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Now Playing: We Bought a Zoo Philip Seymour Hoffman Gave 'Almost Famous' Star Patrick Fugit 'School-of-Hard-Knocks' Treatment
2014-02-04 Bradley Cooper To Reprise Elephant Man Role On Broadway This Fall
2014-01-22 Top 4 Entertainment Stories of the Day
2014-01-05 Emma Stone -- Wipes Out Surfing In Hawaii
2014-01-05 Top 4 Movie Stories of the Day
2014-01-05 Bradley Cooper Opens Up About Drinking Past
2013-12-17 Emma Stone Goes Paddleboarding While Filming In Hawaii
2013-12-16 There's Only One Gal For Bradley Cooper - His Mom, Gloria
2013-12-01 Orlando Bloom and Cameron Crowe - Unscripted (Elizabethtown)
2012-12-14 Elizabethtown Extended Internet Trailer - Clip No. 1
2012-12-13 Elizabethtown Trailer No. 1
2012-12-13 "We Bought a Zoo"Matt Damon Interview
2012-10-10 "We Bought a Zoo"Movie Scene
2012-10-10 "We Bought a Zoo"Trailer
2012-10-10 We Bought a Zoo Movie Review for Parents
2012-08-16 We Bought a Zoo - Clip - Now You're Talking To Them
2012-03-16 We Bought a Zoo - Clip - Why Did You Buy This Place?
2012-03-16 We Bought a Zoo - Exclusive Interview With Matt Damon, Scarlett Johansson and Cameron Crowe
2012-03-14 We Bought a Zoo
2012-03-13 We Bought a Zoo - Clip - Give Me Some Fork
2012-03-01 We Bought a Zoo - Clip - Modern Day Adventurers
2012-03-01 Elle Fanning Loves Big Cats
2011-12-16 Cameron Crowe on How His Love of Music and Matt Damon Inspired His New Movie
2011-12-21 Director Cameron Crowe's Backstory
2011-12-18 Tour the 'We Bought a Zoo' Menagerie
2011-12-18 Matt Damon and Scarlett Johansson team up on the red carpet
2011-12-13 Matt Damon shows off his parental skills
2011-12-13 We Bought a Zoo (Trailer No1) [FULL HD]
2011-09-19 Pearl Jam Twenty Movie Trailer
2011-08-25 Unscripted With Orlando Bloom and Cameron Crowe
2011-06-22 Tribeca Film Festival: Elton John to open
2011-04-17 Kyra Sedgwick gets Hollywood star

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