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Now Playing: Gerard Butler's ‘London Has Fallen' Release Date Pushed to March Gerard Butler's ‘London Has Fallen' Release Date Pushed to March
2015-09-17 All About Jennifer Aniston's Love Life
2015-08-18 Shirtless Gerard Butler Gives Girlfriend PDA at the Beach
2015-08-18 Has Gerard Butler Found the One?
2015-08-12 "300" Themed Publicity Stunt Goes Wrong
2015-07-25 Find Out Why Gerard Butler and Scarlett Johansson Can't Get Enough of Sports
2015-07-24 'London Has Fallen': MovieBites
2015-07-17 'London Has Fallen' Trailer
2015-07-03 Gerard Butler's Mom: 'Put a Ring on It'
2015-01-06 Stars Descend on 2014 Hollywood Film Awards
2014-11-15 Stars Pack Hollywood Film Awards
2014-11-15 Gerard Butler Shows Off His Buff Body on the Beach
2014-09-26 Gerard Butler Is a Surfing Enthusiast
2014-08-28 Gerard Butler and Craig Ferguson Tell Some Jokes
2014-07-26 'How To Train Your Dragon 2': America Ferrera & Cressida Cowell Interview
2014-07-13 The Whole 'Tooth' About Dragons Sequel
2014-07-07 Dragon Unleashed in London in Promotional Stunt
2014-07-01 'How to Train Your Dragon 2': Exclusive UK Gala Premiere Report
2014-06-24 'How to Train Your Dragon 2' Movie Review for Parents
2014-06-15 Gerard Butler Urges Fans to Get a Little Rowdy
2014-06-12 Gerard Butler and Craig Ferguson's Jealousy in 'How to Drain Your Dragon 2'
2014-06-11 Late-Night Laughs: Laura Prepon’s London Brothel Experience
2014-06-11 Cast of 'How To Train Your Dragon 2' On The Film's Soaring Popularity
2014-06-10 Gerard Butler "Blown Away" At Premiere Of "How To Train Your Dragon 2"
2014-06-09 'How To Train Your Dragon 2': Eret Clip
2014-05-25 'How To Train Your Dragon 2': Dragon Races Featurette
2014-05-25 How to Train Your Dragon 2 - A Family Reunited
2014-05-14 'How To Train Your Dragon 2': Baby Dragons Clip
2014-05-14 'How To Train Your Dragon 2': Storm Fly, Fetch Clip
2014-05-14 MovieBites: 'How To Train Your Dragon 2'
2014-05-11 Honest Trailers: 300
2014-03-05 Ted 2, Point Break & More Add Cast
2014-02-26 Gerard Butler Taking 'On Point Break' Remake
2014-01-12 Kristen Wiig, Cate Blanchett, "How to Train Your Dragon 2" New Trailer
2013-12-22 Video@Home: Attacking the White House
2013-09-03 Not Just For Athletes: Steroids in Hollywood
2013-08-22 Celebrities, Sexy Models and Billionaires Attend Charity Event After Wimbledon
2013-07-10 Bradley Cooper, Gerard Butler In Matching Blue Suits For Wimbledon Victory
2013-07-09 Kate Hudson and Gerard Butler Join Novak Djokovic at Charity Dinner
2013-07-09 Gerard Butler Is Bradley Cooper's Third Wheel At Wimbledon
2013-07-08 Gerard Butler Back Together With Model Girlfriend
2013-06-26 Gerard Butler Breaks Up With Model Girlfriend Over Commitment Issues
2013-06-14 See Gerard Butler's Racy Way Of Cracking Walnuts
2013-06-10 Backstage at the Junos With Carly Rae Jepsen, Michael Bublé
2013-04-22 Gerard Butler Says North Korea Sparked Interest in "Olympus Has Fallen"
2013-04-10 'Olympus Has Fallen' Clevver Review
2013-04-09 Gerard Butler Became A Monk During Acting Hiatus
2013-04-05 Morgan Freeman Talks 'Olympus Has Fallen'
2013-04-04 Gerard Butler Premieres 'Olympus Has Fallen' in London
2013-04-04 Gerard Butler Talks Travelling and Fifty Shades
2013-04-04 "G.I. Joe" Storms Box Office.
2013-04-02 Gerard Butler Poses With A Shirtless Sexy Guy and Talks With Fans
2013-03-28 Gerard Butler and Kelly Ripa: Offensive or So Darn Cute?
2013-03-27 Richard Roeper Reviews "Olympus Has Fallen"
2013-03-24 "Olympus Has Fallen" & "Spring Breakers" Movie Reviews W/ Cornelius Watkins
2013-03-22 Olympus Has Fallen: Angela Bassett & Aaron Eckhart
2013-03-22 Olympus Has Fallen: Antoine Fuqua & Gerard Butler
2013-03-22 Olympus Has Fallen:Dylan McDermott & Rick Yune
2013-03-22 Film Clip: 'Olympus Has Fallen'
2013-03-21 "Olympus Has Fallen" Cast Interviews
2013-03-21 "Olympus Has Fallen" Premiere
2013-03-21 Selena Gomez in A Miniskirt, Gerard Butler Stunt and Diane Kruger Kisses Saoirse Ronan
2013-03-21 Hollywood Premiere of Olympus Has Fallen With Gerard Butler and Ashley Judd
2013-03-20 Gerard Butler Reenacts '300's We Are Sparta!' Line
2013-03-20 Morgan Freeman, Gerard Butler Premiere New Thriller
2013-03-19 GI Joe Premiere, Gerard Butler's New Movie And Jennifer Garner Talks Skin
2013-03-16 Brandi Glanville Accepts Gerard Butler's Apology Over Hook-Up Mistake
2013-03-13 Gerard Butler Admits Sleeping With 'Real Housewife' Brandi Glanville
2013-03-13 Gerard Butler Admits To Brandi Glanville Hook Up
2013-03-12 Gerard Butler Must Save The White House
2013-03-11 Olympus Has Fallen- Clip No. 1
2013-03-11 Stars Mingle at Vanity Fair Oscar Party
2013-02-25 Gerard Butler, Ashley Judd, Morgan Freeman in "Olympus Has Fallen" Trailer
2013-02-13 Olympus Has Fallen- Trailer No. 1
2013-01-31 Movie 43 - Clip No. 1