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Now Playing: Han Solo and Jack Sparrow Meet! See Harrison Ford and Johnny Depp Hug It Out at D23 Han Solo and Jack Sparrow Meet! See Harrison Ford and Johnny Depp Hug It Out at D23
2015-08-18 Johnny Depp, Gene Simmons Play Kiss Classics for Charity
2015-08-18 Celebrities Who Go Above & Beyond For Their Fans
2015-08-13 Johnny Depp, Alice Cooper, Joe Perry Supergroup Announce Live Dates
2015-08-12 Hollywood's Hottest Hunks Over 50
2015-08-07 Caitlyn Jenner Shares First Selfie
2015-08-07 Johnny Depp, Alice Cooper, Joe Perry Jam With Rock Royalty
2015-08-05 'Black Mass' Trailer 3
2015-08-01 Venice Film Festival Stars and Films Are Revealed
2015-07-30 Johnny Depp Is Babying His Adoptive Bat
2015-07-27 Australia Charges Johnny Depp's Wife With Smuggling Dogs Into the Country
2015-07-17 Amber Heard Faces Up to 10 Years in Aussie Prison
2015-07-17 Johnny Depp in Talks to Replace Hugh Jackman
2015-07-16 Robbie Williams Becomes Auctioneer to Rise Charity Money and More
2015-07-16 Dog Drama: Johnny Depp's Wife Charged With Smuggling Pooches
2015-07-16 Dog Drama: Johnny Depp's Wife Charged With Smuggling Pooches
2015-07-16 Amber Heard Charged By Australian Authorities Over Dog Smuggling
2015-07-16 Johnny Depp's Wife Amber Heard Faces Prison Over Dog Smuggling
2015-07-16 Top 10 Male TV Actors Turned Movie Stars
2015-07-12 Top 10 Chameleonic Actors and Actresses
2015-07-12 Johnny Depp Visits A Children's Hospital As Captain Jack Sparrow
2015-07-09 Johnny Depp Shakes His Booty in a Hospital
2015-07-08 Johnny Depp Visits Children's Hospital as Jack Sparrow
2015-07-08 Johnny Depp Visits Kids' Hospital
2015-07-08 Johnny Depp Surprises Sick Children in Australian Hospital
2015-07-08 Johnny Depp Surprise Children's Hospital Patients as Captain Jack Sparrow
2015-07-08 Why Kentucky Rivals Los Angeles as Hollywood Central
2015-07-04 Amber Heard Is Our #WCW Women Crush Wednesday
2015-07-01 Top 10 Johns of Hollywood
2015-06-28 Amber Heard Promotes Magic Mike XXL In Style
2015-06-23 Johnny Depp to Boycott Australia Following Dog Death Threat
2015-06-23 Amber Heard and Johnny Depp's Dogs Are Back on American Soil: 'They're Fine'
2015-06-20 The Top Five Sexiest Dads in Hollywood
2015-06-19 Johnny Depp Remembers the Late Christopher Lee
2015-06-16 7 Things That Need To Happen In Pirates of the Caribbean 5
2015-05-30 Johnny Depp's Daughter, Lily-Rose, Celebrates Her ''Sour Sixteen'' With Family and Friends--See the Pics!
2015-05-29 'Black Mass' Trailer 2
2015-05-27 Johnny Depp -- Aussies Aren't Messing Around in Dog Smuggling Case
2015-05-26 Martin Sheen Talks About Charlie Sheen's Public Meltdown and More
2015-05-26 Johnny Depp's Dogs Could Land Him in Prison
2015-05-26 Johnny Depp Could Face 10 Years In Oz Prison
2015-05-26 27 Hunkiest Celebrity Dads of All Time
2015-05-25 A Glimpse at Some Real-Life Gangsters
2015-05-22 Peter Sarsgaard Is 'Magnificent Seven''s New Villain
2015-05-21 Can You Spot Johnny Depp's Dog?
2015-05-21 Matthew McConaughey May Go Bad
2015-05-21 Top 10 Tim Burton Characters
2015-05-20 John Oliver Escalates Australia's War on Johnny Depp
2015-05-19 Johnny Depp's Dogs Sent On Plane Back to U.S. After Illegally Entering Australia
2015-05-17 Johnny Depp's Fight to Keep His Dogs Alive
2015-05-17 Depp's Dogs 'To Leave Oz Today'
2015-05-15 Johnny Depp's Dog Saga Continues in Australia
2015-05-15 Friday's Showbiz: B.B. King Dies at 89 and More
2015-05-15 Johnny Depp's Dogs Are On The Way Home After Australia Scandal
2015-05-15 Boo And Pistol Will Flee Australia On Their Own Private Jet
2015-05-15 Johnny Depp's Pet Dogs Face Death Threat
2015-05-14 Australia Threatens Johnny Depp's Dogs With Death
2015-05-14 Johnny Depp's Dogs May Face Deadly Quarantine
2015-05-14 Johnny Depp's Dogs Face Death in Australia
2015-05-14 Illegal Dogs Land Depp in Hot Water
2015-05-14 2015 Cannes Film Festival Opens
2015-05-14 Australia Threatens to Put Down Johnny Depp's Dogs
2015-05-14 Johnny Depp -- Accused of Pup Smuggling ... Dogs Sentenced to Death
2015-05-14 Johnny Depp's Dogs May Be Put Down by Australian Authorities
2015-05-14 Australia Puts Johnny Depp's Dogs on Death Row
2015-05-14 Johnny Depp Has Until Saturday To Save His Dogs From Death
2015-05-14 Australia Wants To Kill Johnny Depp's Dogs (Maybe)
2015-05-14 Check These Stars Who Look Exactly Like Their Children
2015-05-05 'Star Wars' Spinoffs - Good Idea or Bad Idea?
2015-04-26 Amber Heard: Hollywood Sex Object No More!
2015-04-25 'Black Mass' Trailer
2015-04-25 Captain Jack Sparrow Is Back in Action
2015-04-24 First Photo of Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales Revealed
2015-04-22 Here's Johnny Depp in 'Pirates of the Caribbean 5'
2015-04-22 Johnny Depp and Amber Heard Seen Together for the First Time Since Their Wedding, Remain