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Celebrities With Tons Of Kids

6/3/2010 11:23am EDT
Kevin Costner
Kevin Costner is a dad again - for the seventh time. His wife gave birth to baby girl Grace yesterday. They have two sons: Cayden, 3, and Hayes, who turned one in February. Costner also has three children from his marriage to Cindy Silva and a son from a relationship with Bridget Rooney.

He's not the only star in Tinseltown who has a big brood. Check out a slew of other celebrities who have several children in their families, including adoptions and mixed families:

Chris O'Donnell and his wife Caroline have five children - three sons and two daughters - Lily, Christopher, Charles, Finl...

Kevin Costner Welcomes Seventh Child

6/3/2010 8:02am EDT
Kevin Costner
Hollywood superstar Kevin Costner is a dad for the seventh time - his wife gave birth to a baby girl on Wednesday.

The Bodyguard star married German model Christine Baumgartner in 2004 and they are already parents to two sons; Cayden, three, and Hayes, who turned one in February.

Now, the pair has added a girl to its brood - little Grace was born on Wednesday evening, weighing in at seven pounds, 11 ounces. A representative for the couple says, "Both mother and daughter are doing well."

The 55-year-old actor also has three children from his marriage to Cindy Silva and a son from his ...

Stephen Baldwin Filming Oil Spill Documentary

5/17/2010 8:45pm EDT
Stephen Baldwin
Movie star Stephen Baldwin has turned documentarian to chronicle the oil spill clean-up in the Gulf of Mexico.

The actor was in New Orleans, Louisiana to discuss an upcoming film project at the beginning of the month, when a massive oil leak from the exploded Deepwater Horizon Rig near the Gulf Coast hit the headlines and became the major talking point throughout the state.

Baldwin immediately changed tact and began working on a film about the environmental disaster and its potential impact on New Orleans and the state of Louisiana.

He's now the brains behind new documentary "The Will To...

'Field Of Dreams' Property Up For Sale

5/14/2010 12:29pm EDT
field of dreams
Fans of Kevin Costner's iconic baseball film Field of Dreams now have a chance to own a piece of movie history - the baseball field where it was filmed has been put up for sale.

The Iowa land has been in Don Lansing's family for more than a century, and his family has helped to maintain the baseball diamond in a cornfield built by Universal Studios for the 1989 movie.

The field has become a popular tourist destination ever since and an estimated 65,000 people visit the field each year; but now Lansing has decided to give the land up. According to the Des Moines Register, the asking price...

Kevin Costner To Help With Oil Slick Clean-Up Efforts

5/13/2010 8:51am EDT
Kevin Costner
Movie star Kevin Costner is heading to Louisiana this week to help clean-up efforts as the state's coastline is threatened by an oil slick in the Gulf of Mexico.

Local businesses and wildlife are in jeopardy after a BP rig collapsed and sent a massive spillage drifting towards the state's shores. Costner will jet into Louisiana on Thursday with his scientist brother Dan to demonstrate a new water-oil separation device.

The brothers set up Costner Industries Nevada Corporation (CINC), and have previously promoted a filtration system, designed by Dan Costner, to recycle oil. The actor wil...

Russell Crowe Hated Kevin Costner's 'Robin Hood'

5/10/2010 5:30pm EDT
Russell Crowe
Russell Crowe watched previous adaptations of the Robin Hood story to inspire his latest big screen outing - and hated Kevin Costner's turn as the folk hero.

The Gladiator star plays the legendary character in Ridley Scott's upcoming blockbuster and he studied other incarnations of the role to help shape his portrayal of the action man. And he admits Costner's 1991 film Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves wasn't one he liked.

He says, "I watched the Richard Greene TV series when I was a kid. When you see the episodes now, they're a bit creaky, and it's basically the same story every week. I s...

Kelsey Grammer Ends Lawsuit With $10 Pay-Out

3/30/2010 10:30am EDT
Kelsey Grammer
Kelsey Grammer has ended a lawsuit over 2008 flop "Swing Vote" - by paying a $10 settlement to a man who alleged the film was similar to a plot he wrote years earlier.

Grammer was named as a defendant in a suit filed by Bradley Blakeman in August 2008 but was the last party left fighting the case after a judge dismissed claims against co-star Kevin Costner and the Disney executives who owned the rights.

The incensed screenwriter claimed he had given a copy of his script Go November to Grammer himself in 2006 and was stunned to see the actor starring in the "extraordinarily similar" Swin...

Kevin Costner To Be A Dad For The 7th Time

3/17/2010 12:31pm EDT
Kevin Costner
Hollywood actor Kevin Costner is preparing to welcome his seventh child - his second wife is pregnant again.

