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Now Playing: 'The Martian' Star Matt Damon on Why He Keeps Getting Left Behind in Movies 'The Martian' Star Matt Damon on Why He Keeps Getting Left Behind in Movies
2015-10-03 Matt Damon Is Brilliant in 'The Martian'
2015-10-03 Matt Damon Dishes on Ben Affleck During the J Lo Days
2015-10-02 "The Martian" Author Responds to Criticism About Mars Sandstorm
2015-10-02 "The Martian" Author on Working with Ridley Scott
2015-10-02 "The Martian" Author on Watney Being a Better Him
2015-10-02 Author Andy Weir Talks About Scientific Accuracy of "The Martian"
2015-10-02 Eye Opener's Review Of 'The Martian'
2015-10-02 'The Martian' Stars on Ridley Scott's Directing Style
2015-10-02 'The Martian' by the Numbers
2015-10-01 E! Looks Back at Matt Damon in 1997
2015-10-01 Who Said That: 'The Martian'
2015-10-01 Matt Damon's 'The Martian'
2015-10-01 Matt Damon: Boxers or Briefs?
2015-09-30 Matt Damon on 'The Martian' and Surviving on Mars
2015-09-30 'The Martian': Exclusive Interview With Ridley Scott
2015-09-30 Jim Carrey 'Shocked' by Death of Ex-Girlfriend and More
2015-09-30 Matt Damon Reenacts His Biggest Movies
2015-09-30 Matt Damon, George Clooney Share Stories at Jerry Weintraub's Memorial
2015-09-30 Matt Damon, George Clooney Share Stories at Jerry Weintraub's Memorial
2015-09-30 Matt Damon Replaces Ben Affleck, Acts Out His Entire Film Career With James Corden
2015-09-30 'The Martian' Director Ridley Scott Explains How to Recognize a Good Script
2015-09-29 Matt Damon on Ridley Scott's Multicam Approach in 'The Martian'
2015-09-29 Jessica Chastain on How 'Interstellar' Inspired Her to Do 'The Martian'
2015-09-29 'The Martian' Stars Jeff Daniels & Donald Glover on Visiting Mars
2015-09-29 Ridley Scott's ‘The Martian' Is a ‘Love Letter to Science'
2015-09-29 Matt Damon Clarifies His Remarks About Actors' Sexuality Following Backlash
2015-09-29 Matt Damon and Jimmy Kimmel Argue During Couples Therapy Session
2015-09-29 Matt Damon Talks Working With Ridley Scott on 'The Martian'
2015-09-29 Matt Damon Clarifies His Comments on Gay Actors
2015-09-29 Matt Damon Does The Whip/Nae Nae Dance at The Ellen DeGeneres Show
2015-09-29 Matt Damon: I Did Not Say Gay Actors Should Stay in the Closet
2015-09-29 Matt Damon Wants a Piece of Ben Affleck's Movie Seconds!
2015-09-28 Vin Diesel Promises Three More 'Fast & Furious' Films
2015-09-28 Movie Hit List
2015-09-27 'The Martian': Exclusive Interview With Matt Damon
2015-09-26 Chiwetel Ejiofor and Co-Stars Talk Science at 'The Martian' Premiere
2015-09-25 'The Martian' Premiere Lands in London
2015-09-25 'The Martian': Exclusive European Premiere Report
2015-09-25 Sam Smith's James Bond Theme Song Is Released and More
2015-09-25 Matt Damon's Dream Outer Space Playlist
2015-09-25 Matt Damon Teases Bourne 5 Plot
2015-09-25 The Martian Premiere: One Small Step for Matt Damon
2015-09-25 Film Clip: 'The Martian'
2015-09-23 Matt Damon's 'The Martian' Gets a Very Special Showing
2015-09-21 Emily Blunt, Star Wars Aftermath & Matt Damon Vs Effie Brown
2015-09-20 Matt Damon Apologizes For Diversity Comments:
2015-09-17 Matt Damon Apologizes for Diversity Comments
2015-09-17 Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson Expecting Second Child
2015-09-17 Matt Damon Apologises for Diversity in Film Gaffe
2015-09-17 ‘Bourne': Ato Essandoh Joins Matt Damon in Sequel
2015-09-16 TIFF: The Martian's Matt Damon and Jessica Chastain
2015-09-15 Toronto International Film Festival: 'The Martian' Cast
2015-09-15 Oscars Frontunners Emerge at TIFF: Matt Damon, Eddie Redmayne
2015-09-15 Matt Damon Reveals His Wife and Kids Don't Think He's Cool
2015-09-15 'The Martian': Storm Report Clip
2015-09-15 'The Martian': Checks Out Clip
2015-09-15 Matt Damon Says 'The Martian' Is on the Cusp of Reality?
2015-08-21 Matt Damon Acts Like a Big Kid During a Fun Day at Disneyland With His Wife
2015-08-21 Ridley Scott Directing 'The Martian' Dream Come True for Author Andy Weir
2015-08-19 The Martian- Trailer No. 2
2015-08-19 Ben Affleck Is All Smiles at the 'Project Greenlight' Premiere
2015-08-11 Ben Affleck Wears Wedding Ring to Project Greenlight Premiere
2015-08-11 Matt Damon -- Screw the 4 Games ... Tom Brady's Still My Fantasy Guy
2015-08-11 Remembering Robin Williams One Year After His Death
2015-08-11 Ryan Reynolds Ready to Unveil New 'Deadpool' Trailer
2015-08-03 Angelina Jolie Makes a Film with Son and More
2015-07-29 Channing Tatum Now an Ex-X-Man
2015-07-29 Matt Damon's Ponytail
2015-07-19 Movie Munch Roundup: Matt Damon's Ponytail and More
2015-07-06 Matt Damon Debuts New Ponytail: Is His Hairstyle Hot or Not?!
2015-07-03 The Reasons Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner Called It Quits
2015-07-01 The Who Project? All You Need to Know About Mindy Kaling
2015-06-28 Top 10 Movie Franchises That Changed Lead Characters
2015-06-24 Schwarzenegger Is Out for Vengeance