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Now Playing: 'The Gift': Exclusive Interview With Joel Edgerton, Jason Bateman & Rebecca Hall 'The Gift': Exclusive Interview With Joel Edgerton, Jason Bateman & Rebecca Hall
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2015-08-02 High School Comes Back to Haunt in ‘The Gift'
2015-07-29 Happy Birthday Joel Edgerton
2015-06-22 'The Gift' Trailer
2015-06-06 Five Actors Who Could Play Wolverine
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2015-04-09 Jason Segel to Make Directorial Debut
2015-03-27 'Exodus' Banned in Egypt
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2014-12-23 'Exodus: Gods and Kings': Richard Roeper's Review
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2014-12-12 The Whitewashed Cast of 'Exodus' Is Irresponsible — and Its Own Demise
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2014-12-08 Christian Bale Sheds Weight for 'Exodus: Gods and Kings'
2014-12-04 Rupert Murdoch Defends White 'Exodus' Cast Including Aaron Paul and Christian Bale and Stirs Twitter Backlash
2014-12-01 'Felony' Trailer
2014-10-21 'Exodus: Gods and Kings': World Featurette
2014-09-09 Aaron Paul, Christian Bale In "Exodus: Gods and Kings" First Trailer
2014-07-11 'Wish You Were Here' Film Clip
2013-06-07 Cannes Film Festival: The Great Gatsby Stars And Events
2013-05-19 Favorite Moments on 'The Great Gatsby' Set
2013-05-16 Leonardo DiCaprio and Carey Mulligan on The Great Gatsby
2013-05-11 You Review: The Great Gatsby
2013-05-10 The Great Gatsby Movie Review
2013-05-08 Julianne Hough Has Found Another 'Safe Haven'
2013-05-05 Jay Z The Executive Producer Of The Great Gatsby At Premiere With Stars
2013-05-04 'The Great Gatsby': Repeating the Past
2013-05-03 The Great Gatsby Red Carpet Premiere
2013-05-03 The Great Gatsby Premiere: Joel Edgerton
2013-05-02 Carey Mulligan Feels Different When She Puts On A Big Diamond
2013-05-01 The Great Gatsby Film Trailer
2013-04-10 The Great Gatsby Trailer 3 - Leonardo DiCaprio, Carey Mulligan
2013-04-09 Wish You Were Here - Trailer No. 1
2013-03-29 Zero Dark Thirty - BTS Clip No. 1
2013-01-11 "Zero Dark Thirty" Trailer
2013-01-08 Zero Dark Thirty Film Trailer
2013-01-08 Leonard Maltin Reviews Zero Dark Thirty
2013-01-06 Zero Dark Thirty Movie Review for Parents
2013-01-06 Zero Dark Thirty - The Real Seals Featurette
2013-01-06 The Great Gatsby Latest Trailer Starring Leonardo DiCaprio
2012-12-22 Zero Dark Thirty - Clip No. 1
2012-11-30 Zero Dark Thirty Movie Preview
2012-11-27 'The Odd Life of Timothy Green' Rooted in Real Life
2012-11-22 Zero Dark Thirty Trailer No. 2
2012-10-15 Zero Dark Thirty Trailer
2012-10-14 Jessica Chastain, Chris Pratt in "Zero Dark Thirty" HD Trailer
2012-10-13 The Odd Life of Timothy Green Movie Review for Parents
2012-08-29 Watch, Pass, or Rent Movie Review: The Odd Life of Timothy Green
2012-08-16 'The Odd Life Of Timothy Green' Interview: Joel Edgerton, Peter Hedges
2012-08-13 Joel Edgerton on Hollywood and Working With "Easy-Going" Leo in Gatsby
2012-08-13 Zero Dark Thirty - Trailer No. 1
2012-08-07 Jennifer Garner Rocks Red at 'Timothy Green' Premiere
2012-08-07 The Odd Life Of Timothy Green - Clip No. 1
2012-08-01 Tom Hardy and Joel Edgerton Talk About "Warrior"
2012-07-26 The Thing 2011 Movie Review
2012-07-11 Joel Edgerton and Teresa Palmer Talk "Wish You Were Here"
2012-06-27 The Odd Life of Timothy Green Trailer Official (HD)
2012-06-05 The Odd Life Of Timothy Green - Trailer No. 2
2012-05-15 Wish You Were Here Premiere
2012-01-20 An Interview with The Thing Cast
2011-11-01 The Thing Movie Review
2011-10-16 Warrior Movie Features Knock-Out Performances
2011-09-10 Warrior Movie Review
2011-09-10 Watch, Pass or Rent Movie Review: Warrior
2011-09-09 Face Smashing Action in Tom Hardy's 'Warrior'
2011-09-09 Premiere: Warrior
2011-09-07 The Thing Movie Preview