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These Are Leonardo DiCaprio's Best Lines From 'The Wolf Of Wall Street'

5/17/2016 1:38pm EDT
20 Epic Leonardo DiCaprio/Jordan Belfort Quotes From 'The Wolf O
Never has acting like a narcissistic lunatic looked like so much fun. 'The Wolf of Wall Street' is based on the true story of Jordan Belfort, a former stockbroker who pleaded guilty to fraud and other crimes in relation to his running of a Wall Street boiler room and penny stock scam. He gave himself the "Wolf" title in his memoir of the same name and then Hollywood came calling.

Belfort spent 22 months in prison for his misdeeds but if the end result of going to jail for almost two years is getting to see Leonardo DiCaprio and Martin Scorsese team up to tell your life story, then take me ...

Are Rihanna And Leonardo DiCaprio Just Friends Or Something More?

4/19/2016 10:27pm EDT
Rihanna Spotted Hanging Out With Leonardo DiCaprio At Coachella
Leonardo DiCaprio and Rihanna turned some heads at Coachella on Saturday when they were spotted partying together, although both celebrities tried to go incognito for the meetup.

People reports that the recent Oscar winner and pop star were photographed at the Neon Carnival, an event near the annual desert music festival.

Rihanna tried to avoid attention with a pair of stunner shades while Leo did the same with his aviators and Michigan baseball cap.

A source told People that the couple appeared friendly but not romantic during the party.

"Leo slipped into the party incognito and was da...

Leonardo DiCaprio Being Banned From Indonesia?

4/4/2016 8:44am EDT
Oscar-Winner Leonardo DiCaprio Not Banned From Indonesia Despite
Despite published reports to the contrary, Oscar-winner Leonardo DiCaprio will not be banned from Indonesia.

The actor criticized the country for destroying parts of its rainforests for palm oil plantations.

Initially, an Indonesian immigration official stated that the country's government might not allow DiCaprio to re-enter the country.

According to Gossip Cop, Dr. Siti Nurbaya, the nation’s Minister of the Environment and Forestry, wants to "work with DiCaprio" on "issues of Indonesia’s ecosystem."

In an interview with, Nurbaya said DiCaprio “certainly acted in good ...

Leo DiCaprio's Mother Slammed In Flashback Photo

3/9/2016 10:42am EST
Leonardo DiCaprio Flashback Photo Sparks Fierce Debate Over His
A nostalgic photo of Leonardo DiCaprio is the center of a fierce debate involving his mother. A photo posted on History in Picture's Facebook page last week depicts a young DiCaprio on his mom and dad's shoulders. In the image, Leo's mother – Irmelin Indenbirkin – had hair on her underarms and people couldn't help but slam her for it.

The picture was taken in 1976, a time when unshaven armpits weren't the stigma they are now for women. While a lot of people were touched by the happy family photos of Leonard DiCaprio with this mother and father, there were a number who didn't hold back crit...

Jimmy Kimmel Estimates Leo DiCaprio’s Model Conquest Numbers

3/2/2016 9:10am EST
Jimmy Kimmel Estimates Leo DiCaprio Has Slept With More Than 9,0
Leonardo DiCaprio’s Best Actor Oscar for The Revenant may serve as a fitting tribute to a very well-regarded film career, but Jimmy Kimmel took the star’s time in the spotlight to offer up some thoughts on another aspect of DiCaprio’s life – his very public romances.

It’s well known to just about everyone that Leo has a thing for models. It’s been well-documented, but the late night host wanted to take things a step further by actually crunching some numbers on the movie star’s conquests. He offered up some rudimentary math on Leo’s love life to US Weekly in his post-Oscar broadcast, sayin...

Reasons For And Against Leonardo DiCaprio’s Oscar

2/29/2016 6:06pm EST
Oscars 2016
The surest thing was just as sure as we all thought: Leonardo DiCaprio just won his first Oscar. But did he truly earn it? Here is a look at both sides of the debate.

Why He Deserved It:

1. Foaming at the Mouth
Leo spends much of “The Revenant” tied down and immobile. Such a handicapped performance is not impossible to do something interesting with, and he makes that certain by thrashing about and trying to break free, utilizing every last bit of physicality he can muster.

