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Now Playing: George Clooney Back With Ex-Girlfriend%3F Most Shocking Moments From the 2014 Primetime Emmys
2014-08-27 Hoodie Allen's Pop Culture-Heavy Music Video for His New Single Movie
2014-08-27 7 Real Heists That Should Be Movies
2014-08-24 7 Actors Who Almost Played Batman
2014-08-24 Emmy's Throwback: Couples of the Red Carpet
2014-08-21 George Clooney Won't Invite His Famous Co-Stars to Wedding
2014-08-19 Screen Test: George Clooney
2014-08-13 George Clooney Reveals His Cinematic Crush
2014-08-13 Clooney Closer to Tying the Knot
2014-08-08 George Clooney And Amal Alamuddin Prepare For Their Italian Wedding
2014-08-08 George Clooney's Wedding to Appear in Vogue
2014-08-08 George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin Post Marriage License
2014-08-07 George Clooney Gets Marriage License
2014-08-07 Top 10 Actors That Can Only Play Good Guys
2014-07-27 Is Scarlett Johansson Walking Down the Aisle Pregnant?
2014-07-22 Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield's Rare Red Carpet PDA
2014-07-19 Clooney Says 'No' to Tabloid Apology
2014-07-12 George Clooney and Angelina Jolie Attack The Daily Mail
2014-07-11 Clooney Won't Accept Apology, And Is He Involving Jolie?
2014-07-11 George Clooney Rejects Tabloid Apology, Slams Them Further as 'Liars'
2014-07-11 George Clooney Denies Amal Alamuddin's Mom Opposes Their Marriage
2014-07-09 George Clooney Puts Fiance Rumors on Blast in Op-Ed
2014-07-09 George Clooney Fires Back Over 'Dangerous' Rumor
2014-07-09 Ben Affleck Admits to Having a Man Crush on Justin Timberlake & More
2014-07-07 'Divorce Court' Judge Lynn Toler Has Advice for Celebrity Couples
2014-07-07 Kiefer Sutherland & an Oprah Winfrey Presidency
2014-07-03 Nat Faxon And Jim Rash Sign With WME
2014-06-13 George Clooney Keeps Sober for Amal Alamuddin
2014-06-12 George Clooney and Alamuddin Tying the Knot in Venice?
2014-06-11 ShowBiz Minute: Bullock, Tonys, Box Office
2014-06-09 George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin to Wed in September
2014-05-29 Behind the Scenes with Stacy Keibler
2014-05-22 Find Out How George Clooney Wooed His Fiancé
2014-05-12 George Clooney Planning September Wedding
2014-05-07 George Clooney Proposed During Home Cooked Meal
2014-05-01 George Clooney Engaged to British Attorney Amal Alamuddin
2014-04-29 5 Facts About George Clooney’s Fiancee Amal Alamuddin
2014-04-29 George Clooney Resigns From United Nations Role
2014-04-29 George Clooney Is Officially Engaged
2014-04-29 Amal Alamuddin Turned George Clooney Down Twice Before
2014-04-29 George Clooney Is Reportedly Engaged To Amal Alamuddin
2014-04-28 George Clooney Engaged to Girlfriend Amal Alamuddin
2014-04-28 George Clooney, UK Human Rights Lawyer Are Engaged - Law Firm
2014-04-28 George Clooney Engaged?!
2014-04-28 George Clooney Engaged to British Lawyer Amal Alamuddin
2014-04-28 George Clooney & Amal Alamuddin Are Engaged
2014-04-28 George Clooney's Fiancee: Why He Picked Her
2014-04-28 George Clooney Is Engaged (AKA The Apocalypse Is Here)
2014-04-27 Is George Clooney Engaged To Amal Alamuddin?
2014-04-27 George Clooney Is ENGAGED! Get The Deets HERE!
2014-04-27 George Clooney VS. Steve Wynn! YOU’RE AN A**HOLE!!!!
2014-04-24 Interview with 'NCIS: Los Angeles' Star Miguel Ferrer
2014-04-22 Meet George Clooney's New Lady Friend, Amal Alamuddin
2014-03-22 George Clooney's New Girlfriend Puts Him to Shame
2014-03-20 George Clooney's New GF -- Hey, What More Do You Need
2014-03-19 Stacy Keibler Marries Rebound Guy
2014-03-11 George Clooney's Ex Stacy Keibler Marries Jared Pobre
2014-03-10 'The Monuments Men': MovieBites
2014-03-09 Bob Balaban, John Goodman and Jean Dujardin Talk 'The Monuments Men'
2014-03-05 'The Monuments Men': Clip - German Cottage
2014-03-05 'The Monuments Men': Exclusive UK Premiere Report
2014-03-05 George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin Get Cozy at White House Screening
2014-02-28 Sandra Bullock To Make At Least $70 Million For Gravity
2014-02-27 Gravity - DVD Clip No. 1
2014-02-25 10 Things You Didn't Know About 'South Park'
2014-02-23 Red Carpet Rewind: Oscars 2013 in 90 Seconds
2014-02-20 Fashion, Stars, Awards And A Prince At BAFTA Awards
2014-02-19 Alfonso Cuaron IS Excited for Gravity
2014-02-19 Dubbing Doc 'Being George Clooney' Launches Kickstarter Campaign
2014-02-19 Bob Balaban Bonded with Bill Murray While Filming 'The Monuments Men'
2014-02-15 The Berlin Film Festival: Monuments Men Premiere and Press
2014-02-15 Sandra and George Star in 'The Proposal Up in the Air' Mash-Up
2014-02-14 George Clooney and Friends Take Leicester Square by Storm
2014-02-12 George Clooney Defends Stance on Elgin Marbles
2014-02-12 Theo James Admits Paul Newman Inspired His Portrayal in 'Divergent'