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Showtime Picks Up Two New Shows

1/14/2016 11:10am EST
Showtime Picks Up Comedy Series 'I'm Dying Up Here' And 'Dice'
Showtime has picked up two new shows that will bring the network into the world of stand-up comedy. The network made the announcements on Tuesday as part of the Television Critics Association press tour.

"I'm Dying Up Here" is set in the stand-up comedy world of the 1970's, and is executive produced by Jim Carrey. The series follows a group of would-be comedy stars, who are mentored by club owner Goldie (Academy Award winner Melissa Leo).

The massive ensemble includes a few people audiences will know from short-lived comedies, including Andrew Santino (ABC's Mixology) and Ari Graynor (CBS...

Jim Carrey Gives His Final Respects To Girlfriend

10/10/2015 8:36am EDT
Jim Carrey Attends Girlfriend's Funeral In Ireland, Questions If
Jim Carrey attended his on-off girlfriend Cathriona White's funeral in Ireland today. An insider told People that the actor was scheduled to visit White's hometown of Cappwhite.

The star did not attend a wake for White, which was held earlier this week.

According to the Mirror, Carrey was spotted arriving in Dublin yesterday ahead of the funeral. He was also one of the pallbearers and "broke down in tears" after carrying the coffin to the cemetery.

A source said Carrey is "devastated" and is "doing everything he can to help."

Cathriona reportedly took her life by overdosing on pills las...

Was Cathriona White Studying Scientology Before Her Suicide?

10/2/2015 7:15am EDT
Cathriona White Scientology: Jim Carrey's Ex 'Dabbling' In New F
Cathriona White was reportedly involved with Scientology before she committed suicide earlier this week. According to Radar Online, Jim Carrey's ex-girlfriend was "in the beginning stages of becoming a Scientologist" before she took her own life -- perhaps by overdosing on pills, as evidence inside her home suggested.

"Cathriona was encouraged to explore Scientology by the singer, Beck, also a practicing Scientologist. That is how she was introduced to it, is what her friends told me. She had started in 2011, before she even had met Jim. It’s fascinating that she was dating Jim, because h...

A 'Saddened' Jim Carrey And Family Speak Out

9/30/2015 2:15pm EDT
Jim Carrey 'Deeply Saddened' By Girlfriend's Suicide, Family Als
Yesterday multiple news outlets reported that Cathriona White, a longtime girlfriend of actor Jim Carrey, had committed suicide. Initial details about the death were scarce, but now Carrey and the woman's family have released statements about the sad news.

Carrey said Tuesday that he was 'deeply saddened by the passing of my sweet Cathriona." Carrey and White had dated on and off since 2012.

"She was a truly kind and delicate Irish flower, too sensitive for this soil, to whom loving and being loved was all that sparkled," Carrey, 53, said in the statement. "My heart goes out to her family...

Death Of Jim Carrey's Girlfriend Sends Ripples On Social Media

9/29/2015 11:31am EDT
Cathriona White Dead: Jim Carrey's Girlfriend Dies In Apparent S
Multiple news outlets report the death of Cathriona White, Jim Carrey's longtime girlfriend. Cathriona apparently died from suicide. The manner of death is believed to be from a drug overdose of pills.

According to a lead story in Entertainment, Cathriona White died of suicide on Monday night. Carrey's girlfriend was found dead at her home in Los Angeles, California.

Jim Carrey's ex-girlfriend Cathriona White found dead from an apparent suicide

— Daily Mail Celebrity (@DailyMailCeleb) September 29, 2015

Police discovered White a...

Is Jim Carrey Back With His Irish Girlfriend?

5/24/2015 8:21am EDT
Jim Carrey
Fans are wondering if Jim Carrey is back together with his ex-girlfriend after the pair was spotted together in New York City earlier this week.

Carrey, 53, and make-up artist Cathriona White, 28, dated for a year in 2013. They reportedly met on a film set in 2012.

White moved from Ireland to Los Angeles, Calif., in 2009 and working as a beauty therapist before trying her hand at acting.

In 2014, the actor said of White: “Cathriona is a lovely young woman. I have always been attracted to talent, so if someone is beautiful and talented, that’s hard to resist.”

