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Now Playing: George Clooney Wins Surveillance Camera Battle George Clooney Wins Surveillance Camera Battle
2015-08-21 Has Gerard Butler Found the One?
2015-08-12 Giuliana Rancic Through the Years With George Clooney and More!
2015-08-08 EXCLUSIVE: George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin's PDA-Filled Date Night!
2015-08-07 Hollywood's Hottest Hunks Over 50
2015-08-07 'Late Show': Stephen Colbert Announces George Clooney as First Guest
2015-08-07 George Clooney To Be First Guest on Stephen Colbert's “Late Show”
2015-08-07 Leo DiCaprio Still Doesn't Want to Get Married
2015-07-28 George Clooney Upsets Neighbours with Security System
2015-07-23 George and Amal Clooney Hold Hands During a Cute Date Night in Italy
2015-07-23 George And Amal Clooney Said to Be Trying for a Baby
2015-07-16 Rita Ora Among Celebs in 'Save the Arctic' Campaign
2015-07-14 Top 5 Worst Movie Reboots
2015-07-12 Top 10 Male TV Actors Turned Movie Stars
2015-07-12 George Clooney Is Selling His House, Saying Bye to 'Wilder' Days
2015-07-08 Why Kentucky Rivals Los Angeles as Hollywood Central
2015-07-04 How Rande Gerber and Cindy Crawford Make Marriage Work After 17 Years
2015-07-03 Kaia Gerber's Dad Rande Has a Plan: He's Buying a Shotgun
2015-07-03 How George Clooney Was 'Forced' Into Starting a Tequila
2015-07-03 Check Out These Celebrity Summer Vacation Homes
2015-06-23 George Clooney Publicizes His Tequila Brand With a Hipster Commercial
2015-06-20 Kingsman Director Matthew Vaughn Confirms Sequel
2015-06-12 'Tomorrowland' Could Be Disney's Biggest Flop Since 'The Lone Ranger'
2015-06-11 Director Uwe Boll Slams George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Tells Fans to 'Fuck Yourself'
2015-06-08 George Clooney Takes Amal Home to Kentucky
2015-06-05 George Clooney Takes Amal Back Home to Kentucky, She Hangs with the Boys
2015-06-05 George Clooney, Amal, Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber Show Off Dance Moves at U2 Concert
2015-06-01 Taylor Swift Is on Maid of Honor Duties
2015-05-29 Amal Clooney's Rapid Evolution Into a Style Icon
2015-05-28 'Tomorrowland - A World Beyond': IMAX Featurette
2015-05-28 George Clooney Responds to the Dreaded Kids Question
2015-05-27 Martin Sheen Talks About Charlie Sheen's Public Meltdown and More
2015-05-26 Brad Bird: They Can't Tell What's Real and What's Not
2015-05-25 Movie Report: 'Tomorrowland'
2015-05-25 Clooney Is STILL Apologizing For Batman & Robin
2015-05-25 Britt Robertson Concerned for George Clooney's Safety on Tomorrowland
2015-05-24 Peep Show Star David Mitchell Becomes a Father
2015-05-23 'Tomorrowland': Behind the FX of the Futuristic World
2015-05-23 George Clooney Says He Could Be Arrested For an Upcoming Prank on Brad Pitt
2015-05-22 Britt Robertson: 'Tomorrowland' Will Make People Think
2015-05-22 'Tomorrowland': A Movie That Envisions a Brighter Future
2015-05-22 Barbra Streisand Is Writing a Memoir and More
2015-05-21 George Clooney Might Have Gone Too Far With His New Prank on Brad Pitt
2015-05-21 George Clooney Isn't Planning to Start a Family
2015-05-21 Tomorrowland Enchanting or Summer's First Major Disappointment?
2015-05-21 'Tomorrowland' Brings Positivity Back to the Big Screen
2015-05-20 Clooney Finds Optimism at Heart of a Promising 'Tomorrowland'
2015-05-20 Clooney Finds Optimism at Heart of a Promising 'Tomorrowland'
2015-05-20 George Clooney Gets Drunk Promoting Film in Valencia
2015-05-20 George Clooney Reveals How He Proposed to Wife Amal
2015-05-20 Clooney: Syria 'Incredibly Complex'
2015-05-19 Clooney 'Not Going Into Politics'
2015-05-18 'Tomorrowland - A World Beyond': Exclusive Gala Premiere Report
2015-05-18 George Clooney Jokes About Traveling with Amal
2015-05-18 George Clooney Jealous of Tomorrowland's Young Talents
2015-05-18 George Clooney Walks the 'Grey Carpet' at 'Tomorrowland' Premiere
2015-05-18 All the Hollywood News
2015-05-16 Can George Clooney Handle Being Married?
2015-05-15 WATCH: George Clooney Handcuffs Himself to David Letterman
2015-05-15 George Clooney Handcuffs Himself to David Letterman On The Late Show
2015-05-15 Britt Robertson: The Next Big Thing
2015-05-14 'Tomorrowland' Premieres at Disneyland
2015-05-14 Jay Z Splashes Out to Buy Beyonce a Dragon's Egg
2015-05-13 Dish Nation's at the 'Tomorrowland' Blue Carpet
2015-05-12 Things You Didn't Know About Anna Kendrick
2015-05-11 Britt Robertson Is A Show Stopping Beauty At Tomorrowland Premiere
2015-05-11 George Clooney Teams Up with Disney for Futuristic 'Tomorrowland'
2015-05-11 George Clooney Teams Up With Disney for Futuristic 'Tomorrowland'
2015-05-11 George Clooney Teams Up With Disney
2015-05-11 'Tomorrowland' Premiere: Stars Reflect on Past, Present, and Future of Disneyland
2015-05-11 George Clooney Reveals Incredible Secret About Disneyland's Tomorrowland
2015-05-08 George Clooney Reveals Miley Cyrus Connection
2015-05-08 George Clooney Sets The Record Straight On His Lavish Birthday Gifts
2015-05-08 George Clooney's Sports Obsession 'Kills' Wife Amal
2015-05-08 Celebrate Clooney's Birthday Tomorrow