2. He Would Have Gotten Revenge on Us If He Hadn’t
A popular perception is that Leo has been desperate to win his fi...

Oscars 2016: Leo & Kate Reunite On The Red Carpet And More Photos From Hollywood's Biggest N

2/29/2016 3:03pm EST
Oscars 2016: Leo & Kate Reunite On The Red Carpet And More Photo
Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio had a reunion of titanic proportions on the red carpet before the 88th Oscars on Sunday night.

The duo posed for photos, and later on (MUCH later, actually), when Leo finally won his first Oscar, his "Titanic" costar got all teary-eyed in the audience.

But enough about Kate & Leo -- check out this huge gallery of photos from this year's Academy Awards...

Rooney Mara

Cate Blanchett

Naomi Watts

Saoirse Ronan

Benicio Del Toro

Rachel McAdams

Kate and Leo

Chris Evans

Leo and Kate

Eddie Redmayne

Charlize Th...

And The Academy Award Goes To...

2/29/2016 8:42am EST
Oscars 2016: See The Complete List Of Winners From The 88th Annu
Leonardo DiCaprio finally took home an Oscar on Sunday night after being nominated five times since 1994 when he starred in "What's Eating Gilbert Grape."

"The Revenant" star earned his first Academy Award for playing real-life fur trapper Hugh Glass in Alejandro Gonzalez Innarritu's survival drama. He told the audience: "Thank you all so very much. To my brother in this endeavor, (co-star) Tom Hardy. Tom, your fierce talent onscreen can only be surpassed by your friendship offscreen.

"To Mr. Alejandro Inarritu, as the history of cinema unfolds, you have forged your way into history in t...

21 Great Actors Who Surprisingly Never Won Oscars

2/27/2016 8:00am EST
21 Great Actors Who Surprisingly Never Won Oscars
The Oscars are this Sunday. Sylvester Stallone could win his first ever Oscar. Even though the original Rocky won Best Picture, that went to the producers and not his screenplay or performance. It could also be firsts for Leonardo DiCaprio, Michael Fassbender, Bryan Cranson, Matt Damon (for acting) Charlotte Rampling, Brie Larson, Saoirse Ronan, Tom Hardy, Mark Ruffalo, Alicia Vikander, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Rooney Mara or Rachel McAdams.

They can’t all win, and those who don’t will have many more chances. It did get us thinking about all the great current actors who have never won an Osca...

Leo & The Pope Meet

1/28/2016 1:55pm EST
Leonardo DiCaprio Meets Pope Francis, Discusses The Environment
Leonardo DiCaprio met Pope Francis at the Vatican on Thursday. The pair had a private meeting for about 15 minutes and discussed the environment.

DiCaprio kissed the Pope's ring and thanked him in Italian for meeting with him. The Oscar nominated-star gave the Pope a book featuring the art of Renaissance painter Hieronymus Bosch. The actor pointed out a reproduction of Bosch's Garden of Earthly Delights, which hung over his crib as a young boy. The painting shows three panels depicting Adam and Eve, a landscape, and vision of hell.

AP reports DiCaprio telling the Pope: "As a child I didn'...

Is Leonardo DiCaprio Trying To Date JLaw?

1/20/2016 9:51pm EST
Leonardo DiCaprio Dating: Does Oscar Nominated Actor Have His Ey
Leonardo DiCaprio is one of the hottest actors in Hollywood -- and he's single. The actor has been linked to supermodels in the past, but he hasn't found "the one." While there have been reports that he's been hooking up with Rihanna, a new rumor suggests that he has his eye on another Hollywood hottie: Jennifer Lawrence.

According to Gossip Cop, however, that's not the case. While it would actually make sense... DiCaprio and Lawrence have only talked as friends and Leo isn't pursuing J-Law.

"Gossip Cop checked in with an actual source close to DiCaprio, and we’re assured the actor isn’...

Leonardo's Next Big Role Is... Vladimir Putin?

1/19/2016 11:35pm EST
Leonardo DiCaprio Would 'Love' To Play Vladimir Putin
Leonardo DiCaprio is riding high this awards season, with critical acclaim coming in from all sides for his turn as frontiersman Hugh Glass in 'The Revenant'. DiCaprio has already taken home a Golden Globe and Critics Choice Award for the role and many industry insiders (including Kate Winslet) expect Leo to finally bring home his first Oscar at the end of February.