Carrey and White were photo...

Rumor Patrol: Duchess Kate Having A Baby Girl? Jim Carrey Once Rejected By 'SNL' And More!

2/7/2015 2:00pm EST
Rumor Patrol: Duchess Kate Having A Baby Girl? Jim Carrey Once R
You can't go one week without hearing a ridiculous story involving some of your favorite celebrities. Thankfully, the Starpulse Rumor Patrol is here to sort out what's real and what's fake.

Duchess Katherine's Having A Baby Girl: It's been revealed that Duchess Kate Middleton is pregnant with a baby girl, giving the Royal Family their first princess since the birth of Fergie and Andrew's two girls, Beatrice and Eugenie. The royals are reportedly over the moon over the latest addition to their brood, which includes Prince George, the third in line to the British monarchy after his grandfath...

Stars Who Grew Up Living In Poverty

1/7/2015 1:15pm EST
12 Celebrities Who Used To Be Poor
Some of Hollywood's biggest and most successful stars come from humble beginnings. The following rags-to-riches stories include stars who lived in their cars, one who wore a dress made out of a potato sack, and another who took a janitorial job at age 15 to support his family.

Leonardo DiCaprio's parents divorced when he was one, and he stayed mostly with his mother in Los Angeles, Calif. He lived in a rough neighborhood and was exposed to drugs, crime, prostitution, and violence near Hollywood Boulevard and Western Avenue. His mother took several jobs in order to support them. The actor t...

Fans Will Love (Or Hate) 'Dumb And Dumber To'

11/15/2014 4:30pm EST
Why Fans Will Love (Or Hate) 'Dumb And Dumber To'
"Dumb and Dumber To" is in theaters now. Right at this very moment. If you wanted to, you could stop reading this (please don't) and jet over to the local multiplex to see how Harry Dunne and Lloyd Christmas have aged in the last twenty years.

Yes, the world needs a "Dumb and Dumber" sequel about as much as it does another Ebola outbreak or Competitive Baby Tossing in the next Olympics. But then... it's Harry! And Lloyd! God, those guys are just so lovable. It's hard to say no.

Which is why we've gone ahead and said all the yeses and nos for you. Because there's good and bad in "Dumb and...

Jim Carrey Mocks Matthew McConaughey's Lincoln Ads On 'SNL' And Does It Again For Letterman

10/30/2014 8:47pm EDT
Jim Carrey and David Letterman
Jim Carrey and Kate Hudson nailed impressions of Matthew McConaughey over the past week, with the actress taking on her "How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days" costar at the 28th American Cinematheque Award honoring the actor at The Beverly Hilton Hotel last Tuesday.

Carrey delivered his own take during a hilarious skit for "Saturday Night Live" this past weekend, poking fun at McConaughey's new Lincoln car ads.

"Sometimes you gotta go back to actually move forward," the actor said in McConaughey's southern drawl while driving the car. "And I don't mean go back and reminisce, or chase ghosts. I me...

Jim Carrey Takes On Matthew McConaughey, Halloween & Himself On SNL, Iggy Azalea Is Musical Guest

10/26/2014 4:28pm EDT
Jim Carrey Takes On Matthew McConaughey, Halloween & Himself On
When Jim Carrey first hosted "SNL" in 1996, it was one of the times when the host temporarily revamped the show according to his own performance style. That can be a good thing or a bad thing; in Jim's case, it was very good. For his third hosting stint, he was not quite as unstoppable, but he was still quite the blast of energy. As he pointed out in his monologue, Halloween is the one day each year that he is able to blend in with everyone else, and with a plethora of mostly successful All Hallow's Eve-themed sketches, he proved to be the most apt host for the occasion. There were a few cl...

Top 10 Worst Movie Sequels of All Time

8/9/2014 7:00pm EDT
Top 10 Worst Movie Sequels of All Time
Hollywood loves a sure thing. So it's probably no surprise that when a film enjoys massive success at the box office, Tinsel Town executives immediately start planning the sequel. After all, audiences loved the original so just churning out more of the same is a bullet-proof plan, right?


