of his age, "I don't think there is any barrier to Indiana Jones being an old fart. I'm old enough that we don't need (Sean) Connery any more - I'm old enough to play my own father!"

However, the actor would probably prefer a stunt double do the heavy lifting, explaining, "I used to enjoy physical actin...