"The Bodyguard" star married German model Christine Baumgartner in 2004 and they are parents to two sons, Cayden, two, and Hayes, who born last February.

Now, the couple is expecting a third child this summer.

Costner tells German magazine Bunte, "My wife is going to have a baby in June."

The 55-year-old actor also has three children from his marriage to Cindy Silva and a son from his subsequent relationship with Bridget Rooney.

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Dramatic Romantic Novels Made Into Movies By Nicholas Sparks: 'Dear John,' 'The Notebook,' & More

2/5/2010 9:30am EST
Dear John
Nicholas Sparks is a bestselling US author who is famous for writing dramatic and romantic tales that often include tragedy and Christian values. There are a few things you know about his books going in: it might be a little over the top, but you'll still be sobbing by the end of it somehow. His newest book-turned-movie comes out this week titled "Dear John," about a soldier and his love for a young girl that he woos in constant letters. Considering he has several more books that can be made into films, this is likely not the last we'll be seeing of his adaptations. Love him or hate him, hi...

Celebrity Birthdays, January 18

1/18/2010 3:00am EST
Jonathan Davis
Happy Birthday to:

KoRn singer Jonathan Davis (1971)

Actress/singer Samantha Mumba (1983)

Guitarist Quinn Allman and vocalist Bert McCracken of The Used (1982)

Rapper DJ Quik (1970)

"Law & Order" actor Jesse L. Martin (1969)

Comedian Dave Attell (1965)

"Swing Vote" star Kevin Costner (1955)

Temptations singer David Ruffin (1941; d. 1991)

Actor Danny Kaye (1913; d. 1987)

Silver screen legend Cary Grant (1904; d. 1986)

Comedian Oliver Hardy (1892; d. 1957)

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A Decade Of Doom, Gloom, & Apocalypse Is Ahead For Us!

1/17/2010 10:00am EST
Like it or not, we are living in the future--even if it isn't the one we thought it would be. Leading up to the turn of the century, most science fiction stories taking place the first decade of the 21st century

depicted it as an era of elegant space travel and scientific whimsy. Images imbibed in us by the potential wonders that science and invention could offer. However, the stories that take place in the coming decade are a different matter altogether. If the 00's were to be a time of discovery, the next decade, it seems, is when we go and blow it all up (you maniacs!). If you judge w...

Nine Actors Who Played Real-life Baseball Players

10/19/2009 11:00am EDT
Gary Cooper
With the baseball playoffs in full swing, it's time to take a look at actors who have stepped up to the plate and taken on the challenge of portraying a real-life hardball legend. While there have been many great movies and portrayals about diamond life (Kevin Costner in "Bull Durham" springs to mind), a select few actors have hit the field in fact-based baseball films.

Gary Cooper as Lou Gehrig

In the revered biopic "The Pride of the Yankees," Cooper steps into the shoes of the Yankees icon and deftly handles all the off-the-field developments (diagnosis of ALS, "Luckiest Man Alive"...

Celebrity Weekend In Photos: Gaga In Washington, Jonas Playing Kickball & More

10/12/2009 9:15am EDT
Lady Gaga Human Rights Campaign
Lady Gaga receives acknowledgment from President Barack Obama as he speaks at the Human Rights Campaign national dinner, Saturday, Oct. 10, in Washington. See what other celebrities did this weekend...

Nick Jonas pitches a kickball during a charity game in Norwich, Conn., Sunday, Oct. 11.

Nick Jonas

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Image © AP Photo/Jessica Hill

More Nick Jonas Pictures

IRL driver Dario Franchitti, of Scotland, and his wife, Ashley Judd, kiss after he won the IRL championship after winning the Firestone Indy 300 auto race at the Homestead-Miami Internationa...

The Best Baseball Movies Ever

10/9/2009 11:30am EDT
Best  Baseball  Movies  Ever
The MLB baseball playoffs have already begun and eight teams are battling it out for that prestigious World Series title. For over a century now, baseball has given us memorable moments like game-winning home runs, perfect games, and complete-game shutouts. Baseball has also given us some of the most memorable movies in film history. In honor of our national pastime, we've compiled a list of the greatest baseball films that have captured the essence of the game and inspired sports and non-sports fans alike. ...

Slideshow: Celebrity Male Equivalent Cougars... Old Panthers?

9/24/2009 12:00pm EDT
Old Panthers
Courteney Cox's new comedy Cougar Town premiered Thursday on ABC at 9:30 pm. She plays Julie, a 40 year old Florida real estate agent and recent divorcee who is interested in dating younger men. The show mirrors her real life marriage to David Arquette, who is seven years younger than she is. In honor of the show's premiere, we picked out a few of the top male equivalent cougars.

