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These Celebrities Came Close To Death

7/22/2015 2:00pm EDT
24 Celebs That Came Close To Death
You might not think you’ve got much in common with the biggest celebrities in the world, but do you remember the time you almost stepped in front of that bus zooming down the street? Yeah, they know how you feel. Celebrities might seem immortal to the public eye — and that’s part of the reason why it’s such a shock when one passes away — but the reality is, celebs come close to death way often than one would believe. From gun shots to car accidents, here are some celebrities that came close to death.

Tracy Morgan

Tracy Morgan was involved in a devastating car wreck in 2014, where he was ...

Jackie Chan's Son Released From Jail Following Drug Charges

2/13/2015 8:53am EST
Jackie Chan's Son Completes Jail Sentence
Jackie Chan's son Jaycee has completed his stint in jail after serving time for a drug offense. Jaycee Chan, 32, was released on Friday, after spending six months behind bars for "sheltering others to take drugs." He faced up to three years in prison.

Chan was sent to jail in August after police found marijuana during a raid on his home. He and Taiwanese movie star Ko Kai tested positive for marijuana, and authorities confiscated 3.5 ounces of it from Chan’s apartment.

Chan's arrest and incarceration were embarrassing for his action hero father, who was named by Beijing as an anti-drug am...

Jackie Chan’s Son Charged With Drug Offense

12/22/2014 12:29pm EST
Jackie Chan’s Son Indicted On Drug Charges
Jaycee Chan, 32, the son action movie star Jackie Chan, has been indicted by Chinese authorities on drug charges.

He was detained more than four months ago on a charge of sheltering others to use drugs, as reported byThe Associated Press.

On Monday, Chan was indicted and now faces up to three years in prison if he is convicted.

Chan and Taiwanese movie star Ko Kai were arrested in August. The two tested positive for marijuana.

They also reportedly admitted using the drug, while authorities confiscated 3.5 ounces of it from Mr. Chan’s apartment.

The detention of Jaycee Chan has been par...

Chinese Authorities Formally Arrest Jackie Chan's Son On Drug Charges

9/17/2014 8:44am EDT
Jaycee Chan
Chinese authorities are formally charging Jackie Chan's son Jaycee Chan on drug charges, according to Beijing News.

The action star's son, 32, was arrested in Beijing last month along with Taiwanese movie star Kai Ko, 23. Both men tested positive for marijuana, and more than 100 grams were found at Chan's home.

Authorities have been increasingly cracking down on illegal drugs in China. Over the summer, President Xi Jinping called for "forceful measures" to tackle drug use. Several B-list stars have been targeted in the new initiative. In early August, police arrested actor Gao Hu ("The Fl...

Jackie Chan's Son Jacyee Arrested On Drug Charges

8/19/2014 3:26pm EDT
Jackie Chan's Son Jacyee Arrested On Drug Charges
Jackie Chan's son has been arrested on drug-related charges. Jaycee Chan, 31, and Taiwanese movie star Kai Ko, 23, were detained last Thursday, Beijing police said in a statement. Both men tested positive for marijuana, and more than 100 grams were found at Chan's home.

Earlier this month, police arrested actor Gao Hu ("The Flowers of War") for possession of marijuana and methamphetamines.

Authorities have been increasingly cracking down on illegal drugs. Earlier this summer, Chinese President Xi Jinping called for "forceful measures" to tackle drug use, according to BBC News.

BBC's Mart...

8 Action Stars Over Sixty We Want For 'Expendables 4'

8/15/2014 10:00am EDT
Expendables 3
This weekend marks the opening of our third "Expendables" film. Yes it leaked online weeks ago, but that's small potatoes.

No minor setback could hinder Sylvester Stallone's box office take, not when he's in a film so inundated with action stars that each one has roughly 4.2 seconds of screen time (at which point they have their choice of high-fiving Stallone, casually ignoring an explosion or shooting an intern dressed in SWAT gear, before being hurriedly shuffled off-screen).

