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Now Playing: Sting honored with"Green Oscar" Meet George Clooney's New Lady Friend, Amal Alamuddin
2014-03-22 George Clooney's New Girlfriend Puts Him to Shame
2014-03-20 George Clooney's New GF -- Hey, What More Do You Need
2014-03-19 Stacy Keibler Marries Rebound Guy
2014-03-11 George Clooney's Ex Stacy Keibler Marries Jared Pobre
2014-03-10 'The Monuments Men': MovieBites
2014-03-09 Bob Balaban, John Goodman and Jean Dujardin Talk 'The Monuments Men'
2014-03-05 'The Monuments Men': Clip - German Cottage
2014-03-05 'The Monuments Men': Exclusive UK Premiere Report
2014-03-05 George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin Get Cozy at White House Screening
2014-02-28 Sandra Bullock To Make At Least $70 Million For Gravity
2014-02-27 Gravity - DVD Clip No. 1
2014-02-25 10 Things You Didn't Know About 'South Park'
2014-02-23 Red Carpet Rewind: Oscars 2013 in 90 Seconds
2014-02-20 Fashion, Stars, Awards And A Prince At BAFTA Awards
2014-02-19 Alfonso Cuaron IS Excited for Gravity
2014-02-19 Dubbing Doc 'Being George Clooney' Launches Kickstarter Campaign
2014-02-19 Bob Balaban Bonded with Bill Murray While Filming 'The Monuments Men'
2014-02-15 The Berlin Film Festival: Monuments Men Premiere and Press
2014-02-15 Sandra and George Star in 'The Proposal Up in the Air' Mash-Up
2014-02-14 George Clooney and Friends Take Leicester Square by Storm
2014-02-12 George Clooney Defends Stance on Elgin Marbles
2014-02-12 Theo James Admits Paul Newman Inspired His Portrayal in 'Divergent'
2014-02-12 Shailene Woodley Takes Bruises and Cuts for 'Divergent' Fight Sequences
2014-02-12 George Clooney Thinks It's Time He Retire from Acting
2014-02-12 Celebrities React To Shirley Temple's Death
2014-02-12 Oscars Luncheon; Weekend Box Office
2014-02-11 Oscars Luncheon and Weekend Box Office
2014-02-11 'The Lego Movie' Climbs to Top Box Office Spot
2014-02-10 Why So Much Love for 'The Lego Movie?'
2014-02-10 ShowBiz Minute: LaBeouf, Redford, Box Office
2014-02-10 'The Monuments Men' Praise Director Clooney at Berlin
2014-02-10 'LEGO Movie' Tops 'Monuments Men' To Score Huge U.S. Box Office Win
2014-02-10 How the Stars Would Relocate Hollywood
2014-02-09 'The Monuments Men' Movie Review
2014-02-09 George Clooney Says Sandra Bullock Is An Unbelievable Mom
2014-02-07 The Monuments Men Movie Roundup: George Clooney's World War II Movie Disappoints Critics
2014-02-07 George Clooney's Double Duty
2014-02-05 The Stars on What George Clooney Can’t Do
2014-02-05 'The Monuments Men' Cast Praises George Clooney
2014-02-05 Celebrities Pay Tribute to Philip Seymour Hoffman
2014-02-05 George Clooney Had Assault Rifle Held to His Head While in Sudan
2014-02-05 'The Monuments Men' HitFix Review
2014-02-04 Celebrities Mourn Tragic Death of Philip Seymour Hoffman
2014-02-03 "Monuments Men" Shines Light on WWII's Stolen Art
2014-02-02 'The Monuments Men' Unscripted - Grant on Clooney Pranks
2014-01-31 'The Monuments Men' Unscripted - Clooney on Directors
2014-01-31 'The Monuments Men' Unscripted - Clooney on His Useless Talents
2014-01-31 'The Monuments Men' Unscripted - Full Interview
