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2014-12-04 James Bond to Return in ‘Spectre’
2014-12-04 James Bond to Return in ‘Spectre'
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2014-12-04 Daniel Craig: Back As Bond
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2014-09-16 Daniel Craig to Make 'Star Wars 7' Cameo
2014-09-15 Denzel Washington Wants to Play Bond
2014-09-11 Denzel Washington Wants to Be The Next James Bond
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2014-09-04 Tom Cruise to Star in New Action Pirate Movie
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2014-08-20 Olga Kurylenko on 'The November Man' and Playing Opposite Two James Bonds'
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2014-04-09 Chiwetel Ejiofor May Play The Villain In Next James Bond Movie
2014-04-07 Chiwetel Ejiofor Rumored For Villain Role In 'Bond' Flick
2014-04-06 On This Day: March 2
2014-03-02 Jude Law Opens Up For First Time About Affair Between Sienna Miller And Daniel Craig
2014-01-28 Jude Law Forced to Reveal Sienna Miller and Daniel Craig Affair
2014-01-28 'Cowboys and Aliens' Movie Review for Parents
2014-01-26 The Adventures of Tintin Movie Review for Parents
2014-01-23 The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Movie Review for Parents
2014-01-23 An Honest Trailer of 'Skyfall'
2013-11-28 Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz Make Their Joint Broadway Debut in Betrayal
2013-10-02 Daniel Craig & Rachel Weisz Hit Broadway Together In "Betrayal"
2013-10-02 New James Bond Book Released
2013-09-25 Tom Hardy May Be the Next Bond
2013-09-17 Daniel Craig And Rachel Weisz Ban Gadgets From The Bedroom
2013-09-10 Bond 24: Sam Mendes Confirmed To Direct Next 007 Film
2013-07-12 Director Sam Mendes Is Confirmed For Next Bond Film
2013-07-12 Penelope Cruz 'Too Old' to Play Next Bond Girl?
2013-06-04 Rachel Weisz and Daniel Craig Starring in a Play Together
2013-04-08 Britain's "Bond Girl" Queen Wins Honourary Film Award
2013-04-05 Daniel Craig Takes Over NYC Streets
2013-03-27 Daniel Craig Freaks Out on Fan
2013-03-15 Daniel Craig Grabs A Phone Out Of A Fan's Hand
2013-03-15 "Skyfall" Celebrates 50 Years of James Bond
2013-01-30 Could Robert Pattinson Be the Next James Bond?
2013-01-24 Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz Don't Talk Shop
2013-01-08 Daniel Craig Wins Most Stylish Man Of 2012
2012-12-27 Unscripted: Casino Royale - Daniel Craig and Martin Campbell
2012-12-16 Unscripted: Casino Royale - Daniel Craig and Martin Campbell
2012-12-16 The Mother Trailer
2012-12-03 Skyfall Actor Interviews
2012-11-26 Daniel Craig on Putting on Weight for a Role
2012-11-20 Daniel Craig Is The Highest-Paid James Bond Ever
2012-11-19 Ben Affleck and Bond - Who Else Is Worthy of Sexiest Man Alive?
2012-11-15 Skyfall Cast Interviews
2012-11-12 Does Daniel Craig Think Rihanna Would Be a Good Bond Girl?
2012-11-12 'Skyfall' Breaks Record, Makes James Bond History!