It is our firm belief that "The Expendables" should continue for at least seven more sequels, enough that Stallo...

The 14 Most Ridiculous & Iconic Death Scenes In Hollywood

5/1/2014 5:00pm EDT
The 14 Most Ridiculous & Iconic Death Scenes In Hollywood
Hollywood movies are full of extravagance - fast cars, beautiful women, international men of mystery, evil villians and giant, global conspiracies. It's also full of elaborate endings, many of which ultimately culminate in at least one death. The problem is, in that quest for a real show-stopper, some of these deaths cross the line from 'iconic' to ... well, 'ridiculous.' Here, we will pay homage to the Hollywood deaths that have gone down in history as iconic, as well as dissect what ones ultimately went too far.

Please be warned, the following pages will have considerable amounts of gore...

Jackie Chan Becomes The First Person To Leave Two Sets Of Hand Prints At Chinese Theatre

6/7/2013 12:07pm EDT
Jackie Chan
Jackie Chan has made history by becoming the first person to leave two sets of hand prints in cement at Chinese Theatre in Hollywood.

Chan left his mark the first time 1997 among names like Marilyn Monroe and Clark Gable. However, his original cement slab was lost when the Chinese Theater changed owners and was refurbished.

The owners of the Chinese Theater wanted to make it up to Chan, and he was given a grand ceremony for his second cement imprint. Rush Hour co-star Chris Tucker and Karate Kid co-star Jaden Smith were on hand to celebrate.

Chan stepped into the cement with his socked f...

Jackie Chan To Star In 'Expendables 3,' 'Rush Hour 4' A Possibility

12/19/2012 3:07pm EST
Jackie Chan
Jackie Chan has revealed he's going to star in the third installment of the ensemble action series The Expendables. In fact, he was invited to make an appearance in Expendables 2, but he was too busy.

"Sly had invited me to be in 'Expendables 2' but I was too busy filming CZ12 and couldn't make a commitment to the film. But he did extend his invitation to the third movie, which I agreed on the condition that I will be appearing as more than just a minor role with a few scenes," Chan revealed during a press junket for Chinese film CZ12.

There is also a possibility of a Rush Hour 4. TotalFi...

10 Celebrity Death Hoaxes

7/12/2012 2:00pm EDT
Eddie Murphy death hoax
Eddie Murphy has joined the death hoax club. Online rumors swirled on Wednesday that the actor tragically died in a snowboarding accident in Switzerland.

The manner of his death should have indicated it was a hoax. Other stars who have "died" in snowboarding incidents include Keanu Reeves, Adam Sandler and Jim Carrey.

Jeff Goldblum and Tom Hanks both met their maker after allegedly falling from cliffs in New Zealand. In April, Ryan Gosling reportedly died while filming in Austria and falling from a cliff.

Let's face it - tons of celebrities have been victims of death hoaxes, particularl...

Jackie Chan Combating Child Trafficking In Myanmar

7/3/2012 7:42pm EDT
Jackie Chan
Jackie Chan is putting up a fight against child trafficking by jetting to Myanmar this week to advocate for human rights.

The Rush Hour star and United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) Goodwill Ambassador will travel to Mandalay for three days to discuss the increased need for lawmakers and politicians to crack down on the multi-billion dollar enterprise and beef up police task forces across the nation.

A statement from Chan reads: "Trafficking and exploiting children are horrific crimes. They leave lifelong scars and rob children of their childhoods. Children are not for sale. For the ...

Red Carpet Pics: Marion Cotilliard, Eva Longoria & More At The Cannes 'Rust And Bone' Premiere

5/18/2012 10:00am EDT
Marion Cotillard
Matthias Schoenaerts, Armand Verdure, Marion Cotillard and director Jacques Audiard attended the premiere of "De rouille et d'os" ("Rust And Bone") at the Cannes Film Festival on the famous Croisette Avenue yesterday.

In "Rust And Bone," Ali (Schoenaerts) and his young son leave the north of France for Antibes to live with his sister's family. Ali's bond with Stephanie (Cotillard), a killer whale trainer, gets stronger after she has a horrible accident.

