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Interview: 'Don Peyote' Mastermind Dan Fogler On His Unique Psychadelic Flick

5/15/2014 10:15am EDT
Interview: 'Don Peyote' Mastermind Dan Fogler On His Unique Psyc
Anyone who likes to laugh knows the name Dan Fogler. Whether it’s his turn as ping pong champ Randy Daytona in "Balls of Fury" or one of the many voices he’s lent to animated flicks like "Kung Fu Panda" and "Horton Hears A Who," Fogler has proven himself a real comedic talent. But the funnyman also has a serious side and with memorable turns in TV’s "Hannibal" and the recent film "Europa Report," Fogler has been showing he’s not just a one-trick pony. His latest effort even has the actor not just in front of the camera, but behind it as well co-directing a new film called "Don Peyote." ...

Blu-ray Review: 'Mars Needs Moms'

8/9/2011 11:12am EDT
Mars needs Moms pic
Ready to hit the space super highway to get back the woman who gave birth to you? Well then, brace yourself and hold on for dear life as we explore the cosmos (and the complexity of the mystery that is mom!) in the form of Disney’s "Mars Needs Moms," out on DVD and Blu-ray August 9! Earth and details below!

Title: "Mars Needs Moms"

Grade: 3

Cast: Seth Green, Dan Fogler, Joan Cusack

Director: Simon Wells

Rating: PG

Runtime: 88 minutes

Release Company: Disney


The Flick: As far as motion capture flicks go, "Mars Needs Moms" does fill the k...

Dan Folger Examines His Role In 'Young Hitchcock In Love'

2/9/2009 11:56am EST
Dan Fogler
Alfred Hitchcock biopics have suffered some false starts. One was to star Sir Anthony Hopkins. Now you may have to settle for Dan Fogler, the fruit fornicating best friend from Good Luck Chuck. He's set to play young Hitchcock.

"I knew the movies that everyone knows, Psycho and The Birds but I had to do a lot of research with the books," Fogler said. "I really focused on his early stuff because that's what it's about. It's like Hitchcock in Love, it's about him in his early twenties just finding himself as an artist, as a director."

Well, if Shakespeare in Love suggested a forbidd...

Interview: Directors Mark Osborne, John Stevenson Create Balance Between Action, Zen in 'Kung Fu Panda'

6/6/2008 10:18am EDT
Kung Fu Panda
( – In this summer movie season of old men with whips, gals in stilettos and superheroes a go-go, you may ask: “Where’s the cartoon?” (“Speed Racer” doesn’t count.) Indeed, the most highly anticipated animation event of the summer is “Kung Fu Panda”. Oscarman Rating: 5.0/5.0

Filled with the voices of “A”-list Hollywood stars and featuring a classic combination of well-choreographed action, laugh-out-loud comedy and feel-good philosophy, “Panda” doesn’t pander and works on all levels. recently interviewed “Kung Fu ...

Starpulse's 'Holiday Survival Movie Guide'

11/23/2007 12:00pm EST
Shrek The Third
Another Christmas is upon us, as well as one more year down the drain. On that cheerful note, here are some recently released and upcoming DVD releases to help you survive another holiday season.

The first movie on our list is the third installment of the very popular family friendly "Shrek" series. In this sequel, Shrek and the love of his life Fiona attempt to have a fairy-tale wedding, but the death of King Harold throws a monkey wrench into their plans. The film stars the usual gang of suspects, Mike Myers, Cameron Diaz and Eddie Murphy, as well as the always funny John Cleese. It...

A Huge Comedy With Tiny Balls: 'Balls Of Fury' Bounces To DVD Dec. 12

10/28/2007 9:00am EDT
Balls of Fury
From the creators of Night at The Museum and Reno 911 comes Balls of Fury, the outrageous new comedy starring Christopher Walken and George Lopez. The high stakes world of underground Ping-Pong is infiltrated in this hilarious spoof that combines comedy and action for one explosive ending. With a hysterical alternative ending not shown in theaters, experience the ultimate battle for the Ping-Pong paddle on DVD this holiday season!

Deleted Scenes

Alternate Ending: Rodriguez offers Randy a new assignment

Balls Out: The Making Of Balls Of Fury: This "making of" features filmmakers ...

'Balls Of Fury' Bounces Into Theaters August 29

8/15/2007 6:30pm EDT
Balls Of Fury
In the unsanctioned, underground, and unhinged world of extreme Ping-Pong, the competition is brutal and the stakes are deadly. Now, this outrageous new comedy serves up this secret world for the first time on-screen.

Down-and-out former professional Ping-Pong phenom Randy Daytona (Tony Award winner Dan Fogler) is sucked into this maelstrom when FBI Agent Rodriguez (George Lopez) recruits him for a secret mission. Randy is determined to bounce back and recapture his former glory, and to smoke out his father's (Robert Patrick) killer – one of the FBI's Most Wanted, arch-fiend Feng (Acad...

Jessica Alba And Dane Cook Star In 'Good Luck Chuck,' Opening August 24

6/9/2007 9:00am EDT
Good Luck Chuck
It all started when Charlie Kagan was ten years old. Breaking the cardinal rules of spin-the-bottle, Charlie refused to lip-lock with a demented Goth girl – and she put a hex on him.

Now, twenty-five years later, Charlie (Dane Cook) is a successful dentist…and still cursed. While his plastic surgeon best friend, Stu (Dan Fogler), pursues as many of his patients as possible, Charlie can't seem to find the right girl. Even worse, he discovers at an ex-girlfriend's wedding that every woman he's ever slept with has found true love – with the next guy after him.

Before he knows it...

Release Date For New Christopher Walken Comedy, "Balls Of Fury," Bumped To Sept. 14

2/11/2007 10:00am EST
Christopher Walken
Balls Of Fury, an outrageous new comedy. In this secret society, the competition is brutal and the stakes are high. It is the unsanctioned, underground, and utterly unhinged world of clandestine Ping-Pong tournaments. Down-and-out former professional Ping-Pong phenom Randy Daytona (Dan Fogler) is sucked into this maelstrom when FBI Agent Rodriguez (George Lopez) recruits him for a secret mission. Randy is determined to bounce back and win, and to smoke out his father’s killer – arch-fiend Feng (Christopher Walken).

"Balls Of Fury" was originally slated to open on April 27, however the...

New Movie Trailers to Check Out on Starpulse: Balls of Fury, Fantastic Four: Rise of The Silver Surfer, more...

1/12/2007 11:35am EST
balls of fury
Check out a few new movie trailers on Starpulse:

Balls of Fury (Comedy)

Release Date: April 27, 2007

Watch the Trailer (more info)

Randy Daytona, played by Dan Fogler, who is recruited by the government to infiltrate a high-stakes underworld tournament. He is determined to win and uncover his father's killer, the evil crime lord Fang (Christopher Walken).

Fantastic Four: Rise of The Silver Surfer

Release Date: June 15, 2007

Watch the Trailer (more info)

The Silver Surfer has arrived on planet Earth on a mission of destruction. When the havoc wrecked...