While there have certainly been a number of great sequels that were as good as or even better than the original, there have also been quite a few times where the sequel failed to live up to expectations. Here are our picks in no particular order for the worst movie sequels of all time.

1. Caddysha...

Jim Carrey And Jeff Daniels Flip Burgers With Fake Arms On 'Tonight Show'

6/11/2014 1:16pm EDT
Jimmy Fallon, Jim Carrey, Jeff Daniels
Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels were on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon last night to promote the trailer of their upcoming film Dumb and Dumber To, but they may have upstaged that with a skit involving fake arms.

The recurring skit has guests use mannequin arms instead of their own while they act out a soap opera. This time, Carrey is a trainee at a burger joint and Daniels is the manager. Fallon wants a burger and fries, something fairly difficult to prepare with mannequin arms!

Jim Carrey really shines in the skit, as it involves quite a bit of ad-libbing and reminds us of the uni...

Shia LaBeouf Lashes Out At Jim Carrey After Golden Globes Joke, Apologizes

1/14/2014 3:03pm EST
Shia LaBeouf
Despite "retiring from the public eye," Shia LaBeouf publicly slammed Jim Carrey after the comedian poked fun at Shia's plagiarism scandal during the Golden Globes.

While presenting the award for Best Motion Picture, Comedy or Musical, Carrey mused to the audience, "Dying is easy. Comedy is hard... I believe it was Shia LaBeouf who said that."

Shia responded on Twitter, "If you explain @JimCarrey you've killed him, Nobody knows if it's for real or not. That way he's immortal." He then posted a video of Jim's daughter's band and wrote, "At least I don't get arrested for indecency on major ...

Best Of 2013 - Top Five Male & Female Performances

1/3/2014 12:15pm EST
Top Five Performances
Jason Coleman's Top Five Male & Female Performances

I am very happy for this particular acting "best of" list this year, mostly because notable films that didn’t make it to my Top Ten still had some memorable performances.  So even though movies like "American Hustle," "12 Years A Slave" and "Frances Ha" didn’t make the final film cut, the acting work within is lovingly highlighted here.  From oddballs to slaves, sassy ice cream truck workers to sexy hustlers here are my..."Best of 2013 - Top Five Male & Female Performances."

Ladies first this year!  


1. Jess Weixler - "Free Samples...

The Most Anticipated Films Of 2014, Part One

1/1/2014 9:03am EST
Dumb and Dumber
No more new films will be released in 2013 - but there's no need to fret! Check out why we're hyped (and why we're worried) for these highly-anticipated 2014 films:

Dumb And Dumber To

Why We’re Hyped: The Farrelly Brothers, Jim Carey, and Jeff Daniels would only do the film if everyone was involved.

Why We’re Worried: When’s the last time the Farrelly Brothers made a good movie? Will Jim Carrey alienate half of his audience on Twitter – again?

The Expendables 3

Why We’re Hyped: Antonio Banderas, Harrison Ford, Mel Gibson and Kelsey Grammer join the ridiculous cast for another go at...

'Kick-Ass 2': Not As Good As The Original

8/19/2013 11:15pm EDT
Kick-Ass 2
DIY real-world teen crime fighter Kick-Ass is back in Kick-Ass 2 and though fans of the first film may line up around the block to see this film, chances are they will be disappointed. Directed by newcomer Jeff Wadlow, the sequel brings in star power from Jim Carrey this time around as opposed to Nicolas Cage and doubles down on the violence with an unexpected streak of nastiness. Yes, Chloe Grace Moretz is still the scene stealer, Mindy Macready’s Hit-Girl, and Aaron Taylor-Johnson is Kick-Ass, but the film suffers from a case of sequelitis. A lot of familiar faces are back along with chea...

Review: Second Helping Of 'Kick-Ass 2' Satisfies

8/15/2013 3:00pm EDT
Kick-Ass 2
Sequels are always tough sell, but follow-ups to cult flicks might as well have a bull’s eye attached.  In the case of the new "Kick-Ass 2" there is such a target but fortunately most of the characters, story and action hit the mark just right.  The result is a flick that stays right on par with its predecessor in terms of tone and entertainment value and gives fans of the original exactly what they crave – more of the same.