At the premiere, Marion looked lovely in a black gown with a sweetheart neckline. She pulled her hair back in a large 60s-style bun....

11 Alcoholic Movie Characters In Honor Of St. Patrick's Day

3/16/2012 11:00am EDT
11 Alcoholic Movie Characters In Honor Of St. Patrick's Day
Saint Patrick's Day is upon us and it's time to prepare to get wasted on the drunkest holiday of the year. But before you hit up the local bar or Irish pub on St. Patty's Day, learn some valuable lessons and mistakes from the following movie characters. From a college drunk in "Animal House" to a boozed up Santa Claus in"Bad Santa," here is a list of memorable drunk movie characters:

Mckenzie Brothers From Strange Brew (1983)

One of the funniest drunk films ever, the 1983 comedy "Strange Brew" stars SCTV's Mckenzie Brothers, played by Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas. The brothers are two g...

Jackie Chan To Receive Wildlife Conservation Award

12/28/2011 12:39pm EST
Jackie Chan
Martial arts movie star Jackie Chan is to receive an award to mark his efforts campaigning for wildlife conservation.

The Rush Hour star is to be recognized with a WildAid honor at the organization's annual benefit gala next year.

The prize is to mark Chan's efforts campaigning on behalf of WildAid China and fighting to save tigers from extinction.

He will be awarded with the trophy in San Francisco, California on May 11th.

Check Out The Hilarious 'Kung Fu Panda 2' On DVD & Blu-ray Dec. 13

12/10/2011 7:16am EST
Kung Fu Panda 2
The saga of Po continues in "Kung Fu Panda 2." The new adventure finds the newly anointed Dragon Warrior (voice of Jack Black) teaming with The Furious Five to safeguard the Valley of Peace.

When a new adversary launches a treacherous bid to seize control of China and obliterate the martial arts, Po must look back to his enigmatic origins in order to unleash his true potential and defeat his most powerful opponent to date.

Dustin Hoffman, Gary Oldman, Jean-Claude Van Damme, and Michelle Yeoh provide addition voices for this sequel directed by Jennifer Yuh Nelson from a screenplay by Jon...

Trailer Talk: This Week In Movies - 'The Hangover Part II,' 'Kung Fu Panda 2,' & More

5/23/2011 10:00am EDT
The Hangover Part II
Johnny Depp set sail again last week as Captain Jack Sparrow in “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides,” the fourth entry in the series. After viewing the movie, I can honestly say that it’s not the best in the franchise, but certainly not the worst either. While nothing can really top the first one in my mind, this one gets back to the spirit of the original.

Captain Jack runs into an old love interest, Angelica (Penelope Cruz), who convinces him to join her on a quest for the Fountain of Youth. Sparrow unwittingly climbs aboard the vessel of Angelica’s father, Blackbeard (Ian M...

Jackie Chan: 'It's Got To Be A Record'

4/5/2011 12:27pm EDT
Jackie Chan
Jackie Chan's charity concert for Japan raised a massive $3.3 million in just three hours, with the star declaring, "It's got to be a record."

The Rush Hour actor hosted a star-studded gig and telethon in Hong Kong's Victoria Park on Friday to help survivors of the Japanese earthquake/tsunami disaster last month.

He was joined by stars including Andy Lau, actor Donnie Yen, Japanese singer Sen Masao and China's Judy Ongg for the three-hour benefit, while American singer Lionel Richie performed from Australia via satellite link.

Chan, who paid for the performers' plane tickets and accomm...

Jackie Chan Headlines Hong Kong Benefit For Japan

4/2/2011 2:27pm EDT
Jackie Chan
Martial arts movie star Jackie Chan headlined a charity concert and telethon for the survivors of the Japanese earthquake/tsunami disaster in Hong Kong's Victoria Park on Friday.

The Rush Hour star was joined by Andy Lau, actor Donnie Yen and other Asian performers for the three-hour benefit.

