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Now Playing: Happy Joint Birthday, Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones Happy Joint Birthday, Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones
2015-09-25 Happy Birthday, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas
2015-09-25 What to Watch - Episode 3: Ant-Man (with Michael Peña)
2015-07-23 EW News: 'Ant-Man' Steps on Competition the Box Office
2015-07-21 HitFix's Big Movie: 'Ant-Man'
2015-07-21 Everyone Agrees That Family Is at the Core of 'Ant-Man'
2015-07-19 'Ant-Man': Movie Review for Parents
2015-07-19 Ticket or Skip It: 'Ant-Man'
2015-07-19 'Ant-Man' Vs. 'Trainwreck'
2015-07-19 Massive Stars Hit the 'Ant-Man' Premiere!
2015-07-17 Massive Stars Hit the 'Ant-Man' Premiere!
2015-07-17 'Ant-Man' Stars Share Behind-the-Scenes Secrets
2015-07-17 'Ant-Man' Stars Share Behind-the-Scenes Secrets
2015-07-17 Paul Rudd Celebrated with Pizza and Guinness After Wrapping 'Ant-Man'
2015-07-15 Michael Douglas Praises 'Ant-Man's' Effects Team
2015-07-15 Paul Rudd and Michael Douglas Talk Ant-Man
2015-07-15 Michael Douglas Took Ant Man Inspiration from Jack Nicholson's 'Joker'
2015-07-15 'Ant-Man': Exclusive Interview With Michael Douglas
2015-07-14 'Ant-Man': MiniBites - Michael Douglas Talks About His Career
2015-07-14 Michael Douglas Reflects On Death Of Mother, A 'Class Act'
2015-07-14 'Ant-Man': Exclusive Interview with Director Peyton Reed
2015-07-14 Will and Jada Pinkett Smith Embarrass Jaden Online on His Birthday
2015-07-10 Paul Rudd Talks Getting Ripped for 'Ant-Man'
2015-07-09 Michael Douglas Blames American Actors' Obsession With Social Media for Current Crisis
2015-07-09 'Ant-Man': Featurette - New Recruit: Hope Van Dyne
2015-07-09 'Ant-Man': Exclusive European Premiere Report
2015-07-09 Michael Douglas Brings the Family to 'Ant-Man' London Premiere and More
2015-07-09 The Best Of: Michael Douglas
2015-07-09 Paul Rudd: 'I Like the Fact He Can Ride an Ant'
2015-07-09 The Douglas Family Show a United Front at 'Ant-Man' Premiere
2015-07-09 Paul Rudd's Super Figure At The Ant-Man London Premiere
2015-07-09 'Ant-Man': You're Like A Bullet Clip
2015-07-08 'Ant-Man': The Suit Has Power Clip
2015-07-08 Michael Douglas: 'Ant-Man Suit Gave Me Good Pecs'
2015-07-08 'Ant-Man' Trailer 2
2015-07-07 Paul McCartney Reveals Childhood Crush on the Queen and More
2015-07-06 'Ant-Man': Trial By Fire Clip
2015-07-03 Paul Rudd Ponders How He Will Be Remembered with Walk of Fame Star
2015-07-02 Paul Rudd Receives Star On Hollywood Walk Of Fame
2015-07-02 Ant-Man Stars Give Advice To Spider-Man
2015-07-02 Paul Rudd Receives Hollywood Star Ahead Of Ant-Man Release
2015-07-02 Ant-Man Actor Paul Rudd Gets Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame
2015-07-02 'Ant-Man' Movie Premiere
2015-07-01 'Ant-Man' Plays Big for the Silver Screen
2015-06-30 Stan Lee: Ant-Man Will Be One of Marvel's 'Best Ever' Heroes
2015-06-30 Rudd Shrinks to Size in 'Ant-Man'
2015-06-30 Michael Douglas Loves His Wife ‘More Than Ever'
2015-06-30 Evangeline Lilly Reveals Blooming Baby Bump At Ant Man Premiere
2015-06-30 Ant-Man Gets Special Preview at Jurassic World Screenings
2015-06-09 ‘Ant-Man' Feels More American Thanks to Recent Script Changes
2015-05-26 Love Life Lowdown: Michael Douglas
2015-04-27 Marvel Drops Mini Ant-Man Billboards Around Town
2015-04-21 Michael Douglas Turned Down Role in 'Frozen'
2015-04-18 Michael Douglas Reveals What Major Movie He Turned Down
2015-04-18 Michael Douglas on Catherine Zeta-Jones: 'We're Stronger Than Ever' Post-Separation
2015-04-17 Michael Douglas And Catherine Zeta-Jones Officially Reconcile
2015-04-17 Michael Douglas Reveals His Favorite Sex Scene From His Career
2015-04-16 Ant-Man - Trailer No. 2
2015-04-14 8 Most Exciting Miniature Moments From the New 'Ant-Man' Trailer
2015-04-14 Start 2015 Small with Ant-Man! - Trailer Time
2015-01-20 Snoop Dogg Becomes a Grandpa and More
2015-01-15 'Ant-Man' Trailer Breakdown
2015-01-08 'Ant-Man' Teaser Trailer
2015-01-08 Save the World as a Miniature Superhero in 'Ant-Man'
2015-01-07 Marvel Drops First Official 'Ant-Man' Trailer
2015-01-07 Orlando Bloom Has Nothing on Michael Douglas, But He Sure Thinks He Does
2014-12-14 Watch Michael Douglas Sneak Up On His Legendary Dad
2014-11-27 Michael Douglas and His Stunt Double Are Adorable Besties
2014-11-13 Who Said That: 'And So It Goes'
2014-11-13 Agent Carter Confirmed for 'Ant-Man'
2014-11-04 Michael Douglas' 70th Birthday: Greatest Moments
2014-09-25 'My Friends Call Me Johnny': Michael Douglas Extended Interview
2014-09-17 Top 10 Movie Monologues
2014-09-16 Michael Douglas on 'Ant-Man' and 'Guardians of the Galaxy'
2014-09-08 'And So It Goes' Preview