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Now Playing: Super 8 (TV Spot It Arrives) [FULL HD] The Spectacular Now- DVD Clip No.1
2014-01-11 Wolf of Wall Street -Clip No. 2
2013-12-21 Miles Teller, Shailene Woodley Talk About Hot Scenes In "Spectacular Now"
2013-09-01 Richard Roeper Reviews 'The Spectacular Now'
2013-08-11 The Spectacular Now- Trailer No.1
2013-06-21 Leonardo DiCaprio And Jonah Hill In "The Wolf Of Wall Street" First Trailer
2013-06-18 The Wolf of Wall Street -Trailer No.1
2013-06-18 'Friday Night Lights' Movie Is A Possibility, Says Connie Britton
2013-05-01 Zero Dark Thirty - BTS Clip No. 1
2013-01-11 Zero Dark Thirty Cast Interview
2012-12-24 "Zero Dark Thirty" Cast Interviews
2012-12-23 Zero Dark Thirty - Clip No. 1
2012-11-30 Zero Dark Thirty Trailer Official (HD)
2012-10-24 Zero Dark Thirty Trailer No. 2
2012-10-15 Argo Trailer Official (HD)
2012-10-12 Zero Dark Thirty - Trailer No. 1
2012-08-07 Kyle Chandler Talks About "Super 8"
2012-07-26 Super 8 2011 Movie Review
2012-07-10 Emmys 2011: The Big Winners!
2011-09-19 The Day the Earth Stood Still Movie Review
2011-07-17 Super 8 Movie Review

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