But because this is Hollywood, some have already started to speculate about what DiCaprio might do for an encore. One possibility popped up on Tuesday when DiCaprio gave an interview to Germany's Welt am Sonntag and said that h...

Leonardo DiCaprio & Rihanna Rekindling Romance?

1/19/2016 8:56am EST
Rihanna & Leonardo DiCaprio
Rihanna and Leonardo DiCaprio, who reportedly hooked up about a year ago, were spotted together in Paris on Sunday at the L'Arc Nightclub. Photos of the pair kissing are circulating; however, they're not as incriminating as they appear.

According to TMZ, the singer was hanging out with English model Cara Delevingne and ran into the actor, who gave her a kiss as a friendly greeting.

A photographer captured the moment on film, but no one's seen the images yet because DiCaprio's team is reportedly trying to block their sale. French privacy laws protect public figures, so those images may nev...

Leo Gets Oscar Vote Of Confidence From An Old Costar

1/18/2016 11:07am EST
Kate Winslet Says It's 'Going To Be Leo's Year' At The Oscars
A lot of movie industry watchers expect 2016 to be the year Leonardo DiCaprio finally gets the monkey off his back and brings home his first Oscar and now that list includes one of his most famous costars.

Kate Winslet told BBC News over the weekend that she would be surprised if her 'Titanic' counterpart doesn't seal the deal this year.

“I think you can sort of feel it, and I think that everyone wants it for him,” she said. “It would be amazing.”

Winslet made the comments while attending the London Critics Circle Film Awards, where she won best supporting actress for her role in 'Steve ...

The 2015 Critics Choice Awards: The Complete List Of Winners

1/18/2016 8:21am EST
leobardo dicaprio
It was time for the critics to make their pics for who they feel is the best in the business just days after the Academy made their pics for the Oscars. The 21st annual Critics’ Choice Awards were handed out to honor the best in film and television and Leonardo DiCaprio took home the gold for Best Actor once again.

Could this be a preview for the long-suffering actor to take home the gold for "The Revenant?"

Check out the top winners and nominees below. Winners are noted in bold.

You can see the complete list of winners via Entertainment Weekly by clicking here.


Best Picture

Leonardo DiCaprio On Having Children: 'I'd Prefer Not To Get Into Specifics'

1/13/2016 8:42am EST
Leonardo DiCaprio
Leonardo DiCaprio is one of Hollywood's most eligible bachelors. He recently broke up with model Kelly Rorhbach, won a Golden Globe for his work on "The Revenant," and is waiting to hear his named called when Oscar nominations are revealed on Thursday.

One of the things everyone wants to know is if he's interested in having a family.

During a recent interview with Rolling Stone the 41-year-old revealed: "Do you mean do I want to bring children into a world like this? If it happens, it happens. I'd prefer not to get into specifics about it, just because then it becomes something that is m...

Why Is Jonah Hill Wearing A Bear Costume?

1/10/2016 10:41pm EST
Jonah Hill Presents Golden Globe As The Bear From 'The Revenant'
There's been a lot of chatter recently about that bear in the new Leonardo DiCaprio movie, 'The Revenant'. There were rumors at one point that the bear actually raped Leo in the movie and then there was talk about how DiCaprio had to don a 100-pound costume made out of bearskin for much of the flick. But as Jonah Hill pointed out during the 2016 Golden Globes Sunday night, we have yet to hear directly from the bear about all of this. Thankfully, that's a problem Hill was willing to solve himself, in hilarious fashion.

Hill dressed up as and took on the persona of the bear from 'The Revenan...

Will Leo Ever Get Married?

1/9/2016 5:16pm EST
Leonardo DiCaprio
Leonardo DiCaprio continues to make the rounds in the press to promote his latest film, 'The Revenant' and that includes the covering the latest issue of Parade. Leo discussed a wide range of subjects in the interview, but it was the newly single actor's comments on marriage that got our attention.

"The truth is, you can't predict marriage," the bachelor admits. "You can't plan it. It's just going to happen when it happens."

It was just reported earlier this week that DiCaprio had broken up with SI Swimsuit model Kelly Rohrbach. Their relationship had lasted the entire second half of 2015...

Leonardo DiCaprio Wore A Massively Heavy Costume In 'The Revenant'

1/6/2016 10:42am EST
Leonardo DiCaprio
Plenty of actors suffer for their art, and Leonardo DiCaprio is one of them. The actor stars in the upcoming adventure film "The Revenant," and he demonstrated his tenacity by wearing a costume weighing over 100 pounds.

DiCaprio plays legendary explorer Hugh Glass in the drama. Glass is brutally attacked by a bear and left for dead by members of his hunting team. He then makes a coat out of the bear skin coat to protect himself from the elements (and no, he wasn't raped by the bear.)

Costume designer Jacqueline West told Vanity Fair of the outfit: "It's real and very heavy. When it was we...

Leo's Back On The Market

1/5/2016 12:53pm EST
Leonardo DiCaprio And SI Swimsuit Model Kelly Rohrbach Have Spli
Leonardo DiCaprio just added another name to his long list of exes. This time, he's broken up with Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model Kelly Rohrbach.

US Weekly broke the story on Monday. An insider said work schedules were to blame.

“They’ve been broken up for over a month. It was mutual. They both have intense work schedules and a lot going on in their lives right now. They both needed to take a break because of that. They are still friends and talking but it’s over.”

The romance between the 41-year-old actor and 25-year-old model began in June when they were spotted together at an after...

Does Leonardo DiCaprio's New Movie Have A Bear Rape Scene?

12/2/2015 1:05pm EST
20th Century Fox Wants You To Know That Leonardo DiCaprio Does N
Conservative news blog The Drudge Report caused a stir on Tuesday when it reported that Leonardo DiCaprio's upcoming movie 'The Revenant' features a scene where the actor is raped by a bear. But now, a spokesperson for 20th Century Fox has said that Drudge's report is just unbearable. (Sorry.)

The Drudge Report's sensational post claimed Tuesday morning that some moviegoers ran for the exits because the scene in question was so graphic.

"The story of rural survivalism and revenge reaches new violent levels for a mainstream film," Drudge writes. "The bear flips Leo over and thrusts and thr...

Happy Birthday!

11/11/2015 7:00am EST
Leonardo DiCaprio
Happy Birthday to:

Actor Leonardo DiCaprio (1974)

Actress Christa B. Allen (1991)

Football playerVictor Cruz (1986)

NFL quarterback Mark Sanchez (1986)

American Idol reject Jessica Sierra (1985)

Singer-songwriter Kalan Porter (1985)

Socialite Brittny Gastineau (1983)

Actress Lisa Gleave (1976)

Actress Leslie Mann (1972)

Actor Tyler Christopher (1972)

Actor Adam Beach (1972)

Actress Peta Wilson (1970)

Reality TV Star Carson Kressley (1969)

Actor David DeLuise (1971)

Actress Calista Flockheart (1964)

Actress Demi Moore (1962)

Actor Peter Parros (1960)

Actor Stanley Tucci (1...

20 Celebrities Who Have Never Tied The Knot

10/20/2015 4:00pm EDT
20 Successful Celebrities Who Have Never Been Married
Read any website centered around entertainment, including this one, and you'll soon notice a prominent trend. Celebrity news sites love to write about the marriages of famous people, and that's probably because readers clearly love gossiping about them. From Joe DiMaggio and Marilyn Monroe to Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, stars getting together with other stars has always commanded the world's attention.

But with that said, another scan of those same headlines often shows that just like the rest of us, there are plenty of celebrities who go from relationship to relationship without ever s...

Did Steve Jobs' Widow Try To Stop The New Biopic?

10/9/2015 12:35pm EDT
Steve Jobs Widow Laurene Powell Reportedly Told Leonardo DiCapri
'Steve Jobs', the long-awaited biopic of the late Apple CEO of the same name arrives in theaters today. Early reviews state that the movie gives Jobs credit for his many innovations but does not paint a flattering picture of his personal life. Which might explain why Jobs' widow, Laurene Powell, apparently tried to keep the movie from happening.

That's the allegation made by several figures close to the movie in a feature by The Hollywood Reporter this week.

