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Now Playing: Stephen Colbert Reunites 'Report' Producers for 'Late Show' Stephen Colbert Reunites 'Report' Producers for 'Late Show'
2015-08-21 Stephen Colbert, Matthew McConaughey to Perform at ‘Think It Up' Live Telecast
2015-08-18 Full 'Tonight Show With Johnny Carson' Episodes Return to TV
2015-08-13 Stephen Colbert Reveals First ‘Late Show' Musical Guest
2015-08-11 Stephen Colbert: 'Late Show' Advice, Leaving His Character
2015-08-11 Stephen Colbert Promotes His 'Late Show' in Movie Theaters
2015-08-08 Stewart Bids 'Daily Show' Farewell With Colbert, Springsteen
2015-08-07 Stewart Bids 'Daily Show' Farewell With Colbert, Springsteen
2015-08-07 'Late Show': Stephen Colbert Announces George Clooney as First Guest
2015-08-07 George Clooney To Be First Guest on Stephen Colbert's “Late Show”
2015-08-07 The Late Show With Stephen Colbert's First Promos Are Here
2015-08-03 Stephen Colbert Teams Up With Mitt Romney for New 'Late Show' Spot
2015-08-03 Watch Stephen Colbert Begin Liquid Diet in New Webisode
2015-07-24 Stephen Colbert and Neil DeGrasse Tyson's Pluto Debate
2015-07-16 Stephen Colbert Rises as King After Stock Market Glitch
2015-07-09 Eminem's Colbert Interview Upstaged His Beats 1 Interview
2015-07-03 Stephen Colbert Interviews Eminem on a Michigan Public-Access Show
2015-07-02 Stephen Colbert Conducts Satirical Interview on Michigan Public Access
2015-07-02 Amy Schumer Talks More About 'Daily Show' Offer
2015-07-02 Amy Schumer Hated Blazers Too Much to Host 'The Daily Show'
2015-07-01 Stephen Colbert Rocks A Comb Over, Mocks Donald Trump's Presidential Bid
2015-06-17 You Hear That? Late Night Bandleaders Bring New Sound
2015-06-17 Stephen Colbert Dumps on Trump
2015-06-17 Stephen Colbert's New Theme Song Needs Work
2015-06-09 Stephen Colbert Gears Up for Late Show
2015-06-04 13 Best Pieces of Advice From 2015 Celebrity Commencement Speeches
2015-05-30 Stephen Colbert Imitates Kim Kardashian
2015-05-14 Julia Roberts Reveals Why She Was Afraid of David Letterman
2015-05-14 David Letterman Had No Say on Stephen Colbert's 'Late Show' Hire
2015-04-30 Sarah Jessica Parker Loves David Letterman ... in Her Dreams
2015-04-14 Jon Stewart Addresses Controversy Over 'Daily Show' Replacement Trevor Noah
2015-04-07 Daily Show Alum Olivia Munn to New Host Trevor Noah: "Don't Let the Haters Stop You"
2015-04-04 Daily Show Alum Olivia Munn to New Host Trevor Noah: "Don't Let the Haters Stop You"
2015-04-04 All These 'Daily Show' Departures Are Making Our Heads Spin
2015-03-06 Stephen's Colbeard Is the Facial Hair America Deserves
2015-02-21 'SNL' Anniversary Special Reveals Rejected Auditions
2015-02-16 Jon Stewart Leaving 'The Daily Show' Later This Year
2015-02-11 Jon Stewart's Announcement: Surprising, but Not Unexpected
2015-02-11 WATCH: Jon Stewart Tells 'Daily Show' Audience He's Leaving
2015-02-11 Lorne Michaels Reveals 'SNL' Casting Regrets
2015-02-05 David Letterman Reveals Why He Can't Wait to Be Retired
2015-01-28 'Late Show with Stephen Colbert' Debuting in September
2015-01-13 Stephen Colbert Receives Star-Studded Send Off for Last Episode of 'The Colbert Report'
2014-12-20 Craig Ferguson Gets An All-Star 'Late Late Show' Send-Off
2014-12-20 Stephen Colbert Got the Ultimate Celebrity Send Off on the Last ‘Colbert Report' Ever
2014-12-19 Stephen Colbert Break Character in Hilarious, 14-Minute Supercut
2014-12-18 Stephen Colbert Signs Off Tonight: 10 Amazing Celebrity Cameos on The Colbert Report Through the Years
2014-12-18 Stephen Colbert Deems Serial's Sarah Koenig As His ''Favorite Guest of All Time''
2014-12-12 Stephen Colbert Deems Serial's Sarah Koenig As His ''Favorite Guest of All Time''
2014-12-12 Sarah Koenig Reveals She Doesn't Know How 'Serial' Will End
2014-12-11 Final Episode of ‘Colbert Report' Will Face Stiff Competition: The End of ‘Serial'
2014-12-11 Obama Fills in for Stephen Colbert
2014-12-09 Behind the Scenes: Obama on 'The Colbert Report'
2014-12-09 Jon Stewart Invites You—Yes, You—to Be a Guest on The Daily Show
2014-12-03 Matthew McConaughey Was Robbed of Another Sexiest Man Alive Title (Or So Says Stephen Colbert!)
2014-11-22 Stephen Colbert and Honoree Mindy Kaling Make a Hilarious Duo at 2014 Glamour Women of the Year Awards
2014-11-21 Jennifer Lawrence Plans Her "Downward Spiral" With Help From Stephen Colbert--Is Meth Involved?
2014-11-14 'The Colbert Report' Finale Date Revealed '
2014-11-04 The Colbert Report Finale Date Set--Find Out When To Say Goodbye
2014-10-31 Late-Night Laughs: Redskins Edition
2014-09-21 Gwen Stefani Laughs Off Colbert Report Blunder
2014-09-04 Stephen Colbert Responds to Gwen Stefani Flubbing His Name
2014-08-27 2014 Emmys: Biggest Winners and History Makers
2014-08-26 Jimmy Fallon & Stephen Colbert’s Bromance Will Live on in Late Night
2014-08-26 Who Is Rumored 'Late Late Show' Successor James Corden?
2014-08-06 Late-Night Laughs: Recess Edition
2014-08-03 Stephen Colbert Mocks Sarah Palin Channel — Of Course
2014-07-30 Colbert's 'Late Show' To Stay At Ed Sullivan Theater
2014-07-24 Cuomo Coaxes CBS to Keep Colbert's 'Late Show' in NYC
2014-07-24 Late-Night Laughs: Colbert Rips 2016 GOP Contenders
2014-07-20 Marvel's First Black Character Promoted To Captain America
2014-07-17 Jay Leno Has Late-Night Hosting Advice For Stephen Colbert
2014-07-06 Bitten by the Soccer Bug, a.K.a. Suarez
2014-06-29 Late-Night Laughs: Cantor's Wild Week with Chris Christie Finale
2014-06-14 Larry Wilmore To Replace Colbert With 'The Minority Report'