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2015-08-21 Zayn Malik and Fiancee Split and More
2015-08-05 Jackie Chan Is an Actor not a Fighter
2015-08-04 Jackie Chan Wants to Work With Son Jaycee on Album, Movie
2015-08-03 Jackie Chan Wants to Work With Son Jaycee on Album, Movie
2015-08-03 Paul Walker's Brother Cody Joins Nicolas Cage Film
2015-07-16 Jackie Chan to Star in 'The Foreigner'
2015-06-08 Jackie Chan Says He 'Supports Death Penalty' for Drug Offenders
2015-05-08 Jackie Chan Warns Singapore Youth on Drugs After Son's Detention
2015-05-07 Jackie Chan: Special Effects Could Make Me Spidey
2015-04-29 Top 10 Actors Who Have Played Twins
2015-03-18 'Duang': How Jackie Chan Helped Make the Chinese Word an Internet Hit
2015-03-13 Top 10 Actors Who Do Their Own Stunts
2015-02-22 Jackie Chan's Son, Freed From Jail, Apologizes to the Public
2015-02-14 Tom Cruise Is Caught Up in a Bangkok Case of Mistaken Identity
2015-02-04 Happy Birthday Logan Lerman
2015-01-16 Jackie Chan Says Feels Ashamed of Son's Drug Abuse
2014-12-25 Jackie Chan Expresses Shame Over Son's Drug Charge
2014-12-24 Jackie Chan's Son Charged Over Drugs
2014-12-22 China Charges Jackie Chan's Son Over Drug Offense
2014-12-22 China Charges Jackie Chan's Son Over Drug Offense
2014-12-22 Top 10 Video Game Characters Based on Celebrities
2014-12-14 Top 10 Movie Stunts
2014-11-23 Movies Featuring Taiwanese Actor To Reshoot After Drugs Arrest
2014-11-19 Chan Wants To Be Better Father After Son's Arrest
2014-10-24 10 Weird Facts About Famous People
2014-10-05 'Rush Hour' TV Show in Development
2014-10-05 Tom Hiddleston in Talks for 'Ben-Hur'
2014-09-01 Jackie Chan Is "Ashamed" Over His Son Jaycee's Drug Arrest
2014-08-21 Jackie Chan Tells Funny and Nice Story About Robin Williams
2014-08-14 Cannes: Adrien Brody Launches Production Shingle Fable House
2014-05-19 Jackie Chan: How to Terrify a Stuntman
2014-01-12 Action Star Jackie Chan: Hong Kong Vs. Hollywood
2014-01-12 Jackie Chan Is Still Not Dead
2013-10-17 Jackie Chan Took Jaden Smith’s Panda Bear For Bill Clinton To Hug
2013-10-17 Jackie Chan Sings 'Country'
2013-10-17 Actress Zhang Ziyi on 'The Grandmaster'
2013-08-16 Zhang Ziyi Previews 'The Grandmaster'
2013-08-15 'The Expendables 3' Adds Glen Powell
2013-08-14 Willis Reportedly Wanted $1 Million a Day For 'Expendables'
2013-08-08 Gaga Gets Naked, Stallone Slams Willis
2013-08-08 'The Expendables 3' Cast Update: Harrison Ford, Bruce Willis & Nicolas Cage
2013-08-07 Jackie Chan Addresses Death Hoax, Proves He's Alive With Facebook Post
2013-06-26 Jackie Chan Is Not Dead!
2013-06-26 Chris Tucker and Jaden Smith Help Jackie Chan in Cement
2013-06-08 Jackie Chan Leaves Imprints of Hands, Feet and Lips
2013-06-07 Esther Williams Dies, Bieber Aims For Space
2013-06-06 Jackie Chan Cements His Place in Hollywood
2013-06-06 Top 10 Jackie Chan Moments
2013-05-30 Leonardo DiCaprio and Cameron Diaz Hung Out with Royalty
2013-05-27 Avengers 2 Gets 2 New Avengers!
2013-05-18 Will and Jaden Hit Japan
2013-05-03 "Crime Story" Trailer
2013-02-17 "The Protector" Trailer
2013-02-17 Top 10 Jet Li Moments
2013-02-10 Rush Hour 3 - Clips No. 2
2012-12-19 Rush Hour 3 - Clip No. 3
2012-12-16 Jackie Chan Breaks Records
2012-12-05 Clips: Around the World in 80 Days 2
2012-12-04 Clips: Around the World in 80 Days 3
2012-12-04 Jack Black Talks About Being Funny
2012-11-21 Kung Fu Panda 2 2011 Movie Review
2012-07-10 The Karate Kid 2010 Movie Review
2012-07-09 Jackie Chan's Myanmar Mission
2012-07-09 Rush Hour 3 Movie Review
2012-06-07 The Forbidden Kingdom Movie Review for Parents
2012-06-05 Top 10 Typecast Male Action Stars
2012-04-15 Jackie Chan Vs Jet Li: The Ultimate Martial Arts Superstar
2012-04-09 Kung Fu Panda 2 Movie Review
2011-06-28 2 Minute Critic: Kung Fu Panda 2
2011-05-29 Jackie Chan's Alive!
2011-03-30 SNTV - Celeb says what?
2011-01-21 SNTV - Sly Stallone Says What
2010-07-01 Watch This Instead Review of the Karate Kid Movie