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Alyssa Milano In Jeans & Leather Knee-High Boots - Hot Or Not?

4/1/2010 2:15pm EDT
Alyssa Milano
There's something about a girl in knee-high leather boots - particularly when that girl is Alyssa Milano. She showed up at the Los Angeles premiere of "Clash Of The Titans" yesterday in skin-tight jeans and a lace blue top that hinted at a little bit of skin. Show us more, Lys!

Alyssa returns to primetime in the new ABC comedy "Romantically Challenged," which premieres April 12. The series is about four friends who try to find love and happiness while navigating their way through today's tricky world of dating. She plays Rebecca Thomas, who in the pilot episode experiences her first one-...

Sam Worthington's Tanning Tragedy For 'Titans'

4/1/2010 8:26am EDT
Sam Worthington
Sam Worthington suffered an embarrassing style disaster on the set of the new Clash Of The Titans film - fake tan products turned him green.

The Avatar actor plays hero Perseus in the big budget remake of the cult 1981 film, which is based on Greek mythology.

Producers wanted the pale-skinned star to appear darker and lathered him in fake tan for the duration of filming - but the end result left Worthington cringing.

He tells Britain's Live From Studio Five, "That was horrible (fake tanning). That was the hardest part of it. I'm a pale Australian, which is an oxymoron in itself. I did...

Clash Of The Dresses: Alexa Davolos Vs. Gemma Arterton At The UK 'Clash Of The Titans' Premiere

3/30/2010 1:28pm EDT
Dress Battle
Gemma Arterton (right) and Alexa Davalos looked sultry in black at the premiere of "Clash Of The Titans" in London yesterday. Gemma - who you may remember from the last James Bond film, "Quantum of Solace" - posed in a back-revealing dress, while Alexa ("Chronicles of Riddick," "Feast Of Love") opted for a slenderizing single-shouldered gown.

The 1981 mythological fantasy remake focuses on Perseus (Sam Worthington), the mortal hero made to carry out a series of quests by the gods in order to win the hand of the imprisoned princess Andromeda (Davalos).

Liam Neeson, Ralph Fiennes, and Mads...

Trailer Talk: This Week In Movies 'Clash Of The Titans,' 'The Last Song' & More

3/29/2010 8:55am EDT
Why Did I Get Married Too
I’m going to see “Clash of the Titans” this week but honestly I’m not terribly excited about the film. To me it seems like your run-of-the-mill epic action/fantasy with loads of computer generated effects and explosions. I have yet to see a preview that has made me think this movie has anything special to offer. The only things that have my attention are the amusing tagline “Damn the Gods,” and the presence of Sam Worthington, Liam Neeson, and Ralph Fiennes. As a critic though, I often approach films with the hope that they will prove my preexisting notions wrong, and “Clash of the Tita...

Joseph Fiennes Still Searching For Perfect Baby Name

3/19/2010 8:00pm EDT
Joseph Fiennes
"Shakespeare In Love" star Joseph Fiennes has nicknamed his newborn daughter Baby Love, because he and his wife have yet to settle on an official name. The actor and his wife, Swiss model Maria Dolores Dieguez, welcomed their first child last week but admit they are still searching for the perfect moniker.

However, the couple has set Sunday as a deadline - because Fiennes needs to apply for the tot's first passport next week before they can fly to his native England. He says, "(We had a) baby girl, (we're) looking for names so any suggestions would be welcome. It's Baby Love right now, bu...

Joseph Fiennes Welcomes His First Child

3/11/2010 8:54am EST
Joseph Fiennes
"FlashForward" star Joseph Fiennes is a first-time father after welcoming a daughter.

The actor's wife, Swiss model Maria Dolores Dieguez, gave birth to a little girl on Monday, reports

Fiennes, whose brother is actor Ralph, wed the former Miss Switzerland beauty pageant contestant in Tuscany, Italy last summer, before announcing the pregnancy in the fall.

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New Book Exposes Angelina Jolie's Steamy Past

3/3/2010 6:15pm EST
Angelina Jolie
An explosive new tell-all about Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's courtship is set to stun star watchers thanks to suggestions the actress once briefly romanced rocker Mick Jagger, while he was married to model Jerry Hall.

Author Jenny Paul has spent six years researching the tome about the world's most fascinating couple, and she's convinced she has the goods on the couple's private worlds when they met on the set of "Mr. & Mrs. Smith" in 2004.

She tells Life & Style magazine that she has unearthed details of Jolie's sexual liaisons around the time of her first Pitt meeting and claims she w...

