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Now Playing: Benedict Cumberbatch Wax Figure Unveiled At Madame Tussauds London Benedict Cumberbatch Wax Figure Unveiled At Madame Tussauds London
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2014-10-05 Jeffrey Katzenberg To Headline London Film Festival Industry Program
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2014-09-25 Top 10 Motion Capture Performances
2014-09-23 Working With Cumberbatch, Co-Stars Get Challenged And 'Batched'
2014-09-12 Benedict Cumberbatch Claims Turing Recognition Is 'Too Little, Too Late'
2014-09-11 English Stars Dazzle at the Toronto International Film Festival
2014-09-10 What Does Google Think of Celebrities?
2014-09-09 'Penguins of Madagascar': Q&A Featurette
2014-09-07 2014 Toronto Film Festival: Benedict Cumberbatch Party At InStyle
2014-09-07 'The Imitation Game' Film Trailer
2014-09-04 Stars Accept The Ice Bucket Challenge
2014-09-02 'Breaking Bad' Takes Over at the Emmys
2014-09-02 Happy Birthday to Benedict Cumberbatch!
2014-09-01 Benedict Cumberbatch Waxed For London
2014-09-01 Rumors Get Stranger for Dr. Strange
2014-09-01 Cate Blanchett and Lupita Nyong'o Named Best Dressed of 2014
2014-09-01 Hateful Eight Teaser Tagged To Sin City
2014-09-01 Benedict Cumberbatch Out Sells Beyonce And Jay-Z Put Together
2014-09-01 'Penguins of Madagascar' Trailer 2
2014-08-31 'The Imitation Game': MovieBites
2014-08-31 2014 Primetime Emmy Winners Recap: 'Breaking Bad' Wins Big
2014-08-26 Benedict Cumberbatch Joins Warner Bros.' Jungle Book: Origins
2014-08-20 Brad Pitt Bringing His 'Fury' To London Film Festival
2014-08-15 'Penguins of Madagascar': Benedict Cumberbatch on His Role as 'Classified'
2014-08-06 'NT Live: Frankenstein Encore' Trailer
2014-08-06 'The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies' Trailer
2014-07-30 'The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies' First Trailer Is Released
2014-07-29 Comic-Con 2014: 'The Hobbit': Making the Transition to Lord of the Rings
2014-07-28 Comic Con Day 1 Recap: 'Batman', 'Avengers' & Nolan
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2014-07-27 Luke Evans on Magic of Comic Con and the Challenges of 'The Hobbit'
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2014-07-25 Megan Fox Turns Up The Heat At Comic Con
2014-07-25 Cumberbatch Brings 'Penguins' to Comic Con
2014-07-25 'The Imitation Game' Teaser Trailer
2014-07-24 San Diego Comic Con 2014 Ultimate Preview
2014-07-20 9 Most Anticipated 2014 Comic Con Events/Panels
2014-07-20 Rejoice! Sherlock Returning For Season 4 And A New Special
2014-07-02 How to Make a Celebrity Friend
2014-06-30 Animated Comedy In "The Penguins of Madagascar" First Trailer
2014-06-18 Marvel Finds Ant Man Director
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2014-04-30 Seth Meyers Career Is On Fire As Are These Influential Celebs
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2014-03-03 'August: Osage County': Clip - Dinosaurs
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