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Oprah Winfrey: 'You Cannot Be My Friend And Use The N-Word'

August 1st, 2013 12:05pm EDT
Oprah Winfrey
Oprah Winfrey has warned pal Lee Daniels to stop using the N-word, telling him that if he keeps it up they can't be friends.

Daniels, Winfrey and Forest Whitaker sat down with Parade magazine to discuss their upcoming film The Butler, which chronicles the Civil Rights movement through the eyes of White House butler Cecil Gaines (Whitaker), who served under seven presidents.

During the chat, Daniels said that he's used the word often in the past, but Oprah set him straight.

“It’s a word I used quite a bit," Daniels tells Parade, "until Oprah sat me down and talked to me about its power."

'Lee Daniels' The Butler' Red Carpet Premiere Lights Up Philadelphia

July 30th, 2013 1:40pm EDT
Lee Daniels Red Carpet Premiere
Lee Daniels (director and producer), Cuba Gooding, Jr. (star) and Sheryl Lee Ralph (actress/singer) all hit the red carpet on Monday, July 29th, to premiere ‘The Butler’ at Philadelphia’s Kimmel Center.

This has been a pretty big week for Philadelphia. The festivities started off with the National Urban League Conference the week of July 24th-July 27th assisting job seekers in identifying open positions at Sony Pictures and NBC Universal.

The fun continued on Monday when director and producer Lee Daniels (‘Precious,’ ‘Monster’s Ball,’ ‘The Paperboy’); actor Cuba Gooding, Jr. (‘Boyz n the ...

'The Butler' To Be Renamed 'Lee Daniels' The Butler'

July 22nd, 2013 4:18pm EDT
The Butler
Studio executive Harvey Weinstein and director Lee Daniels have been given permission to call their new film The Butler, as long as they preface it with the filmmaker's name.

The Weinstein Company honchos faced a lawsuit over Daniels' White House drama after executives at Warner Bros. claimed they owned the rights to the name as they have a 1916 short comedy of the same title in their back catalogue.

Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) initially ruled the Hollywood mogul had to change the name of The Butler ahead of its August release, but they reversed the decision and allowed...

Director Lee Daniels Pleads With Studio Not To Re-Title 'The Butler'

July 5th, 2013 8:20am EDT
Lee Daniels
Lee Daniels has penned a poignant letter to studio executives urging them to let him keep the title of his upcoming movie The Butler.

The Weinstein Company's White House drama, starring Forest Whitaker as real life butler Eugene Allen, is facing a name change after executives at rival movie studio Warner Bros. bosses launched a legal challenge over the title.

Warner Bros. bosses claim they own the rights to the title because they have a 1916 comedy of the same name in their back catalogue, and the battle has been raging just weeks before the film is due to open next month.

Now, Daniel...

Nicole Kidman Sent Risqué Photos To Director To Land 'Paperboy' Role

May 25th, 2012 2:18pm EDT
Nicole Kidman
Nicole Kidman sent provocative pictures of herself to film maker Lee Daniels to convince him she was the right person to play a sex-crazed woman in The Paperboy.

Kidman stars alongside Zac Efron and Matthew McConaughey in the steamy thriller - Daniels' first film following his 2009 Oscar-winning drama Precious.

Daniels initially baulked at casting Kidman in the low budget movie, fearing she was too accustomed to luxury Hollywood movie sets, but the actress was so determined to land the role, she dressed up as the character and texted him some saucy snaps.

She tells Us Weekly, "Lee sai...

Director Lee Daniels Down Plays Cannes Criticism Of 'The Paperboy'

May 24th, 2012 5:26pm EDT
Lee Daniels
Film maker Lee Daniels has brushed off criticism of his new movie The Paperboy after causing controversy in Cannes by debuting a scene in which Nicole Kidman appears to urinate on Zac Efron to treat a jellyfish sting.

The big screen adaptation of author Pete Dexter's book of the same name was met with mixed reviews when the Precious filmmaker premiered the crime thriller at the film festival in France on Thursday, and many reporters admitted they were turned off by the sight of the Oscar winner relieving herself on Efron.

In a post on Twitter.com, Empire magazine writer Nick de Semlyen ...

'The Paperboy' Shocks Cannes As Nicole Kidman Urinates Over Zac Efron

May 24th, 2012 12:16pm EDT
Nicole Kidman
So, guess who just peed on Zac Efron? Okay, so that's probably not a question you ever thought someone would ask.

But if reading that was a surprise, imagine how the audience at the Cannes Film Festival felt last night during the premiere of "The Paperboy" when they actually got to see Nicole Kidman relieve herself all over the heartthrob.

C'mon, Nicole, "Charlie St. Cloud" might have been a disappointment, but that seems like an overreaction.

We jest because, well, what else are you going to do with a scene like this? Or perhaps a more pressing question is, WTF? Well, here's the answer...

Minka Kelly In Talks Play Jackie Kennedy In 'The Butler'

May 24th, 2012 8:27am EDT
Minka Kelly
Minka Kelly is slated to become the latest actress to tackle Jackie Kennedy on screen in a new film about a real-life White House butler.

A year after Katie Holmes hit the small screen as the fashion icon and socialite in controversial TV mini-series The Kennedys, Kelly is scheduled to play the former First Lady in Lee Daniels' upcoming film The Butler.

The movie chronicles the life and career of Eugene Allen, who served as the White House butler for 50 years.

The all-star cast includes Forest Whitaker as Allen and Oprah Winfrey as his wife, while Jane Fonda has signed on to portray a...

'Precious' Director Recruits Bradley Cooper and Alex Pettyfer for 'The Paperboy'

February 22nd, 2011 10:49am EST
After Lee Daniels took "Precious" from low-budget Sundance indie all the way to a Best Picture nomination at the 2010 Oscars, getting another project off the ground should have been a piece of cake. Post-Best Director nomination, Daniels circled "Selma," a racial period drama, "The Butler," an epic biopic starring Denzel Washington and an adaptation of the gritty Broadway musical "The Scottsboro Boys." Nothing seemed to come together.

Now, Vulture reports, Daniels is honing in on a project that's a little more Hollywood, a little less prestige and a whole lot more probable of getting the g...

Pink To Receive Human Rights Award

October 6th, 2010 12:12pm EDT
Pop star Pink is set to be honored for her work with the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community at a glitzy gala in Washington, D.C. on Saturday.

The So What hit-maker will be the toast of the Human Rights Campaign's 14th annual National Dinner this weekend and will be presented with the special Ally for Equality Award by veteran star Bette Midler.

The civil rights organization will also bestow prizes on others who have taken a stand for equality - Precious filmmaker Lee Daniels will be handed the Visibility Award by the film's Oscar-winning star Mo'Nique, while the Na...

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