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'Doctor Who' Christmas Special: Enough Banter To Keep Fans Delighted

12/26/2015 8:55am EST
'Doctor Who' Christmas Special Review: River's Holiday Return
The Doctor Who Christmas Special has become something of a tradition for sci-fi fans as a nice way to close out the holiday. With "The Husbands of River Song," which is Peter Capaldi's second Christmas Special as The Doctor, there's not as much holiday as in years past - but there's enough banter to keep fans delighted.

As if the title wasn't an indication, "The Husbands of River Song" really isn't much of a Christmas story; it's more a story that happens to take place in winter. Nor is it really a Doctor story; it's a River (Alex Kingston) adventure with The Doctor playing companion. Yet ...

'Doctor Who' Wraps Up The Season Tonight

12/5/2015 10:03am EST
'Doctor Who' Season Finale Preview: What Has The Doctor 'Hell Be
After his bone-chilling solo adventure last week, The Doctor wraps up the current season of Doctor Who tonight with "Hell Bent." What is the Twelfth Doctor (Peter Capaldi) going to do now that he's returned to his home planet of Gallifrey? Especially given the prophecy bombshell he dropped? We have your preview of tonight's finale here.

"Hell Bent" is the third of a three-part story arc that began with "Face the Raven," which saw The Doctor and Clara (Jenna Coleman) face an irreversible tragedy. Since that episode, The Doctor has been on a terrible tear, and now he's back on Gallifrey to c...

Peter Capaldi's Solo 'Doctor Who' Episode Proves Why He Was Such A Brilliant Casting Choice

11/29/2015 10:04am EST
Peter Capaldi's Solo 'Doctor Who' Adventure Is A Success
This week's Doctor Who was a solo showcase for Peter Capaldi as The Doctor, after last week he said goodbye to Jenna Coleman's Clara Oswald. Although Coleman still had a cameo appearance in "Heaven Sent," this episode was Capaldi's show and it proved why he has been a brilliant casting choice as The Doctor.

Realizing that he's been teleported into a glass chamber inside a mysterious castle, The Doctor spends the episode trying to sort out his whereabouts, dealing with a mysterious creature known as the Veil (played by Jami Reid-Quarrell), and processing what happened to Clara.

As Doctor W...

'Doctor Who' Recap: 'The Magician's Apprentice'

9/20/2015 9:02am EDT
'Doctor Who' Review: 'The Magician's Apprentice' On The Right Tr
Doctor Who returned to the airwaves on Saturday night, and "The Magician's Apprentice" proved that the long-running sci-fi show still has plenty of life left in it, if a few kinks to work out. With strong performances all around, the episode brought us back to the Twelfth Doctor's world convincingly - but where is he going next?

It begins simply enough. When airplanes are stopped in the sky and the Doctor can't be located to deal with this latest crisis, his companion Clara (Jenna Coleman) is recalled by UNIT. It's quickly revealed that the planes have halted because of Missy (Michelle Gom...

Are You Ready For Season 9 Of 'Doctor Who'?

9/19/2015 2:04pm EDT
Get Ready For Season 9 Of 'Doctor Who' With These Videos
Sci-fi fans will be glued to BBC America this evening as Season 9 of Doctor Who kicks off tonight, with Peter Capaldi returning for his second cycle as The Twelfth Doctor and Jenna Coleman reprising her role as his companion Clara Oswald, aka "The Impossible Girl." Before you tune in, what are some of the big things to know about the pair's next adventures through time and space?

Well, as it turns out, there are some TARDIS-sized changes afoot both on and off screen this time around. Firstly, for those who want to avoid spoilers, we'll leave you with the official Season 9 trailer:

Now, ...

15 Famous Scottish Actors

9/18/2014 10:58am EDT
15 Famous Scottish Actors
As the citizens of Scotland decide whether or not to declare independence from the United Kingdom, we're saluting some of the best actors from the country known for wonderful things such as kilts, scotch, bagpipes and Loch Ness monster.

Gerard Butler was born in Glasgow and was raised in the town of Paisley. One of his first roles was for the Scottish Youth Theater in a production of "Oliver!" He later put his acting ambition aside and enrolled in a law program at Glasgow University. After graduating, he moved to Los Angeles, Calif., and kicked off his showbiz career as an extra in "The B...

'Doctor Who' Premiere Recap And Review: 'Deep Breath' - Peter Capaldi's Debut A Success

8/24/2014 7:29am EDT
'Doctor Who' Premiere Recap And Review: 'Deep Breath' - Peter Ca
Ever since Peter Capaldi was announced as the next Doctor, we've been excited for the new season of Doctor Who. Capaldi made us cry laughing as Malcolm Tucker in The Thick of It and just plain made us cry as John Frobisher in Torchwood: Children of Earth. And he's just as brilliant as the Twelfth Doctor.

So how do you introduce a new Doctor? Oh, hey, there's a dinosaur. That's pretty cool. Except it's stomping around Victorian-era London. Thankfully, we have something for that - the TARDIS, which the dinosaur actually coughs up. Familiar faces Madame Vastra, Jenny and Strax go down to see ...

'Doctor Who': Get To Know New Doctor Peter Capaldi

8/23/2014 12:02pm EDT
'Doctor Who': Get To Know New Doctor Peter Capaldi
Tonight, Doctor Who fans will finally get to see Peter Capaldi's debut episode as the Twelfth Doctor - but how much do you know about the fantastic Scottish actor who's taking over the TARDIS from Matt Smith? To get you caught up before Twelve and his companion Clara Oswald set off on their next adventure, we've put together this quick guide on the coolness that is Peter Capaldi.

Before his casting as The Doctor, Capaldi's best-known role was as the savagely awesome political operative Malcolm Tucker in the BBC's political satire The Thick of It and its feature film sequel In The Loop. HBO...

Peter Capaldi Is The New 'Doctor Who'

8/5/2013 6:04pm EDT
Peter Capaldi
Peter Capaldi was introduced as the next title character in Britain's cult sci-fi show Doctor Who on Sunday during special "Doctor Who Live: The Next Doctor", which aired on BBC One and simultaneously on BBC America.

The actor will take over for outgoing 11th Doctor Matt Smith, who is departing the series after four years. Smith will stick around for the show's 50th anniversary episode on November 23, and will end his run during this year's Christmas special, when Capaldi takes over.

"I've had four wonderful years, been on some great journeys on and off screen," Smith said. "Part of me fe...

A.M. Roundup: New 'Doctor Who' Revealed, Raven-Symone Comes Out, '2 Guns' Tops Box Office

8/5/2013 9:55am EDT
Paula Patton's topless scene wasn't enough to get people out to the movies to see Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg's buddy-cop flick "2 Guns" over the weekend, as the film did win the weekend box office, but it only pulled in $27.4 million. The movie topped last week's number-one, "The Wolverine", which falls to number two; and "The Smurfs 2" opened in third place with a dismal $18.2 million. (story)

Actor Peter Capaldi has been revealed as the new Doctor Who. The 55-year-old star will take over for Matt Smith on the BBC's cult favorite show, becoming the 12th star to take the title rol...