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Now Playing: Life of Pi - Clip - Alone With A Tiger Gerard Depardieu clocks his Russian pride
2014-03-25 'Rasputin' Premieres In Moscow Without Star Gerard Depardieu
2013-11-06 Entertainment News Pop: James Franco Leaves The Garden Of Last Days! Project Called Off!
2013-06-29 Lights, Camera, Grozny: Depardieu Shoots Action Movie in Chechnya
2013-06-03 Timberlake, Jay-Z Announce Tour; Steven Tyler Gets Songwriters Induction
2013-02-22 Depardieu no-show at drunk driving hearing
2013-01-08 Depardieu No-Show at Drunk Driving Hearing
2013-01-08 Brigitte Bardot threatens to quit France over elephant euthanasia
2013-01-07 French Actor Gerard Depardieu Gets Russian Citizenship
2013-01-07 Brigitte Bardot Threatens to Quit France Over Elephant Euthanasia
2013-01-07 Russia grants French actor passport over tax row
2013-01-06 Russia Grants French Actor Passport Over Tax Row
2013-01-06 Naomi Campbell mugged, George Lucas engaged
2013-01-04 Naomi Campbell Mugged, George Lucas Engaged
2013-01-04 Depardieu granted Russian citizenship, Producers Guild announces nominees
2013-01-03 Gerard Depardieu granted Russian citizenship
2013-01-03 Gerard Depardieu Granted Russian Citizenship
2013-01-03 Depardieu Granted Russian Citizenship, Producers Guild Announces Nominees
2013-01-03 Life of Pi - Exclusive Interview with Ang Lee&Suraj Sharma
2012-12-19 Depardieu tax dispute swells
2012-12-17 Depardieu Tax Dispute Swells
2012-12-17 Depardieu to Renounce French Citizenship, Winehouse's Death Re-Investigated
2012-12-17 Nathalie - Trailer #1
2012-12-11 Life of Pi - Clip - The Tiger
2012-12-07 Life of Pi - Exclusive UK Premiere Report
2012-12-05 Queen Latifah and LL Cool J - Unscripted (Last Holiday) - Pa
2012-12-05 Queen Latifah and LL Cool J - Unscripted (Last Holiday)
2012-12-05 Life of Pi - Clip - Alone With A Tiger
2012-11-30 Life of Pi - Clip - I Would Have Died By Now
2012-11-30 Dr. Dre Top Paid Musician, Holmes on Broadway
2012-11-30 Life of Pi - Another Dimension Featurette
2012-11-23 Life of Pi - Featurette - Creating Richard Parker
2012-11-16 Life of Pi - Ang Lee Pedigree Featurette
2012-11-02 Life of Pi - Clip - Flying Fish
2012-10-24 Life of Pi - Featurette - Impossible Journey
2012-10-19 Life of Pi (Trailer No 2) [FULL HD]
2012-10-13 Life of Pi Trailer
2012-07-25 La Chevre Movie
2012-07-04 "Chronicle" Tops Box Office, Johansson Honored in Berlin
2012-02-05 Gaga to open VMAs, Depardieu apologizes
2011-08-19 Gerard Depardieu Pees On A Plane

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