George Clooney has always had a thing for younger women. Before his recent Italian fling, he was involved with 30 year old Sarah Larson. Recently he stepped out with his new young eye candy, Elisabetta Canalis...

Best & Worst Of Ashton Kutcher

8/14/2009 10:45am EDT
Ashton Kutcher
Ashton Kutcher is one of those actors that the general public loves to hate yet secretly loves. He is a leading man with striking looks who has made numerous successful films; he has more than 1 million followers on Twitter; he is married to Demi Moore and he comes across as being a genuinely nice human being. Yet the phrase, "Want to see the new Ashton Kutcher movie with me?" tends to make people want to expunge their last meal.

As with any performer, not everything that Kutcher does is a gem of a move. The collective work of Kutcher isn't exactly Oscar worthy, but most of what he do...

Similar Story Smackdown: Which Hollywood Flicks Came Out On Top?

4/27/2009 11:57am EDT
Saving Private Ryan
So, have you seen this year's comedy about an overweight, overzealous, loser-y mall cop who takes his job way too seriously and is hopelessly in love with a fellow shopping center employee? If you're not sure whether I'm referring to January's hit Paul Blart: Mall Cop or the newest Seth Rogen comedy Observe and Report (in theaters now), don't be too hard on yourself: Both flicks have eerily similar plotlines. This isn't the first time two films with the same subject matter have been released within a year of one another; Hollywood has a talent for redundancy (see: recycling and ripping off)...

Best & Worst Stalker Movies

4/23/2009 10:24am EDT
In 'Obsessed', Derek Charles (Idris Elba) sparks a relationship with his smoking hot new co-worker Lisa Sheridan (Ali Larter). One little problem… Derek already put a ring on Sharon Charles (Beyonce). Crazy Lisa doesn't want to hear that though and continues her pursuit anyways. The unrelenting stalker character is a Hollywood staple, so will 'Obsessed' result in some good scares or unintentional laughs? Here's a look back at some of the best and worst stalker movies ever.


'Play Misty for Me' (1971) - Long before Jessica Walter made a career of playing boozing, acid tongued gr...

Unexpected Celebrity Career Changes

4/7/2009 9:30am EDT
Joaquin Phoenix
In the celebrity world, career dabbling is a relatively common occurrence. Once a person has risen to celebrity status, they have easy access to the necessary resources, such as agents, publicists, and various other in-the-biz connections, that will allow them to change careers almost as often as they change their bed sheets - think celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Hilary Duff who oscillate between being actresses and singers. Career changes like these are made especially possible in today's celebrity world thanks to contraptions like auto-tune, which has lead to the replacement of talen...

Celebrity Birthdays, January 18

1/18/2009 3:00am EST
Winnie the Pooh
Happy Birthday to actress/singer Samantha Mumba (1983), guitarist Quinn Allman and vocalist Bert McCracken of The Used (1982), KoRn singer Jonathan Davis (1971), rapper DJ Quik (1970), "Law & Order" actor Jesse L. Martin (1969), late night comedian Dave Attell (1965), "Open Range" star Kevin Costner (1955), Temptations singer David Ruffin (1941; d. 1991), actor Danny Kaye (1913; d. 1987), silver screen star Cary Grant (1904; d. 1986), comedic actor Oliver Hardy (1892; d. 1957), and "Winnie the Pooh" author A.A. Milne (1882; d. 1956).

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Spotlight On Oscar's Best Pictures

1/7/2009 12:15pm EST
January is the start of award season which means it's a tense time in Tinsel town! Actors are either being recognized or shunned for their tremendous work, agents are either celebrating with their stars or firing their "has-been" actors and we are betting on who is going to take home the Oscar! The stars, the fashion, the ambiance, the parties and actually taking home an Oscar along with the bragging rights that come along with it make this time of year so exciting!

The category of Best Picture is a huge deal and to be a part of the movie that wins is an honor! To say that you starre...

Christopher Lloyd's Home Damaged By Montecito Fire

11/16/2008 3:00pm EST
Christopher Lloyd
Back to the Future star Christopher Lloyd is fighting to save his home in the Montecito wildfire raging through California. Buildings on Lloyd's property sustained major fire damage on Thursday night and through Friday, with part of the estate turned to ruins.

The actor, who played zany professor Doc Brown in the Back To The Future trilogy, was alerted to the sad news by phone - he's currently shooting a movie on location in Canada.

Lloyd attempted to sell the property early last year but later pulled his home off the market.

The main house is a local landmark - it was built ...

