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Now Playing: Three More Women Accuse Bill Cosby of Decades-Old Assaults Three More Women Accuse Bill Cosby of Decades-Old Assaults
2015-08-13 Bill Cosby Accused By Three More Women of Sexual Assault
2015-08-13 Cosby Faces Assault Allegations From Three More Women
2015-08-13 Three More Women Accuse Bill Cosby of Sexual Assault
2015-08-13 Bill Cosby Has Been Ordered to Testify
2015-08-07 Bill Cosby Ordered to Give Sworn Deposition in Lawsuit
2015-08-06 Bill Cosby's Next Deposition Might Give Us More Answers
2015-08-06 Melba Moore -- I Love Bill Cosby ... 'Nobody's Perfect'
2015-08-03 Melba Moore -- I Love Bill Cosby ... 'Nobody's Perfect'
2015-08-03 'Cosby Show' Producer Worries About Legacy of the Sitcom
2015-08-01 Photographer Who Took Photos of Bill Cosby's Accusers Speaks Out
2015-07-28 35 Alleged Bill Cosby Victims Come Together in a Shocking Magazine Cover
2015-07-27 Grandmaster Flash Loses His Car and More
2015-07-26 Cosby Lawyers Say Release of Deposition Broke Settlement Terms
2015-07-24 Cosby, Brown, Lambert: Showbiz Round Up
2015-07-24 Bill Cosby Loses Legal Bid To Block Sexual Assault Lawsuit
2015-07-24 Bill Cosby Loses Latest Bid to Block Sexual Abuse Lawsuit
2015-07-23 Cosby Faces New Legal Challenge
2015-07-23 Judd Apatow's Scathing Bill Cosby Impression in 'Tonight Show' Stand-Up
2015-07-22 Bill Cosby Asks Court To Punish Accuser
2015-07-22 More Bombshells from Bill Cosby's 2005 Deposition
2015-07-21 Watch Judd Apatow Skewer Bill Cosby With Perfect Impression
2015-07-21 Cosby Detailed His Womanizing, Secrecy Efforts a Decade Ago
2015-07-20 Cosby Detailed His Womanizing, Secrecy Efforts a Decade Ago
2015-07-20 Bill Cosby's Deposition Released
2015-07-20 Joey Bada$$ Defends Bill Cosby, Says the Media Is Brainwashing People
2015-07-20 Report: Cosby Said Drugs, Sex Were Consensual
2015-07-19 Whoopi Goldberg Changes Her Mind About Bill Cosby
2015-07-15 Judd Apatow Continues His Crusade Against Bill Cosby
2015-07-15 Whoopi Goldberg Changes Stance on Bill Cosby: 'It Looks Bad'
2015-07-15 Judd Apatow's Anti-Bill Cosby Crusade Targets Whoopi Goldberg:
2015-07-11 Whoopi Goldberg Still Defends Bill Cosby: “Innocent Until Proven Guilty”
2015-07-10 Whoopi Goldberg Defends Bill Cosby...Again: Slayed or Shade?
2015-07-10 L.A. Civil Rights Activists Want Cosby Star Removed
2015-07-10 Second Trailer of Mocking Jay Part 2 Released and More
2015-07-10 Cosby's First Known Accuser Was No Aspiring Starlet
2015-07-09 Beverly Johnson on Bill Cosby's Quaaludes Admission
2015-07-09 Celebrities Are Still Defending Bill Cosby
2015-07-09 Cosby's First Known Accuser Was No Aspiring Starlet
2015-07-09 Bill Cosby's Legal Disaster Continues To Snowball
2015-07-09 Disney Removes Bill Cosby Statue From Theme Park
2015-07-08 Janice Dickinson -- Bill Cosby Needs to Confess One More Thing
2015-07-08 Bill Cosby Statue Removed From Disney Theme Park
2015-07-08 Cosby Said He Got Drugs to Give Women for Sex
2015-07-07 Bill Cosby Admits to Obtaining Quaaludes to Give to 'Young Women'
2015-07-07 Court Documents Prove Bill Cosby Gave Drugs to Women
2015-07-07 Will Bill Cosby's Quaaludes Admission Lead To A Confession?
2015-07-07 Bill Cosby Obtained Drugs to Give to Women for Sex
2015-07-07 Bill Cosby: 'I Did Drug Woman'
2015-07-07 Jill Scott Admits She Was Wrong to Support Bill Cosby
2015-07-07 Bill Cosby Admitted to Drugging Woman With Quaaludes
2015-07-07 Documents Reveal Bill Cosby Used Quaaludes to Sexually Assault Woman
2015-07-07 Jill Scott, Judd Apatow Speak Out in Wake of New Bill Cosby Revelations
2015-07-07 Bill Cosby Lawyer: Sealed Court Docs Are ‘Terribly Embarassing'
2015-06-27 Top 10 Career Finishing Scandals
2015-06-07 Top 10 Scandals of 2015 So Far
2015-05-27 Another Top 10 Celebrity Falls from Grace
2015-05-26 ShowBiz Minute: Belden, Dickinson, Letterman
2015-05-21 Bill Cosby Sued by Janice Dickens for Defamation Over Rape Allegations
2015-05-21 Did ABC Miss the Mark With Its Bill Cosby Interview?
2015-05-16 Bill Cosby Addresses Allegations in His First TV Interview
2015-05-15 Bill Cosby Dodges Sexual Assault Allegation Questions in First Interview
2015-05-15 Bill Cosby Addresses Allegations: 'I've Never Seen Anything Like This'
2015-05-15 Three More Women Say Bill Cosby Drugged, Sexually Assaulted Them
2015-04-24 Kenan Thompson Addresses Bill Cosby Rape Allegations at Comedy Show
2015-04-15 Cosby Show Brings Out Protesters in Baltimore
2015-03-28 Chelsea Handler Says Bill Cosby Tried To 'Cosby' Her
2015-03-27 Hannibal Buress Talks Cosby-Related Death Threats on 'Kimmel'
2015-03-19 Comedy Central Orders Hannibal Buress Comedy Series
2015-03-11 Bill Cosby Releases New Video Message
2015-03-10 Bill Cosby Releases Video Message for Fans
2015-03-10 Bill Cosby Announces Upcoming Show
2015-03-10 Accuser's Mother Reaches out to Cosby's Wife
2015-03-10 Simon, Cosby, Streep: Showbiz Round Up
2015-03-10 Bill Cosby Releases First Video Message Since Rape Scandal