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Coby Bell On Concluding 'The Game,' Returning To 'Archer'

2/24/2015 12:03pm EST
Coby Bell On Concluding 'The Game,' Returning To 'Archer'
The Game is heading into its fourth quarter. The long-running series is airing the last few episodes of its eighth season on BET, with its ninth and final cycle to follow. That unfortunately means we're parting company with Coby Bell, who's been one of the busiest - and coolest - actors on television for the last several years.

We caught up with Coby last week to discuss wrapping up The Game, how strange it is for him after so many seasons of balancing the show with his starring role as Jesse Porter on USA's Burn Notice, and his long-awaited return to Archer in January.

It'll be awhile be...

'The Game' Recap: 'Drink, Pray, Love' (5.06)

2/7/2012 11:41pm EST
The Game
This week's The Game continues to pile on the drama for everyone involved, to the point where these once-beloved characters are becoming caricatures.

Malik is selling his huge mansion. Not because he's matured and realized he doesn't need it, but because it's another opportunity for him to be whinging and insisting there's nothing wrong with him. Now, this plot development would have made sense if it stood for something. But as we have to listen to "It's So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday," it's hard to feel sympathetic for a guy who brought the situation on himself. We're suppose...

'The Game' Recap: 'Grand Opening, Grand Closing' (5.05)

1/31/2012 11:45pm EST
The Game
This week's episode of The Game sees Jason get it together - but the rest of the show's still working on that, if what else happens is any indication of the rest of season five.

Jason and Chardonnay are attempting some form of a relationship, which involves Jason being cheap as usual and Chardonnay being one of those people who talks during an entire movie. He suggests they start dating after their annulment, but she's not interested. The next day, Jason drags both Derwin and Malik to the set of his new TV show, just so he can break the news of his drunken marriage and ask for rela...

'The Game' Recap: 'The Black People Episode' (5.04)

1/24/2012 11:37pm EST
The Game
If you hadn't guessed from the title, this episode of The Game plays the race card. Unfortunately, that's not a good move.

There's still plenty of bad blood between Mel and Tasha, which spills out during planning for the Saber Sunbeam fashion show. Tasha has recruited NeNe Leakes and Mel is not impressed. One of the other Sunbeams (who happens to be white) tries to get Tasha replaced as head of the fashion show. This is all another setup for another fight between Mel and

Likewise, Derwin and Malik are still tetchy with one another, so Derwin starts chatting with new QB Quan Kirkland (Ch...

'The Game' Recap: 'No Money, Mo' Problems' (5.03)

1/17/2012 11:41pm EST
The Game
After The Game came back strong with last week's premiere, it hits the skids with this week's episode, which feels all too familiar and not necessarily in a good way.

Tasha talks to Malik about making easy money by going to J.J. Abrams' son's bar mitzvah (first name check of the new season!), while Derwin tells Melanie that he's landed a lucrative Verizon endorsement, thanks to his new manager Irv. Mel isn't thrilled that he didn't tell her before re-hiring Irv, leading Derwin to give her a spiel that involves him comparing himself to Charlie Sheen (really?). Someone was dropped on hi...

'The Game' Recap: 'Skeletons/The Truth Pact' (5.01/5.02)

1/10/2012 11:18pm EST
The Game
The Game is back for its fifth season, after season four was both record-setting and sometimes uneven. Which one would season five be? Maybe even both?

As with the opener last season, our teaser is full of important information: Melanie and Derwin still have to talk about her abortion, there's a body in someone's garage, and Jason and I would both like to know when the hell he got married. Drinking too much will do that to you, my friend.

Twelve hours before all that nonsense, Mel and Derwin are leaving the doctor's office that we left them in at the end of last season. They run i...

'The Game' 4.12 'The Right To Choose' Recap and Review

3/30/2011 1:40am EDT
The Game
We've come to the end of the season that fans built: the season four finale of The Game. For a variety of reasons, I feel like the fans deserved better.

