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2015-04-29 Russell Crowe Reveals He Looked Into Scientology When He Became Pals With Tom Cruise
2015-04-23 Sir Paul McCartney Tops UK's Rich List and More
2015-04-23 Russell Crowe Finds His Roots With 'The Water Diviner'
2015-04-23 Weekend Watchlist: 'Age of Adaline,' 'The Water Diviner,' 'Adult Beginners'
2015-04-23 Watch Jimmy Fallon, Russell Crowe Revive Ballsy BP Protest Song
2015-04-23 Sunday's Showbiz Round-Up
2015-04-19 The Water Diviner - Trailer No. 1
2015-04-14 Movie Report: 'The Water Diviner'
2015-04-13 Russell Crowe's 'The Water Diviner' Premieres in Washington
2015-04-08 Russell Crowe Talks About His Transition Into Directing
2015-04-07 Happy Birthday Russell Crowe
2015-04-07 Olga Kurylenko: Russell Crowe Was a Dream Director
2015-04-03 'The Water Diviner': Exclusive Interview with Olga Kurylenko
2015-04-01 'The Water Diviner': Exclusive Interview with Russell Crowe
2015-03-31 Russell Crowe Was Prank Called by Michael Jackson
2015-03-31 Russell Crowe Says Michael Jackson Prank Called Him for Years
2015-03-31 Chris Hemsworth and Jai Courtney Are Australia's Hottest Hunks
2015-03-27 Russell Crowe's Natural Progression Into Directing
2015-03-27 Ozzie National Treasure Russell Crowe Denied Australian Citizenship
2015-03-25 Russell Crowe Admits He's Still in Love With Ex Danielle Spencer: ''My Feelings for Her Have Never Changed''
2015-03-25 Russell Crowe Says He Still Can't Get Australian Citizenship
2015-03-24 'Ex Machina' Seduces Viewers on Tinder
2015-03-20 'The Water Diviner': Windmill Clip
2015-02-27 'The Water Diviner': Dust Storm Clip
2015-02-27 Watch Ryan Gosling Crash Russell Crowe's AACTA Awards Appearance (In an Aussie Accent, No Less!)
2015-01-30 'The Water Diviner' Trailer
2015-01-30 Russell Crowe, Jennifer Kent Debuts Share Best Film at the Australian Academy Awards
2015-01-29 Meryl Streep and Jessica Chastain Respond to Russell Crowe's Ageism Remarks
2015-01-09 Russell Crowe Comes Under Fire For Making Agist Comment About Actresses
2015-01-08 Russell Crowe's 'Water Diviner' Is Top Homegrown Film of 2014 in Australia
2015-01-05 Emma Watson Beats Beyoncé for Feminist of the Year
2014-12-23 Russell Crowe Directorial Debut with Bond Girl
2014-12-08 Movie Munch Roundup: 'Frozen' Short and More
2014-12-04 The Hollywood Reporter's Day 4 Daily
2014-11-09 Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe Are 'Nice Guys'
2014-09-07 Joe Hill Wants Russell Crowe to Star in 'Heart-Shaped Box' Movie
2014-09-04 Jennifer Connelly on 'Noah' Controversey
2014-08-11 Emma Watson & Douglas Booth Cry About the Pressure of Crying
2014-08-11 Logan Lerman on Emma Watson & Shocking Moments from 'Noah'
2014-08-11 Noah- DVD Clip No. 1
2014-07-29 Escape to the Movies: 'Noah' Review
2014-04-06 The Week in Viral Videos
2014-04-04 'Noah 2014': Exclusive Cast Interview
2014-04-03 Darren Aronofsky and Jennifer Connelly Talk 'Noah'
2014-04-02 Fans Flood to See the Stars at 'Noah' Premiere
2014-04-01 The Making of Noah's Ark
2014-04-01 Behind the Scenes of 'Noah'
2014-04-01 Scores of Stars Celebrate Their Birthdays in April
2014-04-01 The Film Noah Finally Arrives in the UK
2014-04-01 Richard Roeper Reviews 'Noah'
2014-03-30 Darren Aronofsky and Jennifer Connelly Talk Physical Challenges in 'Noah’
2014-03-30 Is 'Noah' Biblical Enough for Box Office Success?
2014-03-28 Russell Crowe Braces for Criticism
2014-03-27 'Noah' Stars Talk 'Irrational Criticism' in NY
2014-03-27 ShowBiz Minute: L'Wren Scott, Hugh Jackman, Chris Martin
2014-03-20 'Noah': It Begins Clip
2014-03-20 'Noah': The Ark Featurette
2014-03-20 Darren Aronofsky Calls 'Noah' The 'Least Biblical Film Ever Made'
2014-03-12 Hollywood Blockbuster 'Noah' Faces Ban in Arab World
2014-03-11 'Noah' Film Banned In Several Countries
2014-03-10 How Russell Crowe and Emma Watson Build An Ark
2014-03-08 'A New York Winter's Tale' Film Trailer
2014-03-05 'A New York Winter's Tale': Exclusive UK Premiere Report
2014-03-05 Colin Farrell and Jessica Brown Findlay Talk 'A New York Winter's Tale'
2014-03-05 'A New York Winter's Tale': Love Story for The Ages Featurette
2014-03-05 'Noah' Film Preview
2014-03-03 'Winter's Tale' Movie Review
2014-02-16 Winter’s Tale Review
2014-02-14 Russell Crowe Talks About Love and 'Winter's Tale'
2014-02-10 Colin Farrell Gushes Over Jessica Brown Findlay
2014-02-10 An Honest Trailer of 'Les Miserables'