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2015-09-25 Laura Linney Joins Tom Hanks in Captain Sully Movie
2015-08-18 Laura Linney Joins Tom Hanks in Clint Eastwood's ‘Sully'
2015-08-18 Aaron Eckhart Joins Tom Hanks and Clint Eastwood for Biopic
2015-08-13 Fraudulent Film-Maker Stole $24,000 for Clint Eastwood Doc
2015-08-07 Tom Hanks in Talks to Portray Captain Sully in Clint Eastwood Film
2015-06-19 Tom Hanks in Talks to Portray Captain Sully in Clint Eastwood Film
2015-06-19 Spike TV To Cut Clint Eastwood's Joke About Caitlyn Jenner From Awards Show
2015-06-08 Clint Eastwood Mocks Caitlyn Jenner at Spike TV's Guys' Choice Awards
2015-06-08 Clint Eastwood to Direct 'Miracle on the Hudson' Pilot Bio
2015-06-03 Eastwood to Direct 'Sully' Film
2015-06-03 Clint Eastwood's Son Scott Jumps Into Some Cool Water
2015-06-02 Feinberg Forecast: 2015 Oscar Snubs
2015-05-14 Rambling Reporter: Week of April 20th, 2015
2015-05-14 Don McLean Interview
2015-04-30 Don McLean on His 'Best Hits' CD
2015-04-30 Clint Eastwood's Son Scott Eastwood Is Our Man Crush Monday
2015-04-20 Scott Eastwood Turned Down ‘Fifty Shades' Audition
2015-04-14 Jessie James Decker -- 2nd Baby Wasn't Planned ... Pleasant Surprise
2015-04-14 Scott Eastwood on Bull Riding in 'The Longest Ride'
2015-04-10 Scott Eastwood, Britt Richardson on 'The Longest Ride'
2015-04-10 Scott Eastwood Was Catfished on Tinder
2015-03-26 Bradley Cooper Rumoured to Be Making Directorial Debut
2015-03-25 Are Hollywood's Action Stars Really Short?
2015-03-20 Scott Eastwood Discusses His Father's Expectations and Life Lessons
2015-03-19 Take a Look at the Life of Clint Eastwood
2015-03-03 We Dish With 'The Longest Ride' Star Scott Eastwood
2015-02-27 Scott Eastwood Already Thinking About Having Kids, Shows Off Singing Skills
2015-02-19 The Grand Budapest Hotel and The Imitation Game Pick Up New Awards in Lead Up to Oscars
2015-02-16 Clint Eastwood To Be Honored at Sun Valley Film Festival
2015-02-13 The Big Picture: 'American Sniper' Sucks (And It's Okay to Admit That)
2015-02-11 Clint Eastwood: 'American Sniper' Bashers Have a Point
2015-02-10 CANADIAN SNIPER: One Bullet Can Tell The Story, Eh?
2015-02-04 'American Sniper' Now Ranks as Number 1 War Movie at the Box Office
2015-02-03 Bradley Cooper Supports 'American Sniper'
2015-02-03 Box Office Top 3: 'Sniper' Breaks Super Bowl Weekend Record
2015-02-02 'American Sniper' Sets Super Bowl Record
2015-02-02 'American Sniper' Bradley Cooper and Sienna Miller Interview Part 2
2015-01-27 'American Sniper' Bradley Cooper and Sienna Miller Interview Part 1
2015-01-27 'American Sniper' Bradley Cooper and Sienna Miller Interview Part 3
2015-01-27 Controversial 'Sniper' Tops US Box Office for Second Week
2015-01-26 Box Office Top 3: Oscar Hype Keeps 'American Sniper' on Top
2015-01-26 "American Sniper" Boasts $64M in Second Weekend
2015-01-26 Sniper Film 'Stoking Islamophobia'
2015-01-25 Italian Directors Protest Proposed Smoking Ban in Films
2015-01-23 2015 National Board of Review Film Awards
2015-01-22 “American Sniper” Stirs Up Controversy As It Brings In Big Box Office Bucks
2015-01-21 ‘American Sniper' Weight Gain By the Numbers
2015-01-20 Seth Rogen Clarifies 'American Sniper' Tweet, Says Everything Was Blown Out of Proportion
2015-01-20 'American Sniper' Breaks Box Office Records After Oscar Nominations
2015-01-19 American Sniper Blasts US Box Office
2015-01-19 "American Sniper" Sets January Record with $90M Debut
2015-01-19 Michael Moore: I Was Taught Snipers Were "Cowards"
2015-01-19 'American Sniper' Breaks January Box Office Records
2015-01-19 'American Sniper' Picks Off Box Office Records
2015-01-19 Ticket or Skip It: 'American Sniper'
2015-01-18 Is Clint Eastwood Funny?
2015-01-18 'American Sniper': You Saved My Life Clip
2015-01-16 'American Sniper': The Thing That Haunts Me Clip
2015-01-16 Box Office: 'American Sniper' Scores Massive $5.3M Thursday Night
2015-01-16 Box Office: 'American Sniper' Scores Massive $5.3M Thursday Night
2015-01-16 Bradley Cooper & Sienna Miller Talk 'American Sniper'
2015-01-15 Clint Eastwood Explains 'American Sniper' Casting
2015-01-15 'American Sniper': Eastwood Puts Lens on Navy SEAL in Iraq
2015-01-14 Bradley Cooper Walks Red Carpet for 'American Sniper'
2015-01-14 Clint Eastwood on War and Violence
2015-01-14 Pitt, Gosling and Bale for 'The Big Short?'
2015-01-14 Bradley Cooper on 'American Sniper' and More
2015-01-13 Sienna Miller Cried During 'The Theory of Everything' Trailer
2015-01-10 'American Sniper': Guardians Featurette
2015-01-10 AFI Awards: Everyone's a Winner as Film and TV Contenders Kick Off Globes Weekend
2015-01-10 'A Most Violent Year' Has a Good Night
2015-01-07 Escape to the Movies: 'American Sniper': An Empty War Film
2015-01-04 The Making of 'American Sniper': How an Unlikely Friendship Kickstarted the Clint Eastwood Film
2015-01-03 Will Leitch on the Best Political Movies of 2014