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Producer Hopes People Can Separate Sex Scandal From 'Cosby Show' Legacy

8/2/2015 3:01pm EDT
'Cosby Show' Producer Hopes Show's Historical Significance Will
Television producer Tom Werner says that he's hopeful that fans of The Cosby Show will be still be able to enjoy the show in light of the recent Bill Cosby sex scandal.

Werner, who co-produced Cosby's show with Marcy Carsey, still believes that it's "one of the most groundbreaking shows" ever, although it's "kind of tarnished" thanks to the dozens of women who have come out with accusations that Cosby drugged them and raped them.

"I do think the show is one of the most groundbreaking shows in television. Hopefully people can distinguish between the show and Bill. I think about all the gre...

Nearly Three Dozen Bill Cosby Accusers Tell Their Stories In New York Magazine

7/27/2015 6:57pm EDT
Cosby accusere New York magazine
Nearly three dozen women from all walks of life have landed on the cover of the latest issue of New York Magazine. The reason? All of them have accused actor Bill Cosby of sexually assaulting them.

From waitresses to former supermodels, each woman tells her own story -- all of which "have remarkable similarities" -- of how the disgraced comedian drugged them with quaaludes and had sex (or tried to) with them.

35 of the 46 women who came out with accusations against Cosby after comedian Hannibal Buress called the once beloved TV star a "rapist" during a stand-up comedy routine posed for th...

New Evidence Against Bill Cosby Surfaces

7/19/2015 3:15pm EDT
Bill Cosby Reportedly Paid Women To Keep Their Sexual Trysts Sec
When the allegations that beloved actor Bill Cosby had drugged and raped multiple women first came out, some of Cosby's friends were quick to say that he has never been convicted of a crime. But things took a turn earlier this month when it was reported that Cosby admitted to giving drugs to women for sex in a deposition for one of the cases brought against him.

Now, further details have come out about the sworn testimony Cosby gave in 2005. Cosby reportedly admitted to paying women after sex in order to keep the affairs from his wife, and said that he was skilled at understanding non-verb...

'Cosby' Star Says Bill Is Guilty

7/15/2015 8:40am EDT
'The Cosby Show' Actor Joseph C. Phillips Said Bill Cosby Is Gui
Joseph C. Phillips. who portrayed Bill Cosby's son-in-law Martin Kendall on "The Cosby Show" has taken to his blog to declare that the comedian is indeed guilty of "playing around."

Phillips, who portrayed Lisa Bonet's (Denise) husband on the beloved NBC series, said on his blog titled "Faith, Family, Freedom" that Cosby was known to have a wandering eye, but asks the actor to retire from show business and allow fans like himself, a chance to continue to remember the comedian with fondness.

"Bill, you have a family who loves you, a wife who is devoted to you; you have more money than you ...

Janice Dickinson Wants An Apology From Bill Cosby [WATCH]

7/9/2015 11:34am EDT
Janice Dickinson On Bill Cosby Quaalude Admission: 'I Want An Ap
Following Bill Cosby's admission in 2005 that he did obtain Quaalude's to have sex with women, Janice Dickinson wants an apology from the beleaguered comedian.

"I don't know how to feel. I don't have the strength at the moment until each and every one of the women that have accused Bill Cosby, along with myself and a few other women -- I want an apology for each and every one of us in order for my soul to heal," Dickinson told "Entertainment Tonight."

The former model spoke out in light of court documents where Cosby admitted as part of a deposition in a civil suit that he obtained Quaal...

Whoopi Goldberg Says Calling Bill Cosby A Rapist Is A Snap Judgment

7/8/2015 12:27am EDT
Whoopi Goldberg: Bill Cosby Is Innocent Until Proven Guilty
Bill Cosby doesn't have many supporters these days. That's what happens when numerous women come forward to claim that you drugged and raped them. There have been a few holdouts who have stayed loyal to Cosby, and to be fair, he hasn't been convicted of any criminal charges. But this week's report that Cosby himself admitted to buying drugs for the purpose of giving them to women he wanted to have sex with would pretty much shut the book on this one, right? Not according to actress Whoopi Goldberg.

Goldberg, who has stuck up for Cosby more than once throughout the ongoing scandal, once ag...

Bill Cosby Admits It: He Bought Drugs, Gave Them To Women

7/6/2015 10:31pm EDT
Bill Cosby Quaaludes: Bill Admits Buying Drugs, Giving Them To W
Bill Cosby himself has confirmed it- he once purchased drugs with the intent of giving them to women for sex. The admission comes from the AP, who went to court in search of a deposition from a previous court case, when a Temple University employee named Andrea Constand accused Cosby of sexual abuse. After pressure from the AP, the court did in fact release a small portion of the deposition- and now we know the truth.

In the deposition, which took place in 2005, Cosby admitted to purchasing quaaludes and giving "pills" (which Cosby claims were Benadryl) to Constand. Here's the exact text f...

Another Alleged Sexual Assault Victim Sues Bill Cosby

5/21/2015 9:07am EDT
Bill Cosby
Former supermodel Janice Dickinson is the latest alleged sexual assault victim to file a lawsuit against Bill Cosby.

Last November, Dickinson opened up publicly about the comedian's inappropriate behavior, claiming he plied her with wine and a mystery pill after she complained of stomach pains during a business dinner with him in Lake Tahoe, Calif., in 1982. The model had reportedly been meeting with the actor to discuss a role on "The Cosby Show."

Dickinson said she woke up naked the next morning and recalled: "I remember before I passed out that I had been sexually assaulted by this man...

Hannibal Buress Crushes Heckler (Watch)

4/1/2015 8:02am EDT
Watch Hannibal Buress Take Down A Drunk Heckler
Hannibal Buress has gone viral again, but this time it has nothing to do with Bill Cosby.

Buress, the comedian who brought the many rape allegations against Bill Cosby back into the public consciousness after calling him out during one his stand up routines, was performing his show in Delaware recently when a drunk member of the audience started yelling at him.

Buress stopped the show and turned his full focus onto the heckler, immediately asking him "why can't you hold your liquor?" That got the crowd on the comedian's side, and he used the momentum to destroy the heckler for the next t...

Why Is Chelsea Handler Convinced That Bill Cosby Is Guilty Of Sexual Assault?

3/26/2015 4:06pm EDT
Chelsea Handler
Chelsea Handler has revealed that she nearly became one of Bill Cosby's alleged sexual abuse victims a decade ago when she and the comedian were staying in the same Atlantic City, New Jersey, hotel.

Handler and actor Nick Offerman share the cover of the latest issue of Esquire magazine and during their x-rated chat with the magazine she recalled the story and said if she hadn't brought along a few friends when she was invited up to the fallen star's hotel suite, she may have been "Cosbyed" herself.

Handler and Offerman were asked about sex in committed relationships when the Parks and Rec...

Another Woman Comes Forward With New Bill Cosby Rape Allegation

1/27/2015 1:47pm EST
Bill Cosby
A former Hollywood executive has come out and accused comedian Bill Cosby of drugging and raping her.

Cindra Ladd, the wife of Oscar-winning producer Alan Ladd Jr. ("Braveheart"), wrote an editorial called "Cosby: 'Trust Me'" for the Huffington Post on Monday, accusing Cosby of raping her in 1969, when she was just 21-years-old.

Ladd's story is very similar to those of over two dozen others who have come forward. She and Cosby became friends and would occasionally hang out, watching TV and movies with her roommate.

"He acted like a perfect gentleman," she says, until one night they met u...

Jay Leno Believes The Women Who Accused Bill Cosby Of Sexual Assault

1/22/2015 8:19am EST
Jay Leno Wonders Why Is It's 'So Hard to Believe' Bill Cosby Acc
When asked about the sexual assault allegations Bill Cosby, Jay Leno said on Wednesday he couldn't understand why some of the public has a difficult time beliving the accounts of nearly 30 women.

He attended a Q&A session at the NAPTE conference in Miami, Fla., and was asked by comedian Tom Papa to comment on the sexual assault allegations.

"I don’t know why it’s so hard to believe women,” Leno said. "You to go Saudi Arabia and you need two women to testify against a man. Here you need 25."

On Tuesday, Larry Wilmore Kicked off his tenure on Comedy Central's "The Nightly Show" also addres...

Who Is Larry Wilmore And Why Does He Hate Bill Cosby?

1/21/2015 12:22pm EST
Larry Wilmore On Bill Cosby: 'That Mother F---er Did It' (Watch)
Larry Wilmore started off his tenure on Comedy Central's "The Nightly Show" with a bang, by addressing the beleagured life and career of Bill Cosby.

The 52-year-old writer/commentator used his second night on the job to take aim at what he called the "hurricane of horrors" surrounding Cosby.

"Tonight, we're talking Bill Cosby," Wilmore stated. "We'll ask the question, 'Did he do it?' The answer will be yes."

"There's a statute of limitations on the charges, but there's no statue of limitations on my opinion, and I'm telling you that motherf***er did it!"

"Why aren't people listening t...

Network Permanently Severs Ties With Cosby

1/17/2015 5:13pm EST
NBC Boycotts Bill Cosby
NBC's president announced on Friday that the network will never work with Bill Cosby again. Over the past few months, over 30 women have come forward claiming the actor/comedian drugged and/or sexually assaulted them. He has denied all wrongdoing.

Cosby is most known for his hit 1980s NBC comedy "The Cosby Show, " but Robert Greenblatt has made it clear that the star is no longer welcome on the network.

When asked by reporters on Friday if executives at NBC have decided against working with Cosby again, Greenblatt responded, "I think it's safe to say".

NBC canceled plans to develop a new...

Bill Cosby's Attorney Fights Back Against Latest Accusations

1/17/2015 10:30am EST
Attorney: Bill Cosby Wasn't At Playboy Mansion On Night Of Alleg
Bill Cosby's attorney has slammed model Chloe Goins' accusations of sexual assault, claiming he has proof that the comedian wasn't present at the Playboy Mansion on the night of the alleged incident.

Goins says the actor gave her a spiked drink at the mansion in Holmby Hills, Calif., during Playboy founder Hugh Hefner's Midsummer's Night party in August, 2008. She claims she woke up naked with Cosby sucking her toes and pleasuring himself.

Earlier this week, she filed a report with the police, even though the statute of limitations for all sexual assaults except rape is six years.


Another Bill Cosby Accuser Files Criminal Charges

1/15/2015 8:56am EST
Model Meets With Los Angeles Police To Pursue Charges Against Bi
Los Angeles police have interviewed Chloe Goins, who accused Bill Cosby of drugging her and sexually assaulting her in 2008. The model made a formal complaint against the comedian, claiming he attacked her at the Playboy mansion when she was 18.

According to Britain's Daily Mail, Goins said Cosby gave her a drink and "everything kind of went a little foggy." When she woke up, she was naked in a bedroom, and Cosby was sucking her toes and masturbating. When she confronted him, he ran out of the room.

On Wednesday, Goins and her attorney met authorities to pursue criminal charges against Co...

Cosby Gets Standing O During Canada Show

1/9/2015 7:19am EST
Bill Cosby Gets Standing Ovation During First Night In Canada, T
Bill Cosby's stand-up performance in Ontario, Canada on Wednesday was a success for the comedian despite all the recent backlash against him.

Cosby received a standing ovation despite protesters outside Kitchener's Centre In The Square venue holding up posters with slogans reading, among other things, "rape is no joke."

Prior to the show, three more women came forward with accusations against the comedian, who has seen over two dozen women allege that he drugged them by spiking alcoholic beverages and then raped them.

That group of women includes models Janice Dickinson and Beverly Johns...

Phylicia Rashad Comes to Bill Cosby's Defense

1/7/2015 8:25am EST
Phylicia Rashad Slams 'Orchestrated' Allegations Against Bill Co
Phylicia Rashad believes the sexual abuse allegations against her former co-star Bill Cosby were "orchestrated" to destroy his legacy. Rashad, 66, starred with the actor/comedian on "The Cosby Show" from 1984 to 1992. More than 20 women have come forward, claiming Cosby abused and/or drugged them, but Rashad claims she never witnessed such inappropriate behavior.

