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'One Tree Hill' Star Stephen Colletti Gives His Idea Of The Perfect Ending For Chase Adams

January 10th, 2012 2:40pm EST
Stephen Colletti as Chase Adams,
While no one knows yet how CW’s hit drama series “One Tree Hill” will end, if Stephen Colletti had a hand in it he knows exactly how he would send off his character Chase Adams: a sunset, an Army bag and an F-22 fighter jet.

“I thought it would be fun to see Chase walking into the sunset, the Army bag over his shoulder, maybe toward some F-22 fighter jet, gettin’ ready to whoop some ass,” Colletti said in an interview Monday, adding he’d like for the storyline to be less about Chase’s female drama and more about where Chase’s life is headed.

As for what we will see from Colletti’s charact...

Stephen Colletti Dishes On 'One Tree Hill' And A Televised Youth

May 11th, 2011 12:09pm EDT
Stephen Colletti
After gaining fame as a cast member on the reality series Laguna Beach, Stephen Colletti has segued from MTV to The CW’s One Tree Hill. Recently promoted to the main cast this season after four as a recurring character, Stephen sat down with me recently to talk about Chase’s future, the prospects for the show’s future, and where he himself might head next.

There is only one more episodes left in One Tree Hill‘s eighth season. What’s left in store for Chase?

There’s some decisions to be made. We’ve been teasing them all year. It’s going to come to a resolution with the decisions I’...

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