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Now Playing: CNN -- Cosby Lawyer Claims Network Is Manipulating Interviews to Smear Him CNN -- Cosby Lawyer Claims Network Is Manipulating Interviews to Smear Him
2014-12-20 Did The View's Beverly Johnson Interview Drive a Wedge Between Whoopi Goldberg and Rosie O'Donnell?
2014-12-18 Claim Against Cosby Deemed to Be Too Old
2014-12-17 Bill Cosby Tried to Kiss Kathie Lee Gifford?
2014-12-17 Cosby's Wife Defends Besieged Husband
2014-12-16 Bill Cosby Accuser -- A Shrink Says I WAS Molested as a Kid
2014-12-16 Cosby's Wife Speaks Out, Compares Allegations to UVA Rape
2014-12-16 Camille Cosby Breaks Her Silence and Defends "Wonderful Husband" Bill Cosby
2014-12-16 Bill Cosby's Wife ... 'He Is the Man You Thought You Knew'
2014-12-16 Bill Cosby's Wife Rejects Sex Assault Claims Against Husband
2014-12-16 Cosby's Wife Breaks Silence, Defends Bill and Calls Out Victims
2014-12-16 Camille Cosby Defends Husband Bill Cosby, Compares Coverage of Sexual Assault Allegations to Rolling Stone's UVA Rape Story
2014-12-16 Bill Cosby Tries to Rape Taylor Swift on ‘South Park'
2014-12-14 Supermodel Beverly Johnson Claims Bill Cosby Drugged Her During Audition
2014-12-14 Bill Cosby -- I Only Expect the 'Black Media' To Be Good Journalists
2014-12-14 Dave Chappelle Jokes About Bill Cosby, Elaborates On Police Choking Story
2014-12-13 Janice Dickinson -- Beverly Johnson Tells the Truth About Cosby
2014-12-12 Beverly Johnson On Bill Cosby: 'I Knew This Man Drugged Me'
2014-12-12 Woman Files Defamation Lawsuit Against Bill Cosby
2014-12-11 'South Park' Episode Makes Fun of Taylor Swift & Miley Cyrus
2014-12-10 Joan Tarshis on Her Relations with Bill Cosby
2014-12-09 Hugh Hefner Speaks Out on Cosby Allegations
2014-12-08 Ask Drew: What the 'Star Wars' Trailer Is Really Saying
2014-12-07 Cosby Allegations Deepen as Judy Huth Files Report with LAPD
2014-12-06 Police Investigate Cosby Claims
2014-12-06 Bill Cosby's Star on the Walk of Fame Vandalized and More
2014-12-06 Three Bill Cosby Accusers Open Up About Allegations on the ET Set
2014-12-05 CeeLo Green -- It's About Time Bill Cosby Start Fighting Back
2014-12-05 Bill Cosby Sued for Alleged Underage Sexual Abuse
2014-12-04 New Lawsuit Alleges Cosby Sexually Assaulted 15-Year-Old Girl 40 Years Ago
2014-12-04 More Women Make Claims Against Cosby
2014-12-04 Bill Cosby Accuser Tells Story of Alleged Abuse
2014-12-04 Three New Cosby Accusers Come Forward at Press Conference
2014-12-04 Bill Cosby Breaks Silence Following Rape Allegations, Says "Thank You" to Supporters Like Whoopi Goldberg
2014-12-04 Jerry Seinfeld On Bill Cosby: 'It's Sad and Incomprehensible'
2014-12-04 Cosby's Comedy Show Requiring Gun Security Check
2014-12-04 20th Bill Cosby Accuser Comes Forward
2014-12-03 Cosby Sued Over 'Sex Act'
2014-12-03 Cosby Sued Over 'Sex Act'
2014-12-03 Woman Sues Bill Cosby, Claiming Underage Abuse
2014-12-03 Underage Sexual Abuse Lawsuit Is Latest Claim Against Cosby
2014-12-03 Bill Cosby Quits Trustee Post at Temple University
2014-12-02 As New Cosby Accusers Come Forward, Legal Options Remain Limited
2014-11-27 'Cosby' Author Sorry for Omitting Assault Charges
2014-11-27 Bill Cosby's Nephew Defends Actor Against Rape Allegations
2014-11-26 Former NBC Employee Claims He Paid and Brought Women to Bill Cosby
2014-11-25 Bill Cosby's 'Ghost Dad' Co-Star Says He Always Acted Professionally On Set
2014-11-25 Jon Jones: Bill Cosby Is Too Classy To Be A Rapist
2014-11-24 Ex-NBC Employee Claims Bill Cosby Paid Off Women
2014-11-24 The Doctors Discuss the Prosecution of Sexual Assault Cases
2014-11-23 The Doctors Discuss the Allegations of Sexual Assault Against Bill Cosby
2014-11-23 'Saturday Night Live' -- Hey Cosby, 'Pull Your Damn Pants Up!"
2014-11-23 Janice Dickinson 'Disgusted' Over Bill Cosby's Standing Ovation
2014-11-22 Bill Cosby Asks Reporter to Edit Out His Response to Rape Allegations
2014-11-21 Donald Trump Thinks Bill Cosby Needs a Better PR Team: Comedian Should Be Handling Rape Allegations "Differently"
2014-11-21 Florida Nurse Says Bill Cosby Drugged And Raped Her In 1976
2014-11-21 Bill Cosby's Arizona Show Canceled Amid Scandal
2014-11-21 Bill Cosby Allegedly Forced Oral Sex on Actress Backstage at Johnny Carson
2014-11-21 More Accusations, Fallout for Bill Cosby
2014-11-20 Full Cosby Exchange with AP on Allegations
2014-11-20 Networks Back Away From Bill Cosby After Assault Claims
2014-11-20 NBC and Netflix Drop Bill Cosby Comedies Amid Sexual Assault Allegations
2014-11-20 EXCLUSIVE: Janice Dickinson on Bill Cosby Accusation: 'It Is Not A Lie'
2014-11-20 ShowBiz Minute: Bono, Cosby, 'Hunger Games'
2014-11-20 Bill Cosby Will Always Get A Chili Reception In D.C.
2014-11-20 Raven-Symoné: Bill Cosby Never Assaulted Me
2014-11-20 Kevin Frazier and More React to Cosby Rape Allegations
2014-11-20 Bill Cosby's New NBC Show Is No Longer In Development
2014-11-20 Bill Cosby Shows Axed In US
2014-11-20 Watch Bill Cosby Tell Reporter Not to Air Interview Footage After Refusing to Address Sexual Assault Allegations
2014-11-20 Cosby on Rape Allegations: 'There's No Response'
2014-11-20 Janice Dickinson Details Bill Cosby Sexual Assault
2014-11-19 Janice Dickinson Accuses Bill Cosby of Sexual Assault
2014-11-19 ShowBiz Minute: Cosby, Morgan, and Hemsworth
2014-11-19 More Bill Cosby Allegations, Netflix Special Postponed