Celebrity Birthdays, December 22

12/22/2009 3:00am EST
Ralph Fiennes
Happy Birthday to:

"Harry Potter" baddie Ralph Fiennes (1962)

Bee Gees twins Robin and Maurice (d. 2003) Gibb (1949)

Cheap Trick guitarist Rick Nielsen (1946)

Journalist Diane Sawyer (1945)

"Leave It To Beaver" mom Barbara Billingsley (1922)

Italian composer Giacomo Puccini (1858; d. 1924)

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Movies To Watch In Early 2010

12/17/2009 10:00am EST
Shutter Island
2009 is starting to wrap up with a few big blockbusters left for the Christmas season, but now it is time to look forward into 2010 to see what's coming up. The early months of a year may usually be quiet for movie goers, but there are some great new films releasing in January, February, and March. Take a look at the films you'll be wanting to buy tickets for in early 2010!

January (in order of release date)

"Daybreakers," rated R, is being released January 8th and stars Ethan Hawke, Willem Dafoe, and Sam Neill. This movie is taking advantage of the current vampire popularity, but thi...

'Deadspin' Founder Will Leitch & Starpulse's Mike Ryan Debate The 81st Academy Awards

2/18/2009 10:52am EST
Special guest Will Leitch, Deadspin founder and current contributing editor at New York Magazine, and our own Mike Ryan have taken their Oscar disagreements public in a series of open letters debating this Sunday's telecast of the 81st Annual Academy Awards.

An Academy Awards telecast that Mike will be live blogging this Sunday night at 8:30 PM EST, in real-time, here on Starpulse.

Mr. Leitch,

"Slumdog Millionaire is the film world's first globalized masterpiece." Joe Morgenstern - Wall Street Journal

"Slumdog Millionaire is a ruthlessly effective paean to destin...

Slideshow: 2009 Oscar Best Picture Nominees

1/22/2009 9:39am EST
2009 Best Picture Academy Award Oscar
The 5 nominations for 2009 Oscar Best Picture are The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Frost/Nixon, Milk, The Reader and Slumdog Millionaire. Click through the slideshow of photos from the nominees and let us know who you think should win by leaving a comment below!

- Click pics for next page -

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Starring Brad Pitt, Cate Blanchett & more

- Click here for tons more Benjamin Button photos -

Who do YOU think should win Best Picture? Leave a comment below!

Full list of 2009 Academy Award nominees


2009 Early Oscar Nomination Predictions

12/23/2008 12:10pm EST
The Dark Knight
The first major precursor award nominations were handed out this morning as the Screen Actors Guild revealed their 15th set of nominations.

This marks the end point of the first phase of the Oscar race as many of the critics awards have been handed out and the more reliable industry awards are starting to trickle in.

This is a perfect time to take a look at the locks, likely nominees, longshots and losers of the Oscar season thus far.

Best Picture

The Locks:

Slumdog Millionaire is the most certain nominee in this category after sweeping through the critics awards, p...

Celebrity Birthdays, December 22

12/22/2008 3:00am EST
Rick Nielsen
Happy Birthday to "The Reader" star Ralph Fiennes (1962), Bee Gees twins Robin and Maurice (d. 2003) Gibb (1949), Cheap Trick guitarist Rick Nielsen (1946), journalist Diane Sawyer (1945), hall-of-fame pitcher Steve Carlton (1944), "Leave It To Beaver" mom Barbara Billingsley (1922), and Italian composer Giacomo Puccini (1858; d. 1924).

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12 Upcoming Films To See Before Oscar Night

11/12/2008 9:52am EST
Revolutionary Road
This year's Oscar race isn't very deep with talent, and at this point there are probably only eight films with a legitimate shot at getting a nod for Best Picture. But those that have a chance at a nomination also have a great chance of winning.

One such film, "The Dark Knight", has already hit screens, but the rest of this group will premiere in the coming weeks as studios scramble to get their prestige pictures on the big screen before the year-end deadline.

Every year, film fans are tormented by the true snobs who catch all these possible nominees before the big awards show att...

The Lamest Walk Of Fame Stars

7/22/2008 8:30am EDT
Ryan Seacrest
To the everyday person, it seems like having a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame is completely unattainable. Yet it may not be that hard to achieve even if you have a minimal amount of fame.

According to the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, there is a process one must go through to get a star on the Walk of Fame. There are five categories of stars: motion pictures, television, radio, recording and live theatre. A person must be nominated to one of these categories by an organization, agree to attend the presentation ceremony within five years of selection and pay a $25,000 fee. If you ...