Let's get to the action:

Melanie & Derwin

If you missed last week's episode, Melanie really, really wants a baby. She's frustrated that she's not pregnant by now, which leads her to such interesting thoughts as wondering if the microwave irradiated her ovaries. (I can't answer that, but I can say that if you put Christmas lights in the microwave, fun things happen.) The two visit a doctor for help, and that's where we learn that Mel...

'The Game' 4.11 'Death Becomes Her' Recap and Review

3/23/2011 1:44am EDT
The Game
Just when you thought things couldn't get any worse on The Game, they somehow find a way to get even messier. It's time to raise the stakes now that the season finale is just a week away! Unfortunately, the stakes don't raise quite as much as you'd expect.


Tasha is at The Vault intending on getting drunk, since between last week's drama with her son and the return of ex-boyfriend Dante, she has plenty of stress that needs to be drowned in booze. I immediately think that this can't go well, and I'm right: she gets picked up by a new beau, who tells her that he's dying - as the...

'The Game' 4.06 'Didn't You Know Who I Was?' Recap And Review

2/16/2011 1:41am EST
The Game
The drama hit an all-new high in last week's episode of The Game, so now what?

More drama, of course! Beginning with everyone's favorite spoiled star quarterback, who reveals...well, what I've been suspecting all along.

Malik, Derwin & Jason

Still in rehab, Malik is not enjoying group therapy (as if we expected he would?), while he continues to deny that he has any sort of problem whatsoever. "Were you a jackass before the drugs?" one of his fellow patients inquires, but he brushes it off. Later that night, he tries to hit on Jenna, a supermodel also in residence. He tells her, "I...

'The Game' 4.05 'Men In Crisis' Recap And Review

2/9/2011 1:33am EST
The Game 4.05
For the second week in a row on The Game, the episode title is incredibly appropriate; last week saw Malik check himself into rehab. That's obviously his crisis, but what's going on in the lives of Derwin and Jason that would make that title need to be plural? Well, there's no Jason for the second straight week, but Derwin has plenty of drama to make up for his absence.

We open with Tasha, Kelly and Melanie doing shots at Tasha's house, and Mel is unhappy about Janay, yet again. "I'm so sick of her putting her stupid hooks in Derwin," she complains, getting little sympathy from her g...

'The Game' 2.04 'It Was All Good Just A Week Ago' Recap And Review

2/2/2011 1:38am EST
The Game BET
The title of this week's The Game is fitting: last week, everything was at least salvageable, until Malik had to go and get himself arrested. Apparently, he didn't pay attention to those anti-drunk driving PSA's. Or get the memo about not picking fights with cops. As a result, he got to go directly to jail. I've watched a lot of episodes of Jail, and that is not someplace I ever want to visit.

Tasha is quite unhappy that her son has been arrested. Derwin doesn't look too surprised. Even Jason knows this is a Big Deal, and walks out on his date (although he leaves her with the check...

'The Game' 4.03 'The Wing King' Recap And Review

1/26/2011 2:31am EST
The Game BET
This week's episode of The Game starts in a familiar place: Malik's in the middle of some very bad behavior, and Tasha's calling him out on it. She tells him that he's getting a new assistant, and he claims that he's got it - only to turn around and tell his friends that he doesn't have it. This is no surprise, given that he's judging potentials by their physical specifications.

He eventually gets an assistant named Sheila, who has the IQ of a brick wall and is referred to by his mother as "an ignorant heifer." Tasha says that she's going to call Tee Tee, and Malik tells her that h...

'The Game' Makes Triumphant Return

1/7/2011 2:46pm EST
The Game
It is my pleasure to report that The Game is back and it's as if the show never left.

There's a new look for the characters, and a little thing called a two-year time jump that we were told about in December, but excepting those two things, this is the show fans loved and fought for. I had a chance to take in the season four premiere (entitled "Parachutes...Beach Chairs") at a sneak preview screening in Los Angeles Thursday night, and I'll say that I cheered, I laughed and yes, I even got choked up a little.

Here's the dish: since it's been some time, there have been some pretty ser...