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Now Playing: Ben Affleck Talks Congo with Congress! Ben Affleck Talks Congo with Congress!
2015-03-30 Why Matthew Perry Was at a Casino at the Crack of Dawn
2015-03-26 Jimmy Kimmel Hazes Matt Damon, Sean Penn at 'School of Perfect Acting'
2015-02-23 Top 10 Actors Who Do Their Own Stunts
2015-02-22 Valentine's Special: Hollywood's Hottest Couples
2015-02-13 B.J. Novak's Tweet About Mindy Kaling's Super Bowl Ad Will Make You Swoon
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2015-02-02 Matt Damon Is Shrinking, 'Avatar' Sequels Pushed, 'Sharknado 3' Update
2015-01-22 John Travolta Taking to TV Screens as OJ's Lawyer and More
2015-01-08 Ridley Scott Sends Script Into Space
2014-12-22 Jason Bourne Vs. Ethan Hunt
2014-12-04 Ben Affleck & Jennifer Garner Having Thanksgiving at Matt Damon's House
2014-11-21 Chris Hemsworth Is Named As The Sexiest Man Alive By People Magazine
2014-11-19 Matt Damon Confirms He Will Return as Jason Bourne
2014-11-11 Matt Damon Is Being Re-'Bourne' in 2016, Sans Jeremy Renner
2014-11-11 Matt Damon -- I've Seen Ben Affleck's Weiner
2014-11-10 Matt Damon Back to 'Bourne'
2014-11-10 Matt Damon Joins 'Downsizing'
2014-11-07 "Interstellar" Ahead of "Big Hero 6" with $1.5M in Early Screenings
2014-11-06 Top 10 Bad Movies with Good Actors
2014-10-28 Jessica Chastain on Meeting Christopher Nolan
2014-10-28 Matthew McConaughey on 'Interstellar' and Christopher Nolan
2014-10-28 Ridley Scott's Monster Martian Cast
2014-10-25 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!': Matt Damon Birthday Tribute
2014-10-22 Matt Damon and Ben Affleck Team Up for 'Incorporated'
2014-10-14 Celebrity Scoop News: Selena Gomez Shows Off Kind Side
2014-10-09 'Interstellar' Hitting Screens Early
2014-10-01 Brad Pitt And Ben Affleck Missed George Clooney's Wedding For The Same Reason
2014-09-30 George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin's Wedding Details from Venice
2014-09-29 Mr. and Mrs. George Clooney Make Their First Public Appearance
2014-09-29 Celebs Arrive for Clooney Wedding
2014-09-29 George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin's Hot Guest List
2014-09-29 The Stars' Best Kept Secrets: Hailee Steinfeld
2014-09-28 George Clooney Finally Weds in Venice
2014-09-28 George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin Look More In-Love Than Ever as Guests Arrive for Their Wedding
2014-09-27 Showbiz Minute: Clooney, Kardashian, Aldean
2014-09-26 The Clooney, Alamuddin Weekend Wedding Rumor Round-Up
2014-09-24 Another Top 10 Improvised Movie Moments
2014-09-21 Chris Martin 'Serenades Jennifer Lawrence'
2014-09-21 Kate Mara Offered Role in Ridley Scott's 'The Martian'
2014-09-18 Matt Damon Returning to Bourne
2014-09-16 'My Friends Call Me Johnny': Michael Douglas
2014-09-10 Release Dates Confirmed for Ridley Scott, Jon Favreau and Tim Burton
2014-09-02 Ben Affleck's Birthday
2014-09-01 Matt Damon Does Ice Bucket Challenge With Toilet Water
2014-08-27 Matt Damon Takes the Ice Bucket Challenge
2014-08-25 Matt Damon: Robin Williams Brought "So Much Joy" Into My Life
2014-08-13 13 Celebrities Who Attended Ivy League Schools
2014-08-10 7 Facts About George Clooney’s Wedding
2014-08-09 How Chris Pratt Celebrated Guardians Of The Galaxy's Record-Breaking $94 Million No. 1 Debut
2014-08-04 Ben Affleck Recruits Boston-Based Training Crew For 'Batman' Beef-Up
2014-05-30 Late Night Laughs: Kimmel/Damon Feud, Garfield Gushes Over Stone
2014-05-02 'The Monuments Men': MovieBites
2014-03-09 Bob Balaban, John Goodman and Jean Dujardin Talk 'The Monuments Men'
2014-03-05 'The Monuments Men': Clip - German Cottage
2014-03-05 'The Monuments Men': Exclusive UK Premiere Report
2014-03-05 Which Star Does the Best Matthew?
2014-03-03 Matt Damon Sends Fax of Bare Butt to Ben Affleck, Jimmy Kimmel
2014-02-17 The Berlin Film Festival: Monuments Men Premiere and Press
2014-02-15 George Clooney and Friends Take Leicester Square by Storm
2014-02-12 George Clooney Defends Stance on Elgin Marbles
2014-02-12 Oscars Luncheon; Weekend Box Office
2014-02-11 Oscars Luncheon and Weekend Box Office
2014-02-11 'The Lego Movie' Climbs to Top Box Office Spot
2014-02-10 'The Monuments Men' Praise Director Clooney at Berlin
2014-02-10 'LEGO Movie' Tops 'Monuments Men' To Score Huge U.S. Box Office Win
2014-02-10 'The Monuments Men' Movie Review
2014-02-09 Miley Cyrus Offers Jay Leno Advice on Life After 'Tonight Show'
2014-02-09 'Pitch Perfect 2' Cast Confirmed and Zayn's Sweet Gift to Perrie
2014-02-09 The Monuments Men Movie Roundup: George Clooney's World War II Movie Disappoints Critics
2014-02-07 George Clooney's Double Duty
2014-02-05 Celebrities Pay Tribute to Philip Seymour Hoffman
2014-02-05 'The Monuments Men' HitFix Review
2014-02-04 Miley Cyrus or Jimmy Kimmel? Who Does Matt Damon Save?
2014-02-02 "Monuments Men" Shines Light on WWII's Stolen Art