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'Justified' Recap: 'The Devil You Know' (3.04)

2/8/2012 2:20am EST
Justified: just when you think you've got it figured out, it keeps unraveling and then it punches you in the stomach. And it's worth all the pain, because it's the best series on TV.

This week, Devil's a little restless, but that's because he's got a meeting with Quarles. What the heck is going on? One of those instances where someone thinks they're bigger than they are, that's what. After his conversation with Boyd last week, Devil is twitchy, and Quarles does his best to make him feel important. "This is an opportunity that only happens once," he teases, and Devil is listening.


What Happened To The Emmy Nominations?!

7/14/2011 2:07pm EDT
What happened to this year's Emmy nominations? They're...actually pretty great.

I normally can't stand TV's big awards show; it seems like the same people and series get nominated all the time, with the occasional "why did that get nominated at all?" head-scratcher for variety. But the 2011 nominations were announced early Thursday morning, and while it's still a little puzzling (though let's not name names), there's a bevy of deserving names on that big list.

Here are some of my favorites:

Finally, some love for Justified: I still maintain that star Timothy Olyphant was robbed l...

'Justified' 2.13 'Bloody Harlan' Recap and Review

5/5/2011 2:12am EDT
Is anyone else having a hard time believing that we're to the end of Justified's second season already? I still vividly remember last season's finale.

While "Bloody Harlan" is no "Bulletville," it's satisfying in its own way, and I can already see the possibilities for season three playing out in my head.

We start with a familiar scene: Raylan walks into Art's office. This time, he's asking for another month off, which Art agrees is a good idea. Then Raylan adds that he wants to transfer back to Glynco and return to his former job as a firearms instructor. Art needs to think about t...

'Justified' 2.12 'Reckoning' Recap and Review

4/28/2011 6:55am EDT
If this week's Justified doesn't end up as someone's Emmy submission, I'll be surprised. So why do I feel slightly underwhelmed by it? Well, I think I was expecting a lot more than just great acting.

That great acting starts from the first moment. Raylan arrives at his father's house, which has become a crime scene. We now know for sure that Aunt Helen is dead. What a shame. Our hero sees the aftermath of her demise in slow motion and near silence. Normally, I hate slow motion scenes. Most of the time, slow motion is an annoying visual effect for a moment that's sorely overblown....

'LOST' Recap: 'Happily Ever After'

4/7/2010 11:46am EDT
LOST knows its audience, and it knows that there's no character that fans love more than Desmond Hume. Oh you may say another character is your favorite, but the very possibility of Des dying or not ending up with his long lost love Penny is unthinkable. He's come a long way from the hatch, but it looks like his happily ever after wasn't going to stick. Sorry, brutha. Desmond episodes are almost always game changers in some way, and this one was no exception. It took place almost entirely in the sideways world, but it reassured skeptical fans that the sideways flashes are necessary to the...

'Lost' Delivers In Final Season Premiere

2/3/2010 9:00pm EST
LOST theories, LOST recaps, LOST, Evangeline Lilly, Matthew Fox,
The most anticipated television return has finally come and gone: "LOST" is back! On a personal note, my Facebook friends page and Twitter went wild with people screaming about "LOST" for the entire day, and that's how it should be. This is such an interactive show, with the fans all excitedly making parties and discussing for hours what everything really means. The "Lost Experience" proved how fanatic the viewers were to take clues and run with them, and no matter how much "LOST" abuses us with more questions and confusion, there's an addictive quality that cannot be denied. This is the la...

Check Out 'Lost: The Complete Fifth Season' On Blu-Ray & DVD Dec. 8

12/7/2009 8:00am EST
Lost season 5
The show that revolutionized primetime proves once again why it is television's most addictive and creative series, as the epic story of Lost twists, turns and spirals through time in its brilliant fifth season.

Destiny sends the Oceanic 6 back to the Island and into the heart of the enigmatic Dharma Initiative. The reason they had to return and the fate of all those who were left behind is revealed as the momentum builds toward the much anticipated series finale in 2010. Some of "Lost’s" most pressing questions are finally answered in a spectacular 5-disc collection, packed with delete...

The Sad Victims Of 'Lost' Deserve A Second Chance At Life

8/3/2009 1:32pm EDT
There were not that many secrets or hints given at the "Lost" panel during the San Diego Comic Con, but this was hardly a surprise since they notoriously guard their spoilers every year. One of the major pieces of information gathered, however, was that two fan favorites would be returning to the show for the final season, despite their apparent deaths: Daniel Faraday and Juliet Burke.

For those who do not recall, Faraday was one of the scientists on the freighter who was there to study the island and/or "rescue" the survivors. He quickly became a favorite because of his intelligence, g...

'Lost' Recap: Jack Makes It To The Bomb & Locke Unveils Plans For Jacob

5/7/2009 1:09pm EDT
The sorrow from Daniel's death on "Lost" is still fresh, especially since Jeremy Davies sticks around long enough to be a corpse for a few scenes this week. Dan, we miss you already. The episode starts with Jack and Kate waiting in the bushes for Dan to talk to his mother, and briefly discussing the merits of his plan to change everything that happened. They hear the gunshot and decide to get out of there, but Widmore comes galloping in on his horse and takes them both hostage. Young Eloise is reeling from what Daniel told her before he died ("I'm your son"), and she grabs his journal. This...

As Usual, 'Lost' Brings Up A Lot Of Questions

2/18/2008 12:33pm EST
If "Lost" fans have not heard the good news regarding the writers' strike they must be living under a rock because the writers are back, baby, and with them they bring up to five new episodes of our favorite mystery Island. It will fall short of the originally expected 16 episodes, but 13 is better than eight. With that in mind, let's talk about how utterly stunning last week's episode, "The Economist," was.

A new member of the Oceanic 6 has been revealed, and it is no other than our "Rambo of the Losties," Mr. Sayid Jarrah (Naveen Andrews). He does make it off the Island, and unlike ...

'Lost': The New Cast Is Amazing & We Want To Know More

2/11/2008 11:34am EST
One of the greatest difficulties of the highly popular series "Lost" is keeping the fandom and the momentum going upwards rather than losing steam halfway through the series. There have been episodes that sputtered out, yet there have been others that shone as a beacon of genius no other show could compare to.

The first and second episodes of the fourth season are far closer to the latter. "Confirmed Dead" is the most recent, and its flashbacks include the four people from the boat who have come to 'save' the Losties.

This episode we see the point of view from the real world when...