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'Justified' Recap: 'Thick As Mud' (3.05)

2/15/2012 2:03am EST
There's a lot going on in this week's Justified, and quite a few familiar faces. If "Thick As Mud" has a particular pop to it, it's because Elmore Leonard has a co-story credit for this ride.

While Limehouse is determined to keep Dickie (and anyone else) away from what remains of Mags' money, Boyd and Arlo are burying Devil's body after his bloody end, and Raylan's relationship with Winona is as rocky as it's always been...and oh crap, Dewey Crowe is missing some internal organs. That last part is courtesy of that creepy prison nurse Lance (Clayne Crawford), who just will not go awa...

'Justified' Recap: 'The Devil You Know' (3.04)

2/8/2012 2:20am EST
Justified: just when you think you've got it figured out, it keeps unraveling and then it punches you in the stomach. And it's worth all the pain, because it's the best series on TV.

This week, Devil's a little restless, but that's because he's got a meeting with Quarles. What the heck is going on? One of those instances where someone thinks they're bigger than they are, that's what. After his conversation with Boyd last week, Devil is twitchy, and Quarles does his best to make him feel important. "This is an opportunity that only happens once," he teases, and Devil is listening.


'Justified' Recap: 'Cut Ties' (3.02)

1/25/2012 2:10am EST
Episode two of Justified's second season is a solid standalone that also continues to hand us pieces of a masterful bigger picture.

Last week's episode ("The Gunfighter") started Justified's third season off strong. "Cut Ties" keeps up the standard, but in a different way.

Raylan wakes up in Winona and Gary's house, quickly mistaken for Gary by the realtor who's showing people around. Have a joke about Winona cheating on him with a realtor again. Once Raylan wakes up and pulls himself together, he visits Boyd in prison and actually asks him for relationship advice. Boyd points out that ...

Interview/Review: 'The Perfect Host' Director Nick Tomnay Talks...And Keeps Secrets!

7/1/2011 12:22pm EDT
perfect host photo
Ever see a film you wanted to tell friends every cool and calculated detail about? This is that movie – and we’re not saying a word! The latest from the diverse film selecting folks over at Magnolia Pictures is a fun, humorous, dark, and all out impressive little ditty with a ton of twists and turns called "The Perfect Host" and features impressive stand out work by leading man David Hyde Pierce. We’re celebrating the upcoming July 1 release of the film with both a Q&A with writer/director Nick Tomnay and full review that both give the cool info with the least amount of detail possible. ...

Review: 'The Perfect Host' 'Two Jews On Film' Fall For This Indie Thriller (Video)

7/1/2011 9:41am EDT
The Perfect Host
By Joan Alperin-Schwartz: Summer has begun...The days are hot, the beaches are crowded studios are competing to see who can make the most expensive films, filled with over the top special effects and over the top cartoon Super Heroes...who always save the world and always in 3D.

We have Mechanical Men, Green Men, Mutant Men, Super Human Men, and Super Stupid Men who would the real world...get the girl...any girl.

How refreshing it is, when a film comes along that doesn't have any of the above. What it does a story filled with great tension, complex dar...

'The Glades' Romance Awakens 'Old Ghosts'

6/13/2011 10:29am EDT
The Glades
In Chicago, Detective Samantha Harper finds the bodies of several women with blacked out eyes in a house rented by ‘Bob Wilson.’ The only clue to his identity and whereabouts is a telephone message from a resort in Florida offering him free, trial accommodations.

In Florida, Jim’s trying to relax in the sun as his new pool cleaner talks about taking over the business from his cousin. Jim has an awkward phone conversation with Callie, and then is surprised by Detective Samantha, who has followed the North Side Killer’s trail to Florida. Jim and Samantha worked together on his case before Ji...

'The Glades' Season Two Premiere 'Family Matters'

6/6/2011 11:03am EDT
The Glades
The Glades is a perfect summer series. Set in Florida, and imbued with Latin music and flair, each episode reminds you that the summer is here to be enjoyed.

Jim Longworth is a homicide cop who moved from Chicago to Florida to get away from big city tensions, enjoy the sun, and play a lot of golf. Unfortunately, people just keep turning up dead. How’s a guy to ever break par?

When he met Callie Cargill, a single mother of one son, Jeff, he had no idea their romance would be complicated by a devoted husband in prison. Things get even more complicated, as husband Ray is about to be released...

'Smokin' Aces 2: Assassins' Ball' On DVD & BD Jan. 19

12/24/2009 12:42pm EST
Smokin' Aces 2: Assassins' Ball, the all-new movie about the adrenaline-pumping world of blood, bullets and badasses, is blasting its way onto Blu-ray Hi-Def, DVD and digital download January 19, 2010.

Executive produced by Joe Carnahan, the writer-director behind the shockingly edgy hit Smokin' Aces, and directed by P.J. Pesce, "Smokin' Aces 2: Assassins' Ball" features a sexy cast, whip-smart script and hyper-kinetic visuals. And, with the return of infamous assassins Lazlo Soot and the Tremor Brothers from the original theatrical film, audiences will experience a furious frenzy of e...