2014-01-31 ‘The Monuments Men’ Reminds Matt Damon of an ‘Ocean’s Eleven’ Heist
2014-01-30 'The Great Gatsby' Sweeps Australian Academy Awards
2014-01-30 Clooney's All-Star 'The Monuments Men'
2014-01-29 Best George Clooney Pranks
2014-01-26 'The Descendants' Movie Review for Parents
2014-01-26 Actresses Weigh-In on Fey's GG Jab at Clooney
2014-01-20 Bob Balaban Speaks Out About 'The Monuments Men'
2014-01-20 Sandra Bullock's Surprising Skill
2014-01-19 George Clooney Talks About Saving Our Culture and Our History
2014-01-19 Academy Awards 2014 Nominations: Coverage With Chris Hemsworth
2014-01-17 Alfonso Curaron on the Funny Alternate Ending to 'Gravity'
2014-01-14 Cuaron Reveals "Gravity" Alternate Ending
2014-01-13 IGN's Best Movie of 2013: Gravity
2014-01-12 Peoples Choice Award Winners and Sexy Fashions
2014-01-11 Walk the Red Carpet with George Clooney for Ten Bucks
2014-01-10 ShowBiz Minute: Bullock, Haynes, Clown Posse
2014-01-09 Jennifer Aniston And Justin Theroux Party With George Clooney In Mexico
2014-01-07 Meryl Streep, Tom Hanks, and More Honored at Palm Springs Film Festival
2014-01-06 Biggest Celebrity Breakups of 2013
2013-12-25 Celebrity Brides, Babies And Breakups of 2013: A Year In Review
2013-12-25 Miley and More: Top Celebirty Moments from 2013
2013-12-14 Celebrities to Be Thankful For
2013-11-29 Adam Levine Finds Sexiest Man Alive Title "Flattering And Hilarious"
2013-11-21 John Goodman Receives Rare Hollywood Honor
2013-11-15 George Clooney Calls Sandra Bullock a Drunk Booty Caller
2013-11-14 Top 10 Worst Movie Casting Choices
2013-11-12 George Clooney And Sacha Baron Cohen Get BAFTA Britannia Awards
2013-11-12 George Clooney Supports Hillary Clinton in 2016
2013-11-12 Celebs Get Gussied Up for the 2013 Britannia Awards
2013-11-11 George Clooney: Global Warming Deniers "Stupid"
2013-11-10 Celebrity Couples and Breakups for August 2013
2013-11-07 George Clooney Had a Laugh with Sandra Bullock
2013-11-07 Top 10 Celebrity Womanizers
2013-11-05 Sandra Bullock Talks About Being Lost in Space in "Gravity"
2013-11-01 Director Alfonso Cuaron Talks About "Gravity"
2013-11-01 George Clooney Sets Record Straight on Dating Rumors
2013-10-31 George Clooney Drank Piers Morgan Under the Table, Literally
2013-10-29 ShowBiz Minute: Reed, Brown, Box Office
2013-10-28 Bad Grandpa Spanks Box Office Competition
2013-10-28 Kurt Loder on the Greatest Movie Ever Made
2013-10-24 'Gravity' Still Hovering Atop North America Box Office
2013-10-21 How 'Gravity' Defied Box-Office Odds
2013-10-18 Gravity Continues to Soar at the Box Office
2013-10-14 Sandra Bullock Hits the Red Carpet For Gravity Premiere
2013-10-11 Sandra Bullock Wows in a Lace Minidress at Gravity Premiere
2013-10-11 Sandra Bullock Reacts to Gravity's Stellar Box Office
2013-10-11 George Clooney Makes It Harder For the Bad Guys And Gets Award
2013-10-09 Sandra Bullock Lost Her First George Clooney Costarring Role To Jennifer Lopez
2013-10-04 George Clooney Talks About Friendship With Sandra Bullock At Premiere
2013-10-03 George Clooney, Sandra Bullock Not Going Up in Space Anytime Soon
2013-10-03 George Clooney and Sandra Bullock Premiere 'Gravity'

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