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Now Playing: Obama, Cooper Push for Media Help in Better Vet Portrayal Obama, Cooper Push for Media Help in Better Vet Portrayal
2015-01-31 Michelle Obama, Bradley Cooper To Promote Accurate Hollywood Portrayals of Vets
2015-01-30 Bradley Cooper's Fake Baby in 'American Sniper' Speaks Out
2015-01-29 American Sniper Widow Reveals Touching Wedding Details
2015-01-29 Bradley Cooper Could Be Returning to TV...With a Twist
2015-01-29 'American Sniper' Bradley Cooper and Sienna Miller Interview Part 2
2015-01-27 'American Sniper' Bradley Cooper and Sienna Miller Interview Part 1
2015-01-27 'American Sniper' Bradley Cooper and Sienna Miller Interview Part 3
2015-01-27 Box Office Top 3: Oscar Hype Keeps 'American Sniper' on Top
2015-01-26 "American Sniper" Boasts $64M in Second Weekend
2015-01-26 The Doctors Chime In on the 'American Sniper' Controversy
2015-01-25 Sniper Film 'Stoking Islamophobia'
2015-01-25 'American Sniper' Under Fire! Is There an Oscar Whisper Campaign?
2015-01-21 Chris Kyle: The 'American Sniper's' Reality TV Past
2015-01-21 “American Sniper” Stirs Up Controversy As It Brings In Big Box Office Bucks
2015-01-21 ‘American Sniper' Weight Gain By the Numbers
2015-01-20 Seth Rogen: 'American Sniper' Reminds of Nazi Propaganda Film In 'Inglourious Basterds'
2015-01-20 Did Seth Rogen Just Slam 'American Sniper?'
2015-01-20 Bradley Cooper's Insane Diet for 'American Sniper'
2015-01-20 Seth Rogen Clarifies 'American Sniper' Tweet, Says Everything Was Blown Out of Proportion
2015-01-20 The Real Star of American Sniper Is Bradley Cooper and Sienna Miller's Fake Baby
2015-01-20 Box Office Top 3: 'American Sniper' Shatters Jan. Records
2015-01-19 'American Sniper' Breaks Box Office Records After Oscar Nominations
2015-01-19 American Sniper Blasts US Box Office
2015-01-19 "American Sniper" Sets January Record with $90M Debut
2015-01-19 Michael Moore: I Was Taught Snipers Were "Cowards"
2015-01-19 'American Sniper' Breaks January Box Office Records
2015-01-19 'American Sniper' Picks Off Box Office Records
2015-01-19 Oscar Noms: The Biggest Surprises
2015-01-19 Ticket or Skip It: 'American Sniper'
2015-01-18 Cory Hardrict on 'American Sniper'
2015-01-18 'American Sniper': You Saved My Life Clip
2015-01-16 'American Sniper': The Thing That Haunts Me Clip
2015-01-16 Carell, Cooper and Cumberbatch in Running for Best Actor Oscar
2015-01-16 Box Office: 'American Sniper' Scores Massive $5.3M Thursday Night
2015-01-16 Bradley Cooper & Sienna Miller Talk 'American Sniper'
2015-01-15 Clint Eastwood Explains 'American Sniper' Casting
2015-01-15 Oscar Nominations Are Out: Here's What You Need to Know
2015-01-15 2015 Oscar Nominations Announced
2015-01-15 2015 Oscar Nominations Announced: Favorites to Win
2015-01-15 2015 Oscar Nominations: Shocking Snubs & Surprises
2015-01-15 Sienna Miller's Baby Girl Has the Biggest Crush on Bradley Cooper
2015-01-14 Why Bradley Cooper Is Hollywood's Coolest Leading Man Ever
2015-01-14 A Minute With: Sienna Miller on Acting, 'American Sniper'
2015-01-14 Bradley Cooper on 'American Sniper' and More
2015-01-13 Aubrey Plaza Joins 'Dirty Grandpa' and More
2015-01-13 'American Sniper': Guardians Featurette
2015-01-10 'A Most Violent Year' Has a Good Night
2015-01-07 Zoe Saldana: 'Why I Love Getting Physical on Screen'
2015-01-06 Bradley Cooper Celebrates His 40th Birthday by Playing Air Guitar With Jimmy Fallon and Rocking an Afro-
2015-01-06 Happy Birthday Bradley Cooper!
2015-01-05 Escape to the Movies: 'American Sniper': An Empty War Film
2015-01-04 Jonah Hill's Star Studded Birthday Dinner
2014-12-26 Richard Roeper Reviews 'American Sniper'
2014-12-25 Bradley Cooper Sets High Targets in New Film 'American Sniper'
2014-12-24 'American Sniper': MovieBites Sienna Miller on American Sniper
2014-12-23 American Sniper Review
2014-12-21 'American Sniper' Trailer 2
2014-12-20 Ben Stiller Reacts to Sony's Decision to Pull 'The Interview' and More
2014-12-18 Suki Waterhouse Takes Bradley Cooper's Dog for an Early Morning Stroll
2014-12-17 Sienna Miller And Bradley Cooper Reunited On The Red Carpet For American Sniper
2014-12-16 Bradley Cooper at His January 2015 Vanity Fair Cover Shoot
2014-12-02 Life-Sized Rocket Raccoon Now Available for Pre-Order
2014-11-19 The ZuboxTV Awards: The UK Awards We'd Like to See
2014-11-18 Bradley Cooper Consumed 8,000 Calories Daily For ‘American Sniper’
2014-11-14 'Guardians of the Galaxy' Home Video Release Trailer - EXCLUSIVE
2014-11-12 Bradley Cooper Returns in ‘The Elephant Man’
2014-11-11 Serena - Trailer No. 1
2014-11-08 Bradley Cooper, Is That You? Actor Nearly Unrecognizable Without His Beard
2014-11-08 'American Sniper' Releases Tense Trailer
2014-11-03 Movie Munch Roundup: '50 Shades of Grey' and More
2014-11-03 'Serena': Interview With Writer and Director
2014-10-22 Showbiz Round-Up: Jeremy Clarkson Caught Speeding and More
2014-10-20 'Serena': Jennifer Lawrence & Bradley Cooper Collaboration
2014-10-19 'Serena': Equal to Any Man Clip