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DVD Review: 'Dead Drop'

7/10/2014 10:00am EDT
DVD Review: 'Dead Drop'
What do you do when someone throws you out of a plane – seek revenge of course! We’re checking out the new to DVD title "Dead Drop" out now from Lionsgate Home Entertainment. The plan of attack gets reviewed below!

Title: "Dead Drop"

Grade: 3

Cast: Luke Goss, Nestor Carbonell, Cole Hauser

Director: R. Ellis Frazier

Rating: R

Runtime: 89 minutes

Release Company: Lionsgate Home Entertainment


The Flick: "Dead Drop" has its fair share of ups and downs. On the down side the “revenge” thriller is slower then dirt, which isn’t helped by the incess...

TV Spotlight: Sarah Michelle Gellar's New Series 'Ringer' Airs Tonight

9/13/2011 12:00pm EDT
There's been a lot of buzz about Sarah Michelle Gellar's TV comeback. The former "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" actress stars in one of the CW's most anticipated new series, "Ringer."

Gellar stars as a woman who, after witnessing a murder, goes on the run. She assumes the life of her wealthy identical twin sister Siobahn - only to learn that her sister's seemingly idyllic life is just as complicated and dangerous as the one she's trying to leave behind.

The series also stars Kristoffer Polaha as Henry, Ioan Gruffudd as Andrew Martin, Nestor Carbonell as Agent Victor Machado and Tara Summe...

The CW Announces New & Returning Shows For 2011-12

5/19/2011 9:37am EDT
The CW Network unveiled the schedule for its 2011-2012 season at its annual upfront presentation for advertisers, affiliates and national media from Jazz at Lincoln Center. Electro hip-hop group LMFAO staged a rousing flash mob dance and performed their hit song Party Rock Anthem to open the show. The announcement was made by Dawn Ostroff, President of Entertainment, and Mark Pedowitz, the new President of The CW.

"Hart of Dixie," from the "Gossip Girl' team of Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage, is a medical franchise with a proven star in Rachel Bilson, added Pedowitz. Sarah Michelle ...

'LOST': The Ten Best Episodes

4/6/2011 8:34am EDT
Now that 'LOST' has been off the air almost a year, it seems the appropriate time to re-visit the series.

In the coming weeks, I will re-visit many series - some old, some new, some current - and reveal my picks for the ten best episodes of each.

With the 'LOST' anniversary looming, here then is my list of the ten best episodes of the series, in descending order. It was very difficult to narrow down. Do you agree? Please sound off in the comments.

10. 'There's No Place Like Home' - Season 4, Episode 13

The fourth season finale features bloody battles (Ben stabbing Keamy), emotional ...

Break-In Drama At 'Lost' Star's Home

5/8/2010 10:39am EDT
Malcolm David Kelley
"Lost" star Malcolm David Kelley was caught up in a real-life drama on Friday morning when he called cops to report a break-in at his home in California.

Teenager Kelley, who plays Walt on the hit desert island drama, called the police when he heard someone trying to break into his family's Bellflower home.

Cops apprehended the person minutes later outside. reports one person was taken into custody.

The young actor's publicist, Dominic Friesen, says, "Malcolm and his family are incredibly grateful that no one was injured during today's incident. It has been a frightening ordeal....

LOST Recap: 'The Package'

3/31/2010 2:01pm EDT
LOST - The Package
Ahhh, Sun and Jin, Jin and Sun. Remember when their biggest problems on LOST was him demanding she button up her blouse and her secretly being able to speak English? Good times. Now the Korean couple have been separated for years since Sun was one of the Oceanic 6, raising their daughter in the real world, and Jin was stuck in the 70's Dharmaville. It's been several seasons now with them being separated, and unfortunately their last episode "The Package" does not give the fans the reunion they were so hoping for. Foul, show.

In the flashsideways, Jin and Sun were never married but they are...