She told, "Forget these women... What you're seeing is the destruction of a legacy. And I think it's orchestrated. I don't know why or who's doing it, but it's the legacy. And it's a legacy that is so important to t...

25 Biggest Entertainment Stories Of The Year

12/30/2014 7:06am EST
25 Biggest Entertainment Stories Of 2014
2014 was a big year in entertainment -- there were sex scandals, star-studded weddings, arrests, nude photo leaks and cyber attacks, as well as a fist fight in an elevator.

Which stars and entertainment stories made the biggest headlines in 2014?

In January, Justin Bieber was arrested in Miami Beach, Fla., on suspicion of driving under the influence (DUI), driving with an over six month expired license and resisting arrest without violence. That same month, Bieber was busted for throwing eggs at his neighbor's home in Calabasas, Calif., causing thousands of dollars of damage.


Santa’s 2014 Naughty List – These Stars Should Expect A Big Lump Of Coal!

12/24/2014 7:01pm EST
12 Celebrities On Santa's 2014 Naughty List
Every year Santa Claus makes a list (and checks it twice) to find out who's been naughty and who's been nice throughout the year, and to help the big man out we've compiled a list of a dozen folks who we think should be expecting a big, fat lump of coal in their stockings this year.

Two of the year's biggest offenders are those folks up there ^ The Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice and her husband Joe (Giuseppe).

The couple was indicted on over 40 counts of tax, mail and wire fraud earlier this year for not filing taxes and securing huge loans by making up income informati...

Bill Cosby Off The Hook As Criminal Rape Case Dismissed By Court

12/17/2014 8:10pm EST
Bill Cosby
Regardless of whether or not Bill Cosby is guilty of the 20-plus sexual molestations and assaults that he's been accused of by nearly two dozen women over the past month, it looks like he won't be prosecuted for any of his alleged crimes.

On Tuesday the Los Angeles County District Attorney dismissed a sexual assault case against the comedian brought by alleged victim Judy Huth, saying that she waited too long to file charges in accordance with the statute of limitations.

Related: Camille Cosby Speaks Out On Husband's Accusers

Huth's suit said that Cosby got her drunk and raped her at a p...

Camille Cosby Speaks Out On Husband's Accusers

12/16/2014 8:29am EST
Camille Cosby released a statement in support of her husband and asks, who is the real victim as allegations against the comedian mount.

For the first time since her husband Bill Cosby was accused of sexually abusing over a dozen women, Camille Cosby has spoken out in a statement released by CBS Evening News.

"I met my husband, Bill Cosby, in 1963 and we were married in 1964. The man I met and fell in love with and whom I continue to love, is the man you all knew through his work. He is a kind man, a generous man, funny man and a wonderful husband, father and friend. He is the man you tho...

Rumor Patrol: Kim Kardashian Blames God For Pregnancy Weight And More

12/13/2014 3:00pm EST
Rumor Patrol: Kim Kardashian Blames God For Pregnancy Weight, Be
You can't go one week without hearing a ridiculous story involving some of your favorite celebrities. Thankfully, the Starpulse Rumor Patrol is here to sort out what's real and what's fake.

Kim K Blames God For Pregnancy Weight: Kim Kardashian says that God is the reason she gained so much weight during her pregnancy with daughter North West.

Let's not factor in that she was the one putting the food in her mouth, shall we?

Verdict: Unbelievably True. “I’d think God was doing this for a reason,” she told Elle U.K. “He was saying: ‘Kim, you think you’re so hot, but look what I can do to ...

Bill Cosby's Latest Accuser: Former Model Beverly Johnson

12/12/2014 12:51pm EST
Former Model Beverly Johnson Is Latest To Accuse Bill Cosby Of S
Supermodel Beverly Johnson is the latest woman to come forward with accusations against Bill Cosby, claiming the comedian tried to sexually assault her in the 80s.

The 62-year-old claims that she auditioned for a small part on his eponymous hit series "The Cosby Show" at his home, where he drugged her and attempted to take advantage of her.

