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Now Playing: 'Modern Family': Phil and Claire Accidentally Meddle 'Modern Family': Phil and Claire Accidentally Meddle
2015-09-24 'Modern Family': Phil and Claire Meddle Again
2015-09-24 Ty Burrell Stars as Norm: 'Modern Family' Stars Re-Create 'Cheers'
2015-09-16 'Modern Family': Phil Convinces Andy to Propose to Beth
2015-05-21 'Modern Family': Phil Realizes Haley and Andