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Now Playing: ITALY / SHOWBIZ - Comedian Charlie Chaplin arrives in Berlin and Venice Sid Caesar, Comic Genius Of 1950s Television, Dies
2014-02-12 Top 8 Weird Facts That Defy All Reason
2014-02-09 Random Facts You Never Really Thought About Before
2014-01-12 Top 10 Celebrity Mustaches
2013-11-17 Sacha Baron Cohen Knocks Elderly Woman Off Stage During Prank
2013-11-12 Sacha Baron Cohen With Deathly Prank At The Britannia Awards!
2013-11-11 Sacha Baron Cohen shocks with new prank
2013-11-11 Post"Mormon,"Star Josh Gad Swoops Into Hollywood
2013-09-19 Stars, Taboo Sex And Death At Venice Film Fest
2013-08-28 Top 10 Hilarious Movie Drunks
2013-08-25 Stars Cast In Cantinflas Biopic
2013-06-17 Stars Honor Barbra Streisand
2013-04-24 Stars honor Barbra Streisand
2013-04-23 TIPPI HEDREN:"Alfred Hitchcock was not a nice person, I am sorry"
2013-01-29 Movember Top Ten Taches
2012-10-28 Actors Turned Directors
2012-10-25 Snooki Law Would Protect New Jersey from Reality TV
2012-09-24 The Dictator - Interview with Sir Ben Kingsley
2012-05-16 US honours Catherine Deneuve
2012-04-03 On This Day - December 25
2011-12-20 BAFTA L.A. Britannia Awards honors Beatty and Stiller
2011-12-01 Costumes of the stars set for sale
2011-06-07 Actor Sidney Poitier celebrated in New York
2011-05-04 You are Not Machines
2011-04-26 Sir Michael Caine honoured in Paris
2011-01-07 The Life and Career of Charlie Chaplin
2010-11-25 Time traveller spotted in 1928 clip?
2010-10-29 Film buff finds lost Chaplin film
2010-07-19 Talk of the Town: Weezer cancels tour
2009-12-07 Belated film release for Diego Luna

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