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Now Playing: Anonymous - Clip - My Expenses Have Enlarged Post-'Fruitvale,' Michael B. Jordan Wants It All
2013-10-10 'Chronicle' Star Eyed for 'Independence Day' Sequel
2013-09-27 Channing Tatum: 'Real White House Not Stylish'
2013-09-15 White House Down - Cast and Crew Featurette
2013-09-11 Roland Emmerich Talks 'Independence Day' Sequel
2013-09-06 White House Down - Clip - Please Don't, I'm On The Tour
2013-09-05 White House Down - Clip - Shoot Him!
2013-09-05 Video@Home: Attacking the White House
2013-09-03 White House Down
2013-09-02 'White House Down': Roland Emmerich Interview
2013-08-04 White House Down Movie Review : Beyond The Trailer
2013-07-20 Armie Hammer is Ant-Man in 2015, Gay Character in Independence Day 2 - Beyond The Trailer
2013-07-11 Maggie Gyllenhaal: The Anti-Damsel in Distress
2013-07-05 Melissa McCarthy's Winning Streak Continues at Theaters
2013-07-01 Movies News Pop: Melissa McCarthy's Winning Streak Continues at Theaters
2013-06-30 Entertainment News Pop: Box Office Report: ''White House Down,' With Only $25 Million Opening
2013-06-29 The Apocalypse, for once, provides some humour
2013-06-28 'White House Down' Amounts to a 'Cosmic Shrug'
2013-06-28 Channing Tatum and Jamie Foxx on White House Down
2013-06-28 The Apocalypse, For Once, Provides Some Humour
2013-06-28 Channing Tatum News Pop: Channing Tatum Might Direct Man Parts In Magic Mike 2!
2013-06-27 Film Clip: 'White House Down'
2013-06-27 Director Of Action Flick "White House Down" At Premiere
2013-06-27 White House Down - Roland Emmerich Interview
2013-06-26 White House Down Movie Review
2013-06-26 Entertainment News Pop: RHOA's NeNe Leakes' Wedding Deets! What Did She Wear&Which Famous Judg...
2013-06-25 'White House Down' Director: Why I Keep Destroying The White House
2013-06-25 'White House Down' Director Talks FOX News Flak
2013-06-25 Roland Emmerich: Video Games Create More Violence Than Action Films
2013-06-25 'Independence Day 2' Director: There Will Be A Gay Character
2013-06-25 Jeff Goldblum and Bill Pullman Returning For 'Independence Day 2'
2013-06-25 Will Smith Won't Star in 'Independence Day 2,' Director Says
2013-06-24 Maggie Gyllenhaal Lights Up The Red Carpet at 'White House Down' Premiere
2013-06-24 Will Smith Will Not Return For Independence Day 2
2013-06-24 Will Smith Not Returning for 'Independence Day 2'
2013-06-24 ET's 'White House Down' Special
2013-06-23 Celeb News Pop: Channing Tatum Brings New Dad Glow to 'White House Down' D.C. Premiere
2013-06-22 Entertainment News Pop: Chris Brown Reportedly Deletes Rihanna From His Life AND His New Album!
2013-06-22 Movies News Pop: Channing Tatum Brings New Dad Glow to 'White House Down' D.C. Premiere
2013-06-22 Roland Emmerich: Why I Love Movies (Guest Editor Series)
2013-06-22 Roland Emmerich: 5 Things You Don't Know About Me (Guest Editor Series)
2013-06-22 Roland Emmerich: Movies That Shaped My Childhood (Guest Editor Series)
2013-06-22 Roland Emmerich: Movies I Wish I'd Made (Guest Editor Series)
2013-06-22 'Independence Day' Director Blows Up White House Again
2013-06-21 White House Down (Featurette Roland Emmerich) [FULL HD]
2013-05-30 COMING SOON: Jamie Foxx&Channing Tatum in WHITE HOUSE DOWN movie preview
2013-05-24 'White House Down' Preview
2013-04-23 2012 - Trailer No. 1
2012-12-17 Movie Presidents: Independence Day
2012-11-01 'Anonymous' Director Interview
2012-10-15 Director Roland Emmerich Talks About "Anonymous"
2012-07-19 Jamie Foxx For President
2012-06-08 2012 Film Review
2012-05-22 Anonymous Movie Review for Parents
2012-05-22 10,000 B.C. Movie Review
2012-05-22 Roland Emmerich on Directing Anonymous
2012-02-02 Questioning Shakespeare - Emmerich dares .
2011-10-31 Anonymous (Profile Oxford) [FULL HD]
2011-10-30 Anonymous (Profile Shakespeare) [FULL HD]
2011-10-30 Six Second Review of Anonymous
2011-10-30 Anonymous - Exclusive LFF Gala Premiere
2011-10-28 Joely Richardson, Rafe Spall and Roland Emmerich on Awkward Love Scenes
2011-10-28 Anonymous - Premiere Report
2011-10-27 Shakespeare supporters blast new film
2011-10-26 Anonymous - Director Roland Emmerich
2011-10-25 Anonymous - Clip - My Expenses Have Enlarged
2011-10-20 Anonymous - Clip - Revolt
2011-10-20 Anonymous Movie Preview

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