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Now Playing: It's Not You, It's Me: "The Break-Up" 'The Jungle Book' Teaser Trailer
2015-09-17 Brian Grazer Regrets Producing Cowboys & Aliens
2015-07-07 Bella Thorne Attends Star Studded Joel Silver's Memorial Day Party
2015-05-26 Disney Turns to Tim Burton to Update 'Dumbo'
2015-03-11 Vince Vaughn Immortalised in Hollywood Handprint Ceremony
2015-03-05 The Secret Formula Behind Disney's 'Cinderella'
2015-02-27 Are Paparazzi Using Drones to Spy on Celebs?
2014-11-07 ET's Paparazzi Drone Investigation
2014-11-06 Robert Downey Jr. Wants His Daughter Close by
2014-11-01 Happy Birthday Jon Favreau!
2014-10-19 Jon Favreau to Open Restaurant Based on 'Chef'
2014-10-02 Top 10 Actors Turned Directors
2014-09-21 Release Dates Confirmed for Ridley Scott, Jon Favreau and Tim Burton
2014-09-02 Marvel Makes Messy Decisions
2014-09-01 'Chef' Stars Take Movie Quiz
2014-09-01 Ben Kingsley Compares His Character in 'The Jungle Book' to 'The Boxtrolls'
2014-07-28 'Chef' Exclusive Interview With Jon Favreau
2014-06-25 Jon Favreau Lifts the Lid on Jungle Book Plans
2014-06-21 'Chef': TV Spot Trailer
2014-06-19 Nyong'o's Goal After Oscar Win Was Not To Trip
2014-06-19 'Chef': European Premiere Report
2014-06-11 'Chef' Star Jon Favreau Brings His Skills to the Boil
2014-06-10 Actor Emjay Anthony Chats About His New Movie ‘Chef’
2014-06-05 'Chef' Film Clip: You're Trending Bro
2014-06-05 'Chef' Film Clip: Line Cook
2014-06-05 'Chef' Trailer
2014-06-01 'Chef': Richard Roeper Review
2014-05-18 Jon Favreau Explains Why Embracing Latino Culture Was Essential For "Chef"
2014-04-29 John Leguizamo Explains Why Non-Latinos Need To Reach Out To Latinos
2014-04-29 Scarlett Johansson & Lupita Nyong'o to Star in 'The Jungle Book'?
2014-04-27 Scarlett Johansson And Lupita Nyong'o In 'The Jungle Book' Talks
2014-04-24 The Wolf of Wall Street: Just the 'F' Words - Supercut
2014-04-23 Food Truck Deliciousness At SXSW!
2014-03-14 Jon Favreau Announces His Live-Action Jungle Book Is in Casting
2014-03-10 Jon Favreau Says He Honed His Cooking Chops for Chef at SXSW 2014
2014-03-10 'Catching Fire' Named Movie of the Year
2014-03-09 Jon Favreau, Robert Downey Jr., Scarlett Johansson in "Chef"
2014-03-09 'Cowboys and Aliens' Movie Review for Parents
2014-01-26 Gwyneth Paltrow on Her Return as Pepper in 'Iron Man 3'
2014-01-23 The Wolf Of Wall Street Review
2013-12-21 Robert Downey Jr. Assembles His Star Friends for Wife's 40th Birthday Bash
2013-11-12 On This Day: October 19
2013-10-19 Sofia Vergara Talks Machete Kills & Chef
2013-10-08 Leonardo DiCaprio And Jonah Hill In "The Wolf Of Wall Street" First Trailer
2013-06-18 Robert Downey Jr and Jon Favreau Reunite For ‘Chef’
2013-05-16 Iron Man 3 Movie Review
2013-05-02 Gwyneth Paltrow's See Through Dress At Premiere Leaves Nothing To Imagination
2013-04-26 Iron Man 3 World Premiere Red Carpet Highlights
2013-04-25 Film Clip: 'Iron Man 3'
2013-04-09 Richard Roeper Reviews "Identity Thief"
2013-02-10 Film Clip of Identity Thief
2013-02-07 "Identity Thief" Preview
2013-02-06 It's Not You, It's Me: "The Break-Up"
2013-01-10 Latest Trailer With Jason Bateman in "Identity Thief"
2012-12-27 Unscripted Bonus Clip - Jon on the Challenges of Casting
2012-12-17 Unscripted Bonus Clip - Robert on Iron Man Rumors
2012-12-17 Unscripted Bonus Clip - Robert on Misconceptions About Movie
2012-12-17 Unscripted Bonus Clip - Robert on His Favorite SNL Cast Members
2012-12-17 Iron Man - DVD Clip No. 1
2012-12-17 Unscripted: Vince Vaughn and Jon Favreau in The Breakup -
2012-12-11 Unscripted: Vince Vaughn and Jon Favreau in The Breakup -
2012-12-11 The Real Stories Real Lives Fundraiser Benefiting MPTF
2012-10-23 Identity Theft Trailer Official (HD)
2012-10-12 Tony Hawk and Shaun White at "Stand Up For Skate Parks"
2012-10-10 Jason Bateman, Melissa McCarthy in "Identity Thief" HD Trailer
2012-10-01 Jon Favreau to Direct Movie Version of Jersey Boys Musical
2012-08-09 Revolution TV: First Impressions - Comic Con 2012
2012-07-15 People Like Us Trailer Official (HD)
2012-05-08 Elizabeth Banks and Olivia Wilde in People Like Us Trailer
2012-04-14 "Cowboys and Aliens" Comic-Con Interview With Jon Favreau
2012-01-19 Cowboys and Aliens at WonderCon San Francisco
2012-01-19 Jon Favreau at Premiere of Cowboys & Aliens
2011-10-27 Ron Howard Likes Playing with Cowboys & Aliens
2011-10-27 Cowboys and Aliens Red Carpet Interview
2011-08-30 Jon Favreau About Video Game Movies