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Now Playing: Jay Leno Crashes 'The Tonight Show' Monologue with Kardashian Jokes Jay Leno Crashes 'The Tonight Show' Monologue with Kardashian Jokes
2015-10-07 Hugh Jackman And Shaq Play A Game of Phone Booth
2015-10-06 Hugh Jackman And Shaq Play A Game of Phone Booth
2015-10-06 Bros Shaq and Alex Trebek Cuddle in a Phone Booth
2015-10-06 Miley Cyrus Seemingly Calls Out Leonardo DiCaprio's Smoking Etiquette on 'The Tonight Show'
2015-10-02 Miley Cyrus Gives an Emotional Interview on The Tonight Show
2015-10-02 Joseph Gordon-Levitt Sings Ragtime Version of 'Bitch Better Have My Money'
2015-09-25 Jimmy Fallon, Joseph Gordon-Levitt Cover Rihanna as Barbershop Quintet
2015-09-25 Kenan and Kel Reunite for 'Good Burger' Sketch on 'The Tonight Show'
2015-09-24 Ryan Reynolds Reveals Baby James Calls Him "Mama"
2015-09-23 Jimmy Fallon Hilariously Spoofs 'Empire' With Epic Surprise Guests!
2015-09-23 Jimmy Fallon Spoofs 'Empire' With Donald Trump, Terrence Howard and Taraji P. Henson
2015-09-23 The Pets of Late-Night
2015-09-23 Ryan Reynolds Jokes He's 'Lost All Cool' Since Becoming 'The Dad Guy'
2015-09-22 Jimmy Fallon Shows Cute Baby Pics at 2015 Emmys
2015-09-21 Jimmy Fallon Tells Billboard His Finger Troubles Aren't Over Yet
2015-09-20 Happy 41st Birthday Jimmy Fallon!
2015-09-19 Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting Gets Covered in Puppies, Nearly 'Dies' From Excitement
2015-09-18 'Donald Trump' Interviews Hillary Clinton on The Tonight Show
2015-09-17 Jimmy Fallon Nails His Donald Trump Impression
2015-09-17 Wheel of Musical Impressions with Ariana Grande
2015-09-16 Ariana Grande Nails Spot-On Impressions of Britney Spears, Celine Dion and Christina Aguilera
2015-09-16 Extreme Weather Channel Commercial
2015-09-16 Robert De Niro Shows Off His Jimmy Fallon Impression
2015-09-16 Ariana Grande Played an Adorable Annie
2015-09-16 The Debating Game
2015-09-16 Ariana Grande's Celebrity Impressions on Jimmy Fallon Are Crazy-Good
2015-09-16 Ariana Grande Nails Impersonations of Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera & Celine Dion
2015-09-16 Fallon Channels Sting, Ariana Grande Imitate Britney on 'Tonight'
2015-09-16 "Looks" with Jimmy Fallon, Justin Timberlake & Will Ferrell
2015-09-15 My First Album: Miguel
2015-09-15 Jimmy Fallon Didn't Ask Jessica Alba About Company Lawsuit
2015-09-15 Benicio Del Toro Broke His Wrist When Tommy Lee Jones Fell on Him
2015-09-15 Jimmy Samples Jessica Alba's Hydrating Mist
2015-09-15 Benicio Del Toro Left Las Vegas with Two Tortoises
2015-09-15 Long Story Short with Benicio Del Toro, Jessica Alba and Miguel
2015-09-15 My Worst Summer Job: Rachel Maddow
2015-08-21 Hashtags: #WorstRoadTripEver
2015-08-21 Mixing Cocktails with Rachel Maddow
2015-08-21 Artie Lange Loves Taking Photos Next to Chris Christie
2015-08-21 Rachel Maddow Sums Up Donald Trump's Presidential Run
2015-08-21 Fast Family Feud with Taraji P. Henson
2015-08-19 Pros and Cons: Sesame Street Moving to HBO
2015-08-19 Jussie Smollett Caught Taraji P. Henson Dozing on the Empire Set
2015-08-19 Edward Burns' Amateur Bar Band Turned Pro Opening for Coldplay at MSG
2015-08-19 Egg Russian Roulette with Zac Efron
2015-08-18 Fran Lebowitz Can't Stand Middle-Aged Men on Skateboards
2015-08-18 Screengrabs: Papa's Got a Bra, Jimmy's Indian Twin
2015-08-18 Zac Efron Swam with a Wild Tiger Shark
2015-08-18 Zac Efron Plays Egg Russian Roulette With Jimmy Fallon
2015-08-18 Zac Efron Plays Egg Roulette With Jimmy Fallon
2015-08-18 Phone Booth with Kevin Spacey
2015-08-15 Thank You Notes: Tom Brady's Courtroom Sketch, The Media
2015-08-15 Keegan-Michael Key on Rehearsing with President Obama
2015-08-15 Meeting Ice Cube Turned Paul Giamatti Into a Little Girl
2015-08-14 Alicia Vikander Celebrates Sweden's Midsummer Holiday with Jimmy
2015-08-14 Audience Suggestion Box: Close-Up Serenade with Reba McEntire
2015-08-13 Audience Suggestion Box: Tariq's GOP Rap
2015-08-13 Henry Cavill Reveals Superman's Diet Plan
2015-08-13 Audience Suggestion Box: Trump Lists, Magic Mike Polka
2015-08-13 Sir Ben Kingsley Destroys an Audience Member's Phone
2015-08-13 Full 'Tonight Show With Johnny Carson' Episodes Return to TV
2015-08-13 Word Blurt with Kristen Stewart
2015-08-12 Pros and Cons: Going to a Nude Beach
2015-08-12 Kristen Stewart Really Does Smile a Lot
2015-08-12 Catchphrase with Chris Meloni and Luke Bryan
2015-08-11 Luke Bryan Left Chris Meloni Hanging in a High-Five Diss
2015-08-11 Chris Meloni Walks Through His Long-Haired '70s Style
2015-08-11 Beer Hockey with Taylor Kitsch
2015-08-08 The Internet Is Dedicated to Steve Buscemi
2015-08-08 Thank You Notes: Drake and Meek Mill Feud, Jon Stewart
2015-08-08 Taylor Kitsch Left a Friend Stranded for True Detective
2015-08-08 Jon Rineman Stand-Up
2015-08-08 Taylor Kitsch Brings Signature Charm to The Tonight Show
2015-08-08 Pup Quiz with Salma Hayek