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2015-03-28 Vin Diesel Talks 'Furious 7'
2015-03-28 Vin Diesel Says Paul Walker "Was In the Room" When His Daughter Was Born
2015-03-28 Vin Diesel Says Paul Walker "Was In the Room" When His Daughter Was Born
2015-03-28 Fast and Furious 7 Cast Remembers Paul Walker
2015-03-27 Bobbi Kristina Brown's Grandmother Speaks Out
2015-03-26 'Fast & Furious 7': I Trust You Clip
2015-03-26 'Fast & Furious 7': Dom And Shaw Fight Clip
2015-03-26 'Fast & Furious 7': 'Regal - A Look Inside' Featurette
2015-03-25 Vin Diesel Recalls the Last Thing He Ever Said to Paul Walker
2015-03-25 'Furious 7' Stars Reflect on Film's Emotional Paul Walker Tribute
2015-03-24 Vin Diesel Names His Daughter Pauline as Tribute to Paul Walker
2015-03-24 How the Men of 'Furious 7' Bonded Over Fatherhood: 'Our Kids Know Each Other's Names'
2015-03-24 Tuesday's Showbiz News: Angelina Jolie Has Her Ovaries Removed and More
2015-03-24 Vin Diesel Names Daughter After Paul Walker
2015-03-24 Vin Diesel Names Daughter After Paul Walker
2015-03-23 Vin Diesel Names His Daughter Pauline in Honor of His Late Fast and Furious Co-Star Paul Walker
2015-03-23 Al Pacino Lends His Support to 'Scarface' Remake
2015-03-23 Vin Diesel Names Newborn Daughter After Paul Walker
2015-03-23 Vin Diesel Names Newborn Daughter After Paul Walker
2015-03-23 'Fast & Furious 7': Featurette - The Toretto Home
2015-03-21 Vin Diesel's Emotional Tribute to Paul Walker
2015-03-21 Vin Diesel Holds Back Tears During Fast and Furious 7 Screening, Says ''I Lost My Brother''
2015-03-20 Vin Diesel Breaks Down at Furious 7 Screening
2015-03-20 'Fast & Furious 7': Featurette - Meet The Cast
2015-03-19 'Fast & Furious' Cast Pays Tribute to Paul Walker in Emotional Premiere
2015-03-17 Vin Diesel Welcomes His Third Child
2015-03-17 SXSW Fans See Late Paul Walker's 'Furious 7' Send-Off
2015-03-16 Dodge Shows Its Furious Side With 'Furious 7' Movie Cars And More
2015-03-13 'Fast & Furious 7': Plane Drop Featurette
2015-03-13 'Fast & Furious 7': Plane Drop Clip
2015-03-10 ‘Furious 7' Extended Trailer: When Cars Fly
2015-03-07 Vin Diesel Is the Star with the Most Facebook Friends
2015-03-06 Vin Diesel Moves 'Furious 7' Premiere to Attend Birth of Third Child
2015-02-26 Vin Diesel Is Expecting His Third Child!
2015-02-26 Michelle and Jacob Accost Celebrities on the #Vfoscarparty Red Carpet
2015-02-23 'Fast & Furious 7' Trailer 2
2015-02-06 You'll Never Guess Where Vin Diesel First Met Paul Walker
2015-02-05 The Gang Fights for Survival in New Furious 7 Trailer
2015-02-05 Vin Diesel Teases 'Inhumans' Role
2014-12-30 Vin Diesel Hints at Another Marvel Role ... Again
2014-12-29 Remembering Paul Walker One Year Later: Look Back at His Life in Pictures
2014-11-30 Watch: Woman Levels Building With Stolen Car
2014-11-26 4 Movie Sequels in the Works, You May or May Not Like
2014-11-19 Vin Diesel & Dwayne Johnson on 'Fast & Furious 7'
2014-11-16 Director Lin Courted for Multi-Part 'Furious' Finale?
2014-11-13 Upcoming Release: 'Furious 7'
2014-11-13 11 Vin Diesel Facts You Won't Forget
2014-11-10 Furious 7 - Trailer No. 1
2014-11-08 'Fast & Furious 7' Trailer
2014-11-04 Celebrity Closeup: Vin Diesel
2014-10-29 'Furious 7' New Title And Trailer Launch Date Revealed
2014-10-28 Furious 7 Movie Poster Revealed! See Paul Walker And Vin Diesel In New Photos
2014-10-28 Supercut: Vin Treesel's Auditions Before He Was Groot
2014-09-17 Iggy Azalea Joins 'Fast and Furious 7'
2014-09-02 Vin Diesel Starts Filming xXx 3
2014-09-01 'Guardians of the Galaxy' Movie Report
2014-09-01 New Photos from 'Batman V Superman'
2014-09-01 Favorite Emojies with “Life After Beth” Director and Cast on #AOLBUILD
2014-08-13 Aubrey Plaza Licking Dane Dehaan’s Face on AOL BUILD
2014-08-13 Aubrey Plaza "Wung, Wang, Winged" Her Zombie Skills on AOL BUILD
2014-08-13 Jeff Baena Discusses The Creation of "Life After Beth" on AOL BUILD
2014-08-13 Aubrey Plaza on Chris Pratt’s “Rock-Hard Abs”
2014-08-13 Will April Become a Mother/Steal a Child on “Parks and Rec"? #AOLBUILD
2014-08-12 "Life After Beth" Is a #RomComZomDrom on AOL BUILD
2014-08-12 Vin Diesel Gets Shredded with Sam Smith's 'Stay With Me'
2014-08-12 'Guardians of the Galaxy': Ticket or Skip It?
2014-08-03 'Guardians of the Galaxy': Clevver Review
2014-08-03 'Guardians of the Galaxy' End Credit Scene Explained
2014-08-03 The Must List for July 31: 'Guardians of the Galaxy' and More
2014-08-01 Richard Roeper Reviews 'Guardians of the Galaxy'
2014-07-31 Star-Studded 'Guardians of the Galaxy' Cast Sounds Off
2014-07-30 Pregnant Zoe Saldana Gets Maternal with Vin Diesel's Kids
2014-07-27 Stars Share Marvel Movie Wish List at 'Guardians of the Galaxy' Premiere
2014-07-27 7 Things You Need to Know Before Seeing 'Guardians of the Galaxy'