Lord Voldemort Named Top Movie Villain

7/15/2008 3:09pm EDT
Ralph Fiennes' Lord Voldemort character in the Harry Potter films has been named the best movie villain of all time - beating Heath Ledger's The Joker into sixth place.

Ledger's performance in new Batman sequel The Dark Knight, the last movie he completed before his death in January, has been lauded by critics and tipped for an Oscar nomination. However editors of Moviefone rank him behind Fiennes; James Earl Jones and Hayden Christensen's Darth Vader; Margaret Hamilton's Wicked Witch of the West and Anthony Hopkins' Hannibal Lector in the onscreen evil stakes.

A Moviefone edito...

Celebrity Birthdays, December 22

12/22/2007 3:00am EST
Rick Nielsen
Happy Birthday to "The Constant Gardener" actor Ralph Fiennes (1962), Bee Gees twins Robin and Maurice (d. 2003) Gibb (1949), Cheap Trick guitarist Rick Nielsen (1946), journalist Diane Sawyer (1945), hall-of-fame pitcher Steve Carlton (1944), "Leave It To Beaver" mom Barbara Billingsley (1922), and Italian composer Giacomo Puccini (1858; d. 1924).

Opening July 11: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

7/10/2007 10:06am EDT
Harry Potter Order Phoenix
(Opens Wed.) Young wizard-in-training Harry Potter (Daniel Radcliffe) returns to Hogwarts for his fifth year of studies, only to find that the magical community seems to be in a curious state of denial about his recent encounter with the sinister Lord Voldemort (Ralph Fiennes) in the fifth installment of the popular fantasy film series. Continue Summary

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Ralph Fiennes Caught In Second Sex Scandal

3/6/2007 9:43am EST
Ralph Fiennes
English actor Ralph Fiennes incurred the wrath of a Belgium hotel boss after he reportedly frolicked naked in a swimming pool with four women. British newspaper The Sun reports The English Patient star, 44, and his female companions disturbed guests at the Hotel Tuilerieen in Bruges.

Hotel manageress Patricia Homble says, "I wasn't happy about it."

Fiennes is currently in the stunning Belgium city filming comedy In Bruges, which also stars Colin Farrell and Brendan Gleeson.

Last month, Qantas flight attendant Lisa Robertson was fired from the airline after she admitted she h...

Colin Farrell, Brendan Gleeson & Ralph Fiennes To Begin Filming 'In Bruges'

1/11/2007 11:14am EST
Colin Farrell
With casting for the principal roles in Academy Award-winning writer/director Martin McDonagh's suspense thriller "In Bruges" confirmed, the project is gearing up for a February start date and shoot on location in Bruges, Belgium.

Part of Focus' expanded international film production slate, "In Bruges" will topline actors Colin Farrell and Brendan Gleeson. Rounding out the cast are European rising stars Clémence Poésy and Jérémie Renier. In addition, two-time Academy Award nominee Ralph Fiennes will play a key supporting role.

"In Bruges" is the darkly comedic tale of the fates of...

Celebrity Birthdays, December 22

12/22/2006 3:00am EST
Rick Nielsen
Happy Birthday to "The Constant Gardener" actor Ralph Fiennes (1962), Bee Gees twins Robin and Maurice (d. 2003) Gibb (1949), Cheap Trick guitarist Rick Nielsen (1946), journalist Diane Sawyer (1945), hall-of-fame pitcher Steve Carlton (1944), "Leave It To Beaver" mom Barbara Billingsley (1922), and Italian composer Giacomo Puccini (1858; d. 1924).

Delaware Museum Displays Hollywood Movie Costumes

10/9/2006 10:45am EDT
Drew Barrymore in Ever After
Glamorous and stylish costumes created for the screen versions of classic novels and worn by such actors as Elizabeth Taylor, Nicole Kidman, Drew Barrymore, Colin Firth, and Ralph Fiennes are now on view at Winterthur Museum & Country Estate in Delaware in "Fashion in Film: Period Costumes for the Screen," through January 7.

The dozens of dazzling costumes include sumptuous silks, elegant beading, and delicate lace. Made for films set between the early 1500s through the 1950s, the 36 outfits reflect a quest for authenticity in both cut and materials. Many received Academy Awards and ot...

Jessica Alba To Host 2006 MTV Movie Awards

6/1/2006 8:00pm EDT
Jessica Alba
Covering Hollywood’s most anticipated blockbuster from every angle, MTV News will present exclusive pre and post show coverage of the "2006 MTV Movie Awards." From backstage to the red carpet, the MTV News team will cover every angle of the big show including exclusive celebrity interviews, musical performances, and much more. Additionally for the first time, fans will be able to access MTV News’ comprehensive Movie Awards coverage on-air and through broadband network, MTV Overdrive ( — each with a unique and exclusive take on the show.