Kevin Costner & Modern West Release Debut Album November 11

11/7/2008 6:30pm EST
Kevin Costner & Modern West
Universal Republic/Universal Records South will release the debut album from Kevin Costner & Modern West, titled Untold Truths, on November 11. Though best known for his acting career, Costner is no stranger to the art of making music and songwriting. The band's history goes back some 20 years when Kevin first met band mate John Coinman in Los Angeles during an acting workshop. The two began playing and writing music together and soon after started a band called "Roving Boy." As Kevin's star began to rise, he was unable to devote much time to the band. However, he and some of the band membe...

Race Matters: Is Hollywood Truly Color Blind When It Comes To On-Screen Romance?

9/29/2008 9:49am EDT
Die Another Day
In John Grisham's bestselling novel "The Pelican Brief," investigative journalist Gray Grantham and law student Darby Shaw uncover a political conspiracy and in the process, end up between the sheets. In the 1993 film version, Darby Shaw (played by Julia Roberts) and Grantham merely share a chaste hug in the film's conclusion. What happened between page and screen? One theory: In the novel Grantham is white; in the film, he's portrayed by Academy-Award winning - and black - actor Denzel Washington.

The stigma of interracial relationships in cinema can be traced back to the 1934 Motio...

Opening August 1: Swing Vote

7/30/2008 3:49pm EDT
Swing Vote
When the mischievous antics of a precocious 12-year-old girl result in the outcome of the United States presidential election hinging on the vote of her apathetic, likable loser of a father... Continue Summary

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Slideshow: 5 Films To Look Forward To This August

7/23/2008 8:44am EDT
Tropic Thunder
As summer winds down, so does the release of Hollywood blockbusters. But that doesn't mean there aren't any films worth watching. Check out a handful of films that are sure to entertain before September rolls around:

Aug. 1

The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor

This globe-trotting adventure finds explorer Rick O'Connell (Brendan Fraser) and his son attempting to thwart a resurrected emperor's (Jet Li) plan to enslave the entire human race.

Aug. 1

Swing Vote

When the mischievous antics of a precocious 12-year-old girl result in the outcome of the United Sta...

With A New Season Upon Us... Let's Take A Look At The Greatest Baseball Moments on Film

3/31/2008 11:59am EDT
Bull Durham
It's no secret that one of America's favorite days of the year is opening day (in turn, we are not a fan of the Japan trips that do not allow all teams to open on the same day). With all the controversies that exist in baseball today (steroids, HGH, the designated hitter) it is nice to look to the movies and find an innocence that we all may be losing a grip on. In the spirit of that innocence, we present the top five greatest baseball moments on film:

5. Not to get too sentimental right off the bat (no pun intended, seriously) but is there a scene in any movie that makes a baseball...

Celebrity Birthdays, January 18

1/18/2008 3:00am EST
Winnie the Pooh
Happy Birthday to actress/singer Samantha Mumba (1983), guitarist Quinn Allman and vocalist Bert McCracken of The Used (1982), KoRn singer Jonathan Davis (1971), rapper DJ Quik (1970), "Law & Order" actor Jesse L. Martin (1969), WWE wrestler Batista (1966), late night comedian Dave Attell (1965), legendary Canadian hockey star Mark Messier (1961), "Open Range" star Kevin Costner (1955), Temptations singer David Ruffin (1941; d. 1991), actor Danny Kaye (1913; d. 1987), silver screen star Cary Grant (1904; d. 1986), comedic actor Oliver Hardy (1892; d. 1957), and "Winnie the Pooh" author A.A....

Opening June 1: Mr. Brooks

5/29/2007 3:47pm EDT
Mr. Brooks
A hardened detective enters into a tenuous symbiotic relationship with the vicious serial killer she is tracking after earning the respect of the murderous madman in this vicious psychological thriller starring Demi Moore, Kevin Costner, and William Hurt. Earl Brooks (Costner) is a successful businessman, noted philanthropist, and loving father. Continue Summary

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Kevin Costner And Dane Cook Star In 'Mr. Brooks,' Opening June 1

4/19/2007 9:00pm EDT
Mr. Brooks
"All human beings...are commingled out of good and evil." - Robert Louis Stevenson, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Consider Mr. Brooks. A successful businessman, a generous philanthropist, a loving father and devoted husband. Seemingly, he's perfect. But Mr. Brooks has a secret -- he is an insatiable serial killer, so lethally clever that no one has ever suspected him -- until now.

Academy Award winner Kevin Costner stars as Earl Brooks, a man who has managed to keep his two incompatible worlds from intersecting by controlling his cunning, wicked alter ego Marshall (Academy Award wi...