"They haven't helped," said Danny Boyle, the film's director of Powell Jobs and current Apple CEO Tim Cook. "There's been some tough...

Leonardo DiCaprio May Have Finally Found The One

10/7/2015 9:15am EDT
Leonardo DiCaprio Engagement Rumor: Actor Reportedly Proposes To
Serial model dater Leonardo DiCaprio may no longer be one of Hollywood's most eligible bachelors. If a new report is to be believed, the actor has proposed to his girlfriend of four months, Kelly Rohrbach.

According to OK! magazine, DiCaprio, 40, "spontaneously" proposed to the Sports Illustrated model (and Georgetown University grad) during an intimate dinner in New York City last month.

An insider revealed: "Kelly’s incredibly smart, and she really understands Leo. She shares his passion for tackling social issues like global warming and world poverty. They connect on an intellectual le...

Model's Parents Are 'Horrified' That Daughter Is Dating Leonardo DiCaprio

8/11/2015 10:29am EDT
Model Kelly Rohrbach's Parents Disapprove Of Leonardo DiCaprio A
Leonardo DiCaprio has been dating Kelly Rohrbach for a few months, but apparently the model's parents are not pleased about the relationship.

A source tells OK! magazine that they were "horrified" when they learned their daughter, 25, had been hooking up with the 40-year-old actor, mainly because of his string of relationships with past blonde models.

DiCaprio's previous conquests include Bar Refaeli and Toni Garrn, whom he reportedly split with in December after leaving a Miami nightclub with 20 women. He also reportedly dated Rhianna a few months ago.

The actor's "womanizing" ways is a...

Get The Details On Leo DiCaprio's Star-Studded Party In St. Tropez

7/24/2015 10:13am EDT
Michelle Rodriguez, Nina Dobrev Stun In Sheer, Form-Fitting Gown
Leonardo DiCaprio threw a party in St. Tropez earlier this week, and stars including Michelle Rodriguez and Nina Dobrev showed up wearing sexy gowns to the exclusive soiree in southeastern France.

Rodriguez donned a sheer black dress with a bandeau top and rose embellishments. The former "Vampire Diaries" star was equally stunning in a white ankle-length dress with strappy heels.

Model Irina Shayk and actor Orlando Bloom also attended the party.

Model Jessica Stam also opted for a sheer ensemble

The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation's second annual fundraising gala in St. Tropez raised ...

Leonardo DiCaprio's Eco-Friendly Resort

4/5/2015 5:00pm EDT
Leonardo DiCaprio
Leonardo DiCaprio is reportedly turning his 04-acre private island off the coast of Belize into a luxury, eco-friendly resort.

The actor bought Blackadore Caye in 2005 for $1.75 million. His original plan for the property was to work alongside hotel brand The Four Seasons to develop a resort there, but the agreement ultimately fell through.

DiCapiro remarked in an interview with the New York Times, that he will be working with a New York City-based developer to build a sprawling tourist getaway. The resort will be a 15-minute boat ride from San Pedro.

The Times reported that the resort ...

Who Has The Shaggiest Beard?

3/8/2015 3:00pm EDT
12 Celebrities With Big Shaggy Beards
Beards are huge right now. Don't believe us? Just ask anyone who's ever gone full lumberjack-mode for a month during No-Shave November. Or during "Movember," when men grow out their mustaches to raise awareness for prostate cancer and other causes.

(You'd think those two groups would have combined at some point, but they remain staunchly opposed and we're not really sure why).

Anyway, the point being: beards really are huge right now. And not just figuratively- today, beards are larger and fuller than ever. So let's celebrate our happy, hairy world, and look at some of the most famous fac...

What Kind Of Films Will Leonardo DiCaprio Be Producing For Netflix?

3/5/2015 10:10am EST
Leonardo DiCaprio
Leonardo DiCaprio has joined forces with Netflix to produce environmental documentaries. The actor and environmentalist signed the multi-year deal with his production company Appian Way.

DiCaprio said in a statement, "There's never been a more critical time for our planet or more of a need for gifted storytellers to help us all make sense of the issues we face. Through this partnership with Netflix, I hope to give documentary filmmakers doing urgent and important work the chance to have their films seen immediately by audiences all around the world."

It isn't the first time the actor has ...