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Now Playing: 'Trumbo': Exclusive LFF Gala Premiere Report 'Trumbo': Exclusive LFF Gala Premiere Report
2015-10-09 Trumbo Premiere: Bryan Cranston Confesses His Love for Dame Helen Mirren
2015-10-09 'Trumbo' Trailer
2015-10-07 Bryan Cranston Reveals Why He Doesn't Want to Play Walter White Again
2015-09-16 'Trumbo': I'll See You In Washington Clip
2015-09-15 Bryan Cranston in New Film 'Trumbo'
2015-08-13 Bryan Cranston in New Film 'Trumbo'
2015-08-13 Bryan Cranston Drops the Mic on a Kid at Comic-Con
2015-07-12 Bryan Cranston Confirms He Was Never In Talks To Play Lex Luthor
2015-07-10 Feinberg Forecast: Will 'Mad Men's' Jon Hamm Finally Win an Emmy?
2015-06-09 Celebs Grace Red Carpet at 69th Tony Awards
2015-06-08 How Paul Feig Escaped Movie Jail And Conquered Hollywood
2015-06-05 RJ Mitte Living With Cerebral Palsy
2015-04-19 'Kung Fu Panda 3' Plot & New Characters Revealed
2015-03-18 Nat Wolff Cast in James Franco's New Film
2015-03-17 People Keep Throwing Pizzas On the Roof of the 'Breaking Bad' House
2015-03-12 10 'Breaking Bad' Facts That Fans Need to Know
2015-02-22 Bryan Cranston to Play Villain in 'Star Trek 3' and 'Star Wars' News
2015-02-05 Is Felicity Jones Heading to a Galaxy Far, Far Away?
2015-02-04 'Better Call Saul': Bob Odenkirk Spills on the Premiere's Shocking 'Breaking Bad' Twist!
2015-01-22 SAG Awards: Benedict Cumberbatch, Eddie Redmayne and Viola Davis to Present
2015-01-21 Firewall & Iceberg: 'Better Call Saul' at TCA
2015-01-18 Breaking Bad's Walt and Jesse Will NOT Appear on Better Call Saul This Season
2015-01-11 FLASHBACK: 'Malcolm in the Middle' Turns 15! On Set With Bryan Cranston and Frankie Muniz
2015-01-10 Bryan Cranston Reads Our New Favorite NSFW Kids Book
2014-11-13 Aaron Paul: Keep Breaking Bad Dolls!
2014-10-25 The Challenge of Making Godzilla Realistic to Audiences
2014-10-24 Toys R Us Puts 'Breaking Bad' Figures on Indefinite Sabbatical
2014-10-23 'Thor: The Dark World' Actor Joins Jay Roach's 'Trumbo'
2014-10-17 How You Know You Have Watched Too Much 'Breaking Bad'
2014-10-13 Tom Hanks' 'Inferno' Pushed Back to October 2016
2014-10-12 Top 10 Decade Defining Shows of the 2010s
2014-09-21 Bryan Cranston's MLB One-Man Show Teasing Baseball Postseason--He's A Regular All-Star!
2014-09-17 Honest Trailers: 'Godzilla'
2014-09-10 John Goodman Joins Helen Mirren and Bryan Cranston in 'Trumbo'
2014-09-02 'Breaking Bad' Takes Over at the Emmys
2014-09-02 Hollywood Stars' Private Photos Leaked
2014-09-01 'Breaking Bad' Cast Say Their Final Goodbyes & Thank Their Fans
2014-08-27 Why 'Breaking Bad' Dominates Emmy Night
2014-08-27 'Breaking Bad' Wins Big at the Emmys
2014-08-27 'Breaking Bad' Cast Feels All The Feels At Final Emmys Together
2014-08-27 Bryan Cranston -- Neighbors Are The Ones Who Knock To Say Congrats On Emmy Win
2014-08-27 The 2014 Emmys: Shocking Wins & Snubs
2014-08-26 'Breaking Bad' Ends an Era by Sweeping 2014 Emmys
2014-08-26 Julia Louis-Dreyfus Wins Emmy, Makes Out With Bryan Cranston
2014-08-26 Emmys 2014: Bryan Cranston Wins Fourth Emmy for Outstanding Actor
2014-08-26 Bryan Cranston Steals a Kiss From Catt Sadler
2014-08-26 2014 Emmys: Biggest Winners and History Makers
2014-08-26 2014 Primetime Emmy Winners Recap: 'Breaking Bad' Wins Big
2014-08-26 Emmys 2014: Julia Louis-Dreyfus Says Bryan Cranston Is a Pretty Good Kisser
2014-08-26 Emmys 2014 Top 5 Moments: Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Bryan Cranston Make Out
2014-08-26 Highlights From 2014 Emmy Awards
2014-08-26 Emmy Losers, Again
2014-08-26 The Emmys 2014: 'Breaking Bad' Comes Out on Top
2014-08-26 'Breaking Bad' and 'Modern Family' Dominate the Emmys
2014-08-26 'Modern Family,' Takes Aim At Emmy Record
2014-08-25 5 Things to Look Forward to the Emmys
2014-08-23 Inside This Year's Hottest Emmy Races
2014-08-20 Top 10 Decade Defining Actors: 2010s
2014-08-14 Matt Passmore Wants Bryan Cranston to Guest Star on 'Satisfaction'
2014-07-23 The Evolution of Bryan Cranston
2014-07-22 Bobblehead of Walter White from 'Breaking Bad' Sent Into Space to Promote App
2014-07-18 2014 Primetime Emmy Nominations Reveal Stiff Competition
2014-07-10 10 Actors Who Were on 'The X-Files' Before They Were Famous
2014-07-06 2014 Tony Awards Red Carpet Fashion Review and Winner Interviews
2014-06-10 Tony Awards Highlights and Wins
2014-06-09 Tony Awards Arrivals and Outfits
2014-06-09 ShowBiz Minute: Bullock, Tonys, Box Office
2014-06-09 Everybody Loves Hugh Jackman At The Tony Awards
2014-06-09 LoadingReadyRun: Drugs, Drugs, Drugs
2014-06-05 The 2014 Tony Award Nominees Party And Speak Up
2014-06-04 The Big Picture: 'Godzilla' Review
2014-05-28 Screen Junkies Show: 'Godzilla' Review
2014-05-25 Escape to the Movies: 'Godzilla' Review
2014-05-25 'Godzilla' Sequel Confirmed