Young Dave Lizewski aka Kick-Ass is at a crossroads.  He’s been missing in the crime-fighting superhero scene, so he decides to get back in the game by enlisting the h...

'Kick-Ass' Creator: 'Jim Carrey Did Us The Biggest PR Favor Of All Time'

8/15/2013 10:21am EDT
Kick-Ass 2
The creator of the Kick-Ass motion picture franchise is convinced Jim Carrey did him a favor by refusing to take part in the second movie's press tour as his boycott bought the film $30 million of free publicity.

Carrey has been fighting for a tightening of the country's gun control laws in the aftermath of a school shooting in Connecticut, and he subsequently withdrew his support for Kick-Ass 2 over its depiction of violence.

However, Mark Millar, who wrote the Kick-Ass comic books and is a producer on the movies, now admits Carrey's headline-grabbing stunt actually did the film a big ...

Jim Carrey Apologizes To Gun Owners

7/8/2013 8:07pm EDT
Jim Carrey
Jim Carrey, who has recently been outspoken on Twitter over gun control issues, has apologized to assault rifle owners for his disparaging comments.

Carrey has been on a crusade against violence and guns since he helped make "Cold Dead Hands" on Funny or Die, which made fun of gun owners. He then tweeted, "'Cold Dead Hand' is abt u heartless mother%ckers unwilling 2 bend 4 the safety of our kids. Sorry if you're offended."

The anti-gun message continued, affecting his upcoming film Kick-Ass 2. Carrey has refused to do any press for the movie, explaining he filmed his parts before the scho...

Did Jim Carrey Violate His 'Kick-Ass 2' Contract?

6/25/2013 5:07pm EDT
Jim Carrey
Jim Carrey may have put himself in legal jeopardy by condemning his upcoming film Kick-Ass 2.

Carrey, who has made headlines for several months with anti-gun rhetoric, made several statements against Kick-Ass 2, despite the fact he stars in the film. Carrey said he cannot support the film's violence and he filmed it prior to the Sandy Hook school massacre.

An industry insider now tells Fox411 that Carrey's statement and refusal to support the film may put his contract in jeopardy. Gary Michael Waters said there is a standard to have "a publicity clause written into the contracts," where s...

'Kick-Ass' Creator Responds To Carrey's Sudden Withdrawal Of Support

6/25/2013 8:51am EDT
Colonel Stars and Stripes
Kick-Ass creator Mark Millar, producer for Kick-Ass 2, has responded to Actor Jim Carrey's very public denouncement of the film. As some may recall, Carrey's character, 'Colonel Stars and Stripes' is one of the most anticipated highlights of the movie.

However, yesterday, Carrey Tweeted that he would be withdrawing his support from the movie, on the basis that it contained so much violence, that Carrey just couldn't condone it. Carrey's sudden change of heart and radical political stance on anti-gun and anti-violence has been brought about by the tragic Sandy Hook shooting that took place ...

Jim Carrey Condemns 'Kick-Ass 2' In Wake Of Sandy Hook Tragedy

6/24/2013 10:03am EDT
Jim Carrey
Actor Jim Carrey, outspoken proponent of strong federal anti-gun and anti-violence regulations, has publicly decried the upcoming blockbuster movie Kick-Ass 2.

Never shy about his feelings of gun-violence, as evident in his parody video 'Cold Dead Hand,' Carrey has publicly shared on Twitter his feelings about the upcoming sequel, which he plays a major role in. Carrey's anti-violence sentiments have been strong in the wake of the Sandy Hook tragedy, which took place in Connecticut, November 2012.

I did Kickass a month b4 Sandy Hook and now in all good conscience I cannot support that l...

Jim Carrey References Gun Control After Texas College Stabbings

4/10/2013 8:07pm EDT
Jim Carrey
Jim Carrey has expressed his sadness on Twitter after 14 people were stabbed on campus at Lone Star Community College - and made a reference to gun control.

Carrey, who has filled his Twitter feed with gun control pleas following his Funny or Die satire video, posted, "I wish all the students in Texas a full physical and emotional recovery. I'm glad the attacker was not more heavily armed."