Johnson shared her story in a post on Vanity Fair's website on Thursday, saying that Cosby reeled her in with a few short meetings to get her comfortable with him before inviting her to his New York brownstone for dinner.

She explains that for that fi...

Alleged Groping Victim Sues Bill Cosby

12/11/2014 1:33pm EST
Accuser Sues Bill Cosby For Calling Her A Liar
One of the women who accused Bill Cosby of sexual assault has filed a lawsuit against the comedian for allegedly lying about his contact with her. Tamara Green claims Cosby took her on a lunch date in the 1970s and then drugged and groped her at her apartment.

Cosby's legal team has denied the allegations.

Green, a retired attorney, filed a defamation lawsuit in Massachusetts, claiming the former "Cosby Show" star's repeated denials have damaged her reputation and subjected her to public ridicule. She first spoke out about the attack in 2005.

More than a dozen women have come forward cl...

Hef Speaks Out Over Pal Bill Cosby's Sex Allegations

12/7/2014 2:02pm EST
Hugh Hefner
Hugh Hefner has opened up about all the sexual abuse and rape allegations against pal Bill Cosby, saying that the stories about all of the incidents are "saddening."

One such incident came to light early last week, when a woman claimed that she was sexually assaulted by Cosby at Hefner's famed Playboy Mansion back in 1974, when she was just 15 years old.

Judy Huth made the claim in a lawsuit she filed against Cosby on Tuesday, and now the Los Angeles Police Department has officially launched an investigation, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Related:Cosby Called 'Rapist' On Hollywood...

Cosby Called 'Rapist' On Hollywood Walk Of Fame Star

12/6/2014 3:20pm EST
Bill Cosby's Hollywood Walk Of Fame Star Vandalized
Vandals scrawled the word "rapist" on Bill Cosby's Hollywood Walk of Fame star early Thursday. The city's chamber of commerce has since cleaned the marker ink from the star.

The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce said in a statement: "When people are unhappy with one of our honorees, we would hope that they would project their anger in more positive ways then to vandalize a California State landmark."

Problems with the actor/comedian keep mounting. Judy Huth accused him of assaulting her at the Playboy Mansion in California in 1974 when she was just 15, and Cosby has filed a countersuit agai...

From Nude Photo Leaks To Murder-For-Hire: Top Celebrity Scandals Of 2014

12/5/2014 3:55pm EST
Top 10 Celebrity Scandals Of 2014
It's that time of year again. We're looking back at the past 12 months and analyzing the biggest celebrity scandals of 2014. Not all of the following stars were caught for bad behavior - some were victims of terrible crimes.

1) One of the most shocking scandals of the year has to be the ongoing sexual assault allegations against Bill Cosby. Nearly 20 women have came forward (so far), claiming the former "Cosby Show" star sexually assaulted them, with more than half saying he drugged them in the process.

Cosby has never been convicted of sexual assault and has declined to discuss the alle...

More Troubles For Bill Cosby

12/4/2014 12:03pm EST
3 More Women Come Forward Against Bill Cosby
The accusations continue to mount against Bill Cosby as three more women come forward against the comedian, backed by high-powered attorney Gloria Allred.

At a press conference on Wednesday, L.A. attorney Gloria Allred, acting as a representative for the victims, demanded Cosby place $100 million in a fund for his alleged victims and allow a panel of retired judges to decide whether the women’s claims have merit or not.

Allred also proposed Cosby waive the statute of limitations on the sexual assault claims against him, which would permit the women to file lawsuits against the comedian.


Bill Cosby Offers Refunds

11/30/2014 3:00pm EST
Bill Cosby
Bill Cosby's tour dates continue to go on but according to reports Cosby's camp has offered refunds to ticket holders where the controversial comedian is set to perform in the Tarrytown Music Hall next month in New York.

“Mr. Cosby’s management is now allowing for refunds for any patron’s (sic) that do not wish to attend the show. Please let me know if I may cancel and refund your order,” reported the Journal News.

There are some 30 shows on Cosby's schedule through May 2015.

This latest announcement comes after allegations of numerous women continue to come forward with allegations the ...