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2015-09-30 David Cronenberg to Be Feted at Italy's Lucca Film Festival
2015-01-14 Robert Pattinson Has "a Lot Of Patience" For "Weirdos"
2014-11-01 Cairo Film Festival Adds David Cronenberg, Jean-Luc Godard Titles To Lineup
2014-10-22 'Maps to the Stars' Premiere
2014-09-28 'Maps to the Stars': How's Show Business? Clip
2014-09-28 Robert Pattinson: Film Maps True Hollywood
2014-09-11 'Maps to the Stars' Trailer
2014-09-10 Robert Pattinson Would Rather Be What?
2014-09-10 'Maps to the Stars' Trailer
2014-08-31 'Maps to the Stars': MovieBites
2014-08-31 David Cronenberg Talks Hollywood And Being The King Of Venereal Horror
2014-06-28 Robert Pattinson Hits the Red Carpet in Cannes
2014-05-20 Videodrome: Body Horror, Meta-Narrative and The Internet
2013-10-27 Oscar-Nominated Canadian Films
2013-01-14 Hairspray - BTS
2012-12-17 Cronenberg and Mehta Are on the 2012 List of Best Canadian Films
2012-12-06 TIFF Spotlight Brandon Cronenberg
2012-11-22 'Antiviral' Interview: Brandon Cronenberg
2012-09-04 Robert Pattinson Says 'Cosmopolis' Gave Him Balls
2012-05-10 Keira Knightley on the Spanking Scene in A Dangerous Method
2012-02-19 Keira Knightley on Sabina Spielrein
2012-02-19 Viggo Mortensen on David Cronenberg Being Snubbed
2012-02-19 Mortensen Says Cronenberg Was Overlooked for Awards Again
2012-02-01 Fassbender and Mortensen Talk Oscar Snubs
2012-02-01 Viggo Mortensen on Playing Sigmund Freud in A Dangerous Method
2012-01-08 Michael Fassbender on Playing Carl Jung in A Dangerous Method
2012-01-08 Michael Fassbender on Spanking Keira Knightley
2012-01-08 A Dangerous Method Berlin Premiere
2012-01-08 Keira Knightley on Playing Sabina Spielrein in A Dangerous Method
2012-01-08 David Cronenberg Interview on A Dangerous Method
2012-01-08 Zamm Awards Cam: A Dangerous Method
2011-12-04 Director David Cronenberg on the Pros of Robert Pattinson's Twilight Fame