Several uses were dismayed Carrey brought up the political issue so quickly after the attack. One of them was noted gun advocate Adam Baldwin, who replied, "Hi @JimCarrey: Are you 'glad' the victims we...

Jim Carrey Calls Fox News ' A Media Colostomy Bag'

3/31/2013 2:07pm EDT
Jim Carrey
Hollywood funnyman Jim Carrey has stepped up his feud with conservative critics by accusing Fox New bosses of "irresponsible buffoonery" in the ongoing dispute over his controversial gun control spoof. 

The Mask star hit headlines by releasing a comedy skit about gun regulation in the U.S., portraying figures including late National Rifle Association president Charlton Heston in the clip for 

The film, which warned of the dangers of gun ownership, sparked criticism from conservative commentators, and Carrey has now singled out bosses at Fox News, accusing them of sparking ...

Jim Carrey Continues Gun Control Rant On Twitter, Opponents eBay His Signature

3/29/2013 11:07am EDT
Jim Carrey
While Jim Carrey continues his gun control crusade on Twitter, ex-fans of the comedian are selling his autograph on eBay to "buy guns" and make a political point.

An eBay user started an auction to sell his autographed glossy photo of Carrey - one of hundreds that seem to constantly populate the site for around $8 and have the message "Spank you very much." This user, however, set his auction price to $50 and said he wanted the money "to buy a gun."

By Wednesday, the auction reached $860. Soon after eBay removed the auction, and the user started a new auction with all mentions of the word...

Jim Carrey Stars In Gun Control Satire Video, Rants On Twitter

3/25/2013 7:07pm EDT
Jim Carrey
Jim Carrey made a satirical video for Funny or Die to promote gun control - and took on his critics in a Twitter rant.

In the video, Jim Carrey stars as actor and NRA spokesman Charlton Heston on an old episode of Hee Haw. He then changes roles to "Lonesome Earl and the Clutterbusters," performing a song "Cold Dead Hand" - a reference to Heston's famous NRA speech in which he declares, "I'll give you my gun when you pry it from my cold, dead hands."

The song contains satirical lyrics such as "(The angels) wouldn't take him up to heaven like he planned because they couldn't pry that gun...

4 Gloomy Celebrity Beginnings To Stardom

3/24/2013 2:00pm EDT
Sarah Jessica Parker
Long ago, Brad Pitt dressed in a chicken suit and handed out restaurant fliers at an L.A. parking lot. Absolutely bizarre, but you better believe it! Some of the most famous celebrities today had the saddest, weirdest, and downright shocking starts. That’s right- many of the actors you watch on the silver screen were picked off from the street while tons of the musicians you love listening to began their careers in grimy bars. Yet, these humble beginnings are some of the more “normal” starts for the stars. This gives hopes to renovation professionals like those at

Steve Carell Personally Asked Jim Carrey To Star In 'Burt Wonderstone'

3/13/2013 4:07pm EDT
The Incredible Burt Wonderstone
Jim Carrey signed up to appear in new movie The Incredible Burt Wonderstone after the film's lead Steve Carell personally called him about the role.

The 40 Year Old Virgin star portrays a flamboyant Las Vegas magician in the comedy, and he had Carrey in mind for the part of his onscreen rival Steve Gray, a daring street performer.

Carrey tells, "Well you know, it was really about my friend Steve Carell calling up and saying, 'You want to jump in and have some fun?' Pressure's off me man. I was just having a blast in this thing. And also just the idea of a character that is ...

8 Stars Attending SXSW

3/13/2013 2:20pm EDT
Selena Gomez
Starstruck? Find out which celebrities are attending the South by Southwest Conferences and Festivals March 8-17 in Austin, Texas. The SXSW features seven separate festivals including: music, film, interactive, gaming, trade show, music gear and flatstock. In 1987, only 700 people showed up. In 2013, 300,000 are expected to attend, generating $190 million in revenue for the city of Austin. Here's who you can expect to see if you're attending the event.

1. The Brave and Daring: Selena Gomez

Selena can do it all: act, sing, design clothing and enthrall us all with her charms. Beyond her p...