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Now Playing: Anthony Bourdain Gets Anderson Cooper to Taste Tripe Anthony Bourdain Gets Anderson Cooper to Taste Tripe
2015-09-25 Anderson Cooper and Seth on Making an Enemy of Donald Trump
2015-08-12 Anderson Cooper: Donald Trump Defies All the Laws of Politics
2015-08-12 Anderson Cooper Owned A "Draw Mohammed" Contest Planner
2015-05-29 Kelly Ripa to Be Honored By GLAAD!
2015-04-27 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!': Kathy Griffin on Pranking Anderson Cooper
2014-12-10 Anderson Cooper Had Emergency Surgery
2014-12-03 Anderson Cooper Has Emergency Surgery
2014-12-02 Anderson Cooper Pranked On Live TV
2014-11-13 Anderson Cooper Vs. Black Widow?! CNN Anchor's Comic Book Debut Revealed
2014-08-22 Late-Night Laughs: Demi Lovato Believes In Mermaids
2014-06-05 Donald Sterling Apologizes - Then Keeps on Offending
2014-05-14 TV Booking Wars: How Anderson Cooper Landed Donald Sterling
2014-05-13 Donald Sterling Blasts Magic for 'Having AIDS'
2014-05-13 Donald Sterling -- Grilled by Anderson Cooper
2014-05-12 Sean Penn And Charlize Theron Joined Forces For An Epic Hollywood Fundraiser
2014-01-13 Gwyneth Paltrow, Demi Moore And More Attend Diane Von Furstenberg's "Journey Of A Dress" Exhibition
2014-01-12 Anderson Cooper Tweets Topless Picture Of Kathy Griffin, Jokes It Might Be Her New Year's Eve Outfit
2013-12-31 MSNBC Suspends Alec Baldwin's Show After Anti-Gay Slur
2013-11-16 Madonna Starts 'Revolution' Against 'Collapsing' World
2013-10-08 Anderson Cooper Fires Back At GOP Rep. Raul Labrador
2013-10-08 Madonna Talks Her 'Revolution' Against 'Collapsing' World
2013-10-04 Madonna Invites Ex Sean Penn and Lindsay Lohan to Film Launch Bash
2013-09-25 Anderson Cooper - Vanderbilt Family Upbringing
2013-09-18 CNN Announces Major Schedule Changes
2013-08-06 Gloria Vanderbilt Says Working With Anderson Cooper Is Fun
2013-06-18 Anderson Cooper The Latest Victim Of 'Swatting' Hoax
2013-05-08 Rolling Stones Announce Tour, Madonna Returns to Malawi
2013-04-03 Anderson Cooper In Talks To Replace Matt Lauer
2013-03-27 Anderson Cooper Approached For Matt Lauer's Job
2013-03-27 Lauer Out, Cooper In?
2013-03-27 Madonna Calls on Boy Scouts to Lift Ban on Gays
2013-03-19 Madonna Presents Award Dressed in Boy Scouts Uniform
2013-03-19 Madonna Dresses Up as a Boy Scout at the GLAAD Awards
2013-03-19 Matt Lauer Could Be Next Host of Jeopardy!
2013-03-16 Anderson Cooper's First & Only Trip To The Strip Club
2013-03-07 'AC360' Producer Recounts Bizarre Call From Cher
2013-03-06 Anderson Cooper Reveals He Dated Girls To Get Close To Their Brothers
2013-01-17 Glee, Adam Lambert & Frank Ocean Among Nominees For GLAAD Awards
2013-01-16 Anderson Cooper: Posing For Playgirl?
2013-01-09 Ann Curry Begs Out Of NBC To Join CNN
2013-01-02 Celebrities Who Admit Their Bad Hygiene Habits
2012-12-29 Anderson Cooper's Gross Washing Habit
2012-12-07 Bethenny Frankel on Flashing Anderson Cooper “It’s Something That Would Only Happen to Me"
2012-11-12 Best-Worst Celebrity Tweets During Election 2012
2012-11-07 Katie Holmes Takes the Subway
2012-11-06 Latest Celebrity Gossip
2012-10-31 Why Anderson Cooper's Talk Show Got Cancelled
2012-10-30 Stars Gossip Too: Anderson Cooper on Bristol Palin & Lindsay Lohan
2012-10-11 The Andrew Breitbart Story in "Hating Breitbart" Trailer
2012-10-07 Stars Gossip Too: Star Jones Vs. Anderson Cooper
2012-10-04 Anderson Cooper Finally Addresses His 'Coming Out' On TV
2012-09-11 Beyonce and Jay-Z Split Diaper Duty
2012-09-10 Anderson Cooper Asked If He's Still Dating Ben Maisani
2012-08-24 Anderson Cooper Brings Boyfriend On Vacation Despite Cheating Scandal
2012-08-22 CNN Gets a Dose of Reality...TV
2012-08-14 Anderson Cooper's Boyfriend Caught Kissing Another Man
2012-08-14 Anderson Cooper's Boyfriend Ben Maisani Caught Kissing Someone Else
2012-08-13 A Reporter's Role In Politics, from Anderson Cooper
2012-07-18 Anderson Cooper with Marlo Thomas
2012-07-18 The One Hashtag Anderson Would Use To Describe His Everyday Life
2012-07-17 Where Does Anderson Cooper Get His News?
2012-07-17 The Truth Behind Fraudulent Charities, from Anderson Cooper
2012-07-17 How I Reach My Goals, from Anderson Cooper
2012-07-17 Making Change, from Anderson Cooper
2012-07-17 Seeing Incredible Acts Of Humanity, from Anderson Cooper
2012-07-17 Anderson Cooper's Craziest Guests
2012-07-17 "I Always Assumed I'd Die By Fifty," from Anderson Cooper
2012-07-17 Anderson Cooper Opens Up About Kathy Griffin
2012-07-17 My Scariest Moments, from Anderson Cooper
2012-07-17 "Would I Dye My Hair?" From Anderson Cooper
2012-07-17 The One Interview He Couldn't Do, from Anderson Cooper
2012-07-17 Anderson Cooper on The Most Beautiful Place He's Ever Been
2012-07-17 Anderson Cooper on His Most Eye-Opening Experience
2012-07-17 Kathy Griffin Refused to Out BFF Anderson Cooper