'Lost' Recap: 'Ab Aeterno'

3/24/2010 1:50pm EDT
This is the LOST episode that fans have been waiting for since the first time the mysterious Richard Alpert arrived on the screen. Handsome and confident, he never aged and always seemed to know what to do. He was at John Locke's birth, he saved the dying Ben Linus, and now he's lost all his faith in his leader, Jacob, and in what he was meant to do on the Island. So what was Richard meant to do? "Ab Aeterno" was the flashback episode everyone was waiting for, and it did not disappoint.

On the Island Ilana says that Jacob told her Richard would know what to do once she gathered the candida...

'Lost' Recap: 'Dr. Linus'

3/10/2010 12:16pm EST
Ben Linus
There are some fans of LOST that may be complaining that the show has still not provided their hundreds of expected answers, and that they can't really understand where the show is going. Yet no one can deny that the show is exceptional when it comes to character development, and that Michael Emerson is one of the best actors on television. The fact that he took Ben Linus from what was supposed to be a guest spot and turned him into one of the most complicated characters ever seen is simply stunning. Ben is a villain, he's a murderer, he's a manipulator, and yet he's charismatic and fascina...

Cryptic Words About 'Lost's' Final Episodes Revealed At PaleyFest

3/1/2010 11:02am EST
Cryptic Words About Lost
With the remaining episodes of ABC’s Lost quickly ticking down to the end, the thoughts and questions on everyone's mind at their PaleyFest 2010 panel on Saturday evening in Beverly Hills all had to do with just how many of the show's mysteries would be resolved. Greatly for this reason (but also due in part to the fact that the show is currently shooting in Hawaii), the majority of the panel was made up of the show's writers and producers, including creators Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse. Joining them in the "hot seats" were Adam Horowitz, Edward Kitsis, Liz Sarnoff, and director/produce...

Questions That Must Absolutely Be Answered On 'Lost's' Final Season

1/29/2010 4:00pm EST
"Lost" has baffled, bewildered, and enthralled viewers for five action-packed seasons. When it began years ago, people were shocked by this sci-fi drama that seemed to come out of nowhere. It had a huge cast with mostly unknowns, and it was filmed almost entirely on a beautiful island in Hawaii. Almost immediately the audience was hooked on this bizarre place where the characters were all stranded on an island that had polar bears and smoke monsters and natives that stole children.

Now that "Lost" is gearing up for its final season, however, our patience is wearing thing. We have loved ...

'Lost' Panel At Comic-Con Revealed Little, But Was Enormously Entertaining

7/28/2009 11:13am EDT
"Lost" has always appeared as a headliner at San Diego Comic Con, filling up the largest rooms in the convention center with little difficulty, and its reveals are gossiped about for months afterward by the fans and critics.

This year the excitement was mixed with regret and sorrow, for it is the last year of "Lost." Yes, we will be getting the answers we crave, but that also means one of the best shows on television ends in 2010 and what will we have to sate us afterward? Nothing!

The "Lost" panel had laughs, thrills, chills, and plenty of special clips for the fans that loyally lin...

Check Out 'Cane' This Fall On CBS

9/10/2007 8:00am EDT
Cane is an epic drama about the external rivalries and internal power struggles of a large Cuban-American family running an immensely successful rum and sugar business in South Florida.

When the family patriarch, Pancho (Hector Elizondo), is offered a lucrative but questionable deal by his bitter adversaries, the Samuels, to purchase thousands of acres of sugar fields, he's faced with a tough choice: Should he cash out of the sugar business and focus solely on rum, which would please his impulsive natural son, Frank (Nestor Carbonell), or protect the family legacy that he built from ...

Lime Mojito Ad Gives Audiences First Taste Of New CBS Drama 'Cane'

9/5/2007 3:48pm EDT
CBS has created a first-of-its-kind print advertisement for a television series that tastes like a non-alcoholic lime Mojito.

The inventive ad, which promotes the fictional Duque Rum brand featured in the highly touted new series "Cane," starring Jimmy Smits, Hector Elizondo, Nestor Carbonell and Rita Moreno, will appear in the fall entertainment preview edition of Rolling Stone, hitting newsstands Sept. 7.

Setting a new standard for innovative marketing and brand differentiation, the multi-sensory campaign will directly reach Rolling Stone readers and offer them a unique opport...