MTV News pre show coverage...

More Presenters Added To Tony Awards

5/24/2006 11:55am EDT
Glenn Close
Hank Azaria, Glenn Close, Bernadette Peters, Mark Ruffalo, Liev Schreiber, Kyra Sedgwick and Oprah Winfrey have been added as presenters for this year's "The 60th Annual Tony Awards," live from Radio City Music Hall, Sunday, June 11 (8:00-11:00 PM, live ET, delayed PT) on CBS.

Previously announced presenters are Ralph Fiennes, Eric McCormack, Cynthia Nixon, Anna Paquin, Julia Roberts, Martin Short and Alfre Woodard.

This year marks the 60th anniversary of the Tony Awards, which were first held on April 6, 1947, at the Waldorf Astoria's Grand Ballroom. It will be the ninth year...

MTV Movie Awards Nominees Announced - Full List!

4/25/2006 10:53am EDT
40-Year-Old Virgin
Wedding Crashers and The 40-Year-Old-Virgin are set to dominate the 2006 MTV Movie Awards. Both movies have received five nominations each including Best Movie and Best Comedic Performance. Among the other contenders for historically one the most hotly contested awards, Best Kiss, are Brokeback Mountain lovers Jake Gyllenhaal and Heath Ledger who are set to battle it out with real life couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, who locked lips in their action hit last year Mr and Mrs Smith. Full List of Nominees Below!

This year's awards ceremony is the first time that organisers haven't had...

Humane Society Names 'Wallace & Gromit' Best Movie of the Year

2/23/2006 11:02am EST
Wallace And Gromit: The Curse of the Were Rabbit has been voted movie of the year by animal rights campaigners. The Humane Society saluted the claymation romp "for unleashing the inimitable duo on an eccentric adventure, in which Gromit's savvy canine helps them win through with a unique and humane version of pest control."

The family film - which has become the fastest selling DVD in British film in history - even beat the internationally successful documentary March of the Penguins to the award.

Meanwhile, animator Nick Park has revealed how he felt sorry for actor Ralph Fienne...

Francesca Annis Dumps Ralph Fiennes

2/8/2006 10:18am EST
Ralph Fiennes
'The Constant Gardener' star Ralph Fiennes has been dumped by actress Francesca Annis. The pair called time on their 11-year romance just days after it was claimed the 43-year-old actor had a steamy affair with a Romanian singer. Last weekend stunning Cornelia Crisan, who at 31 is 30 years younger than Annis, claimed she had a racy fling with Fiennes for two years.

She revealed she used to meet Fiennes - who started romancing Francesca after they both starred in 'Hamlet' in 1995 - for secret sex romps at a house he owns in London. Annis's solicitors released a statement confirming the ...

'The Constant Gardener' Gets Most BAFTA Nominations

1/19/2006 9:50am EST
The Constant Gardener
British thriller The Constant Gardener has been nominated for 10 BAFTAs from the British Academy of Film and Television Arts. The adaptation of the John Le Carre novel, which stars Ralph Fiennes and Rachel Weisz, is up for Best Film, Best Actor, Best Actress and seven other awards. Ang Lee's gay cowboy film Brokeback Mountain and racial drama Crash both received nine nominations.

The awards ceremony, which will be hosted by Stephen Fry, will take place at the Odeon, in London's Leicester Square, on February 19. The Constant Gardener will face stiff competition in the Best Film category...

New Movies on DVD, Jan. 10

1/10/2006 8:00am EST
Three very different flicks are new on DVD this week. First check out the popular thriller Red Eye, starring Rachel McAdams as a young woman who is caught up in a terrorist plot. The suspense drama The Constant Gardener is about a man (Ralph Fiennes) who discovers a deadly secret when he tries to find out who killed the woman he loves. In Transporter 2, retired mercenary Frank Martin (Jason Statham) must use all his skills to hunt down a kidnapper that took his boss's son.

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Celebrity Birthdays, December 22

12/22/2005 3:00am EST
Rick Nielsen
Happy Birthday to "The Constant Gardener" actor Ralph Fiennes (1962), Bee Gees twins Robin and Maurice (d. 2003) Gibb (1949), Cheap Trick guitarist Rick Nielsen (1946), journalist Diane Sawyer (1945), hall-of-fame pitcher Steve Carlton (1944), "Leave It To Beaver" mom Barbara Billingsley (1922), and Italian composer Giacomo Puccini (1858; d. 1924).