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Scott Foley Videos

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2015-08-06 'Scandal': Scandal Returns
2015-07-24 'Scandal': Scandal Cast Q&A Panel Part 3
2015-06-07 'Scandal': Scandal Cast Q&A Panel Part 7
2015-06-07 'Scandal': Jake Says Farewell to Olivia
2015-05-15 'Scandal': Olivia Brings Down Papa Pope
2015-05-15 'Scandal': Jake Says Farewell to Olivia
2015-05-15 'Scandal': Olivia Brings Down Papa Pope
2015-05-15 'Scandal': Olivia Refuses to Be Rowan's Victim
2015-05-15 'Scandal': Olivia Pope Is Jailed
2015-05-15 'Scandal': Foxtail Revealed on Scandal!
2015-05-08 'Scandal': Jake and Russell Share Rowan Stories
2015-05-08 'Scandal': Olivia Sits at Jake's Bedside
2015-04-24 'Scandal': Fitz Calls Olivia
2015-04-24 'Scandal': Scandal: Will Jake Ballard Survive?
2015-04-24 Why We So Aren't Buying That
2015-04-18 'Scandal': Jake Is There for Olivia
2015-04-17 'Scandal': Jake Exposes the President
2015-04-17 'Scandal': Scandal: The Jake Ballard Shocker
2015-04-17 'Scandal': An Epic Scandal Takedown
2015-04-17 'Scandal': The Return of Rowan
2015-04-03 'Scandal': The Truth About Jake Is Revealed
2015-04-03 'Scandal': Fitz Has Jake Monitor Liv Again
2015-03-20 'Scandal': Liv Hooks Up with a New Man
2015-03-20 Scott Foley Thinks Fitz Deserves Olivia on Scandal and Fans Are Having a Moment
2015-03-13 'Scandal': David Rosen Won't Shut It Down
2015-03-13 Jennifer Garner Is Ready to Head Back to Work
2015-03-02 'Scandal': Jake Tries to Save Huck from Himself
2015-02-20 'Scandal': Abby Warns the Gladiators Liv Will Die
2015-02-20 'Scandal': Jake Goes to Rowan for Help
2015-02-20 'Scandal': The Gladiators Bring Liv Home
2015-02-20 'Scandal': Winner Revealed
2015-02-18 'Scandal': Jake and Fitz Work Together
2015-02-06 'Scandal': Jake Runs After Liv
2015-01-30 'Scandal': This Is What Happened to Olivia
2015-01-30 'Scandal': Jake Rescues Olivia
2015-01-30 'Scandal': You May Have TGIT Withdrawal Disorder
2015-01-08 'Scandal': Olivia and Jake Dance
2014-11-21 'Scandal': Olivia Is Gone
2014-11-21 'Scandal': Sneak Peek: Jake Wants to Kill Rowan
2014-11-15 'Scandal': Liv's Last Supper with Her Dad
2014-11-14 'Scandal': Jake and Fitz Are Not Friends
2014-11-14 'Scandal': Liv Gives Up on Jake and Fitz
2014-11-14 'Scandal': Liv and Jake Talk Love
2014-11-14 'Scandal': Olivia Proves Jake's Innocence
2014-11-07 'Scandal': Liv's in Bed with Both Fitz and Jake
2014-10-31 'Scandal': Rowan Keeps His Promises, Jake
2014-10-31 'Scandal': Liv Visits Jake
2014-10-31 'Scandal': Olivia Thwarts Rowan
2014-10-31 'Scandal': Jake Is Such a Boss in Interrogation
2014-10-24 'Scandal': Fitz Pummels Jake's Face In
2014-10-24 'Scandal': Fitz Visits: Jake Is Screwed
2014-10-24 'Scandal': Charlie Gets a Night with Quinn
2014-10-22 'Scandal' Season 4 Episode 3 Clip: Awkward Family Dinner
2014-10-20 'Scandal': David Rosen Is a Winner
2014-10-20 'Scandal': Liv Brings Jake to Dinner at Rowan's
2014-10-20 'Scandal': Jake Won’t Let Liv In
2014-10-20 'Scandal': Rowan Draws a Confession from Tom
2014-10-17 Things You Need To Know About The New Season Of Scandal
2014-09-25 Scott Foley's Wife is Pregnant With Baby Number 3
2014-07-16 Scandal Shocker!! A Major Character Was Assassinated Last Night — And Nothing Will Ever Be The Same!
2014-03-21 TV Recap: 'Scandal'
2014-02-28 Scott Foley Doesn't Think He's Sexy - But We Do
2013-11-25 People Magazine's Sexiest Men Say the Sexiest Word: 'Supple'
2013-11-25 These Sexy Men Make the Worst Word Sound Hot
2013-11-25 Can the Sexiest Men Alive Make the Silliest Word Sound Hot?
2013-11-25 'Scandal' Season 3 Scoop From Guillermo Diaz & Scott Foley
2013-09-07 Jennifer Garner Talks Scott Foley Divorce
2013-08-27 Jennifer Garner Reveals Her First Marriage 'Imploded'
2013-08-27 The Stars Come Out for George Lopez's 6th Annual Celebrity Golf Classic
2013-05-19 Young Marriages in Hollywood
2012-06-07 Jennifer Garner Regrets Marrying Young
2012-02-07 John Lovitz Funny Tennis Dance
2011-12-22 Scott Foley Is Reborn on True Blood
2011-12-22 Anna Kournikova Gets Called a Fattie by Jon Lovitz on Celebr