Chan opened the show by calling for a moment of silence to honour the thousands who lost their lives in the March tragedy.

He then led the performers in a rendition of peace anthem Succumb Not to Sorrow, based on a poem by Kenji Miyazawa.

Lau enjoyed the event's most poignant moment when he address...

Jackie Chan Is Not Dead

3/30/2011 8:46am EDT
Jackie Chan
Martial arts movie star Jackie Chan has taken to Facebook to dismiss reports he has died after suffering a heart attack.

Internet rumors suggested Chan had passed, but the Rush Hour star insists he's very much alive, posting a photo of himself meeting Japanese officials on Tuesday to prove beyond a doubt he's not dead.

In the note posted on Facebook, Chan writes, "Jackie is alive and well. He did not suffer a heart attack and die, as was reported on many social networking sites and in online news reports."

He adds, "Jackie is fine and is busy preparing for the filming of his next movie."

2011 People's Choice Awards Winners!

1/6/2011 8:17am EST
The stars of "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse" were the big winners at the People's Choice Awards in Los Angeles on Wednesday night.

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart missed out on early honors as Johnny Depp won the Favorite Movie Actor a year after he was awarded the first Favorite Movie Actor of the Decade Award at the 2010 event.

Pattinson and Stewart also missed out on the Favorite Movie Star Under 25 Award - to Zac Efron.

But then the movie vampires took over, winning four big awards, including the night's Favorite Movie honor and Favorite Movie Actress (Stewart).

Eminem also claime...

Jackie Chan: 'Two Days Later I Found His Tooth...In My Hand'

11/10/2010 8:28am EST
Jackie Chan
Jackie Chan abandoned his dream of becoming a nightclub bouncer after a man's tooth was left embedded in his hand after a nasty scuffle.

The Chinese legend trained in martial arts to help land him a job as a doorman, but after he knocked one man out in a fight and feared he'd killed him, Chan decided to keep his fighting prowess to himself.

And the extent of his killer skills hit home two days after the brawl - when he discovered a tooth was stuck in his knuckles.

He tells Britain's Sunday Mirror, "I believe in peace. I learnt to do martial arts when I was young and I wanted to be a boun...

This Week's Shining & Falling Stars: Skinny Drew Carey & Tax Troubled Chris Tucker

7/30/2010 9:18am EDT
Shining Star Drew Carey
Shining Star - Drew Carey: Drew Carey, come on're the next celeb to be named the "Shining Star of the Week"!

The formerly portly The Price is Right host is rocking a slimmer physique after dropping a reported 80 pounds in less than eight months. Carey told Us Magazine that he trimmed his figure through good ole fashioned diet and exercise because he was "sick of being fat".

And as any good game show host might say, "And that's not all!". Carey also won points this week for handling a minor zinger thrown at him by Bob Barker with class. The Price is Right's former host told a TM...

'The Karate Kid' Causes Outrage Down Under

6/29/2010 8:46am EDT
Jackie Chan
The Karate Kid has sparked outrage in Australia, with campaigners condemning the movie for showing "brutal" violence inappropriate for children.

The picture, starring Jackie Chan and Will Smith's son Jaden, was originally rated M - recommended only for mature audiences - but after an appeal from distribution chiefs at Sony Pictures, it was downgraded to a PG (parental guidance advised).

The decision makes the film more accessible to children, but bosses at The Australian Council on Children and the Media are fuming about the change - and are urging parents to exercise caution when allow...

'Buff' Jaden Smith Would Like To Act Shirtless With Taylor Lautner

6/25/2010 11:41am EDT
Jaden Smith
"The Karate Kid" star Jaden Smith is eyeing a role alongside a "Twilight" hunk.

He explained, "It would be really fun to work with Taylor Lautner. We're both really buff, and we can take our shirts off."

"The Karate Kid" remake kicked its way to the top of the box office with a staggering $56 million opening weekend.

The film, starring Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith's son Jaden and Jackie Chan, more than doubled the take of second-placed film "The A-Team."

See more photos of Jaden here!

'Toy Story 3' Makes $109 Million On Opening Weekend

6/21/2010 8:15am EDT
Toy Story 3
Buzz Lightyear has helped "Toy Story 3" rocket to the top of the box office chart, with an impressive opening weekend haul of $109 million.

Disney Pixar's animated sequel, featuring the voice of Tom Hanks as Woody the cowboy, Tim Allen as Buzz Lightyear and Michael Keaton as Ken Doll, knocked "The Karate Kid" remake into number two, with second week profits of $29 million.

The martial arts movie, starring Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan, now boasts a $106.3 million total after 10 days on release.

"The A-Team" is in third place with $13.8 million, while comedy "Get Him to the Greek" and "Shre...

Trailer Talk: This Week In Movies - 'Toy Story 3,' 'Jonah Hex,' & More

6/14/2010 9:39am EDT
Jonah Hex
The remake of “The Karate Kid” starring Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith, does not live up to the original, but it does effectively adapt the model of the story to a new setting. Jaden Smith’s character Dre, character is a bit more obnoxious and impatient than Ralph Macchio’s Daniel, mainly because he is younger though. As Mr. Han, Dre’s instructor, Jackie Chan gives a deep and nuanced performance, showing that he is a brilliant teacher despite his tragic past.

Action sequences in the movie are fast-paced and exciting, however in many ways this version sensationalizes the violence in a way th...

Summer 2010 Is Disappointing For Film Lovers

6/11/2010 8:54am EDT
The Karate Kid
It looks like the summer of 2010 will be one moviegoers will soon want to forget. Many studios and filmmakers are already scratching their heads wondering why this summer (barely halfway over) is producing rather disappointing numbers at the box office.

Iron Man 2 and Shrek Forever After have made $291 million and $166 million respectively and are the only big-budget films that have come out during this crucial season to break even with their production budgets. Audiences’ clear love of Robert Downey Jr.’s cool superhero Tony Stark and the comedic storytelling-style have made this franchis...

Trailer Talk: This Week In Movies - 'The A-Team,' 'The Karate Kid,' & More

6/7/2010 9:18am EDT
Karate Kid
Last week’s “Get Him to the Greek” turned out to be much funnier than I expected it would be. Jonah Hill plays a naïve record company intern tasked with watching the wild rock star Aldous Snow, portrayed by Russell Brand. It’s clear right from the beginning that Hill’s character is unable to fathom the mess he has gotten into taking care of Snow, and he quickly gives in to Snow’s party lifestyle.

Most of the film’s humor is based in the awkward interactions between Hill’s Aaron and Brand’s Aldous, with typical lowbrow laughs. However this formula just seems to fit very well for the mov...

Jackie Chan Delivers Water To Drought Victims

5/21/2010 8:00pm EDT
Jackie Chan
Jackie Chan has pitched in to help those affected by a drought in China - by personally delivering much-needed water to the area.

The martial arts master traveled to TongRen in China's Guizhou province, where there has been a severe water shortage, earlier this month with 48,000 bottles of fluids. Upon arrival, he carried bottles to residents' homes and also visited an elementary school, where he gave students backpacks filled with notebooks, t-shirts and rulers.

In a post on his blog, he writes, "Up in the mountains where the people lived, they were facing serious water shortages. In t...

Jackie Chan Stars In 'The Spy Next Door' - On DVD & Blu-ray May 18th

5/1/2010 1:46pm EDT
The Spy Next Door
Acclaimed martial-arts superstar Jackie Chan is back to kick up the action and bring in the laughs with "The Spy Next Door," making its way onto a 2-disc Blu-ray Combo Pack - which includes both Blu-ray and DVD - and will also be available as a single DVD and for digital download on Tuesday, May 18. From the director of "Snow Dogs," the film features a star-studded cast including Amber Valletta, Billy Ray Cyrus and George Lopez, and grossed over $24 million at the box office.

This KIDS FIRST!-endorsed action-comedy which also received the Dove Foundation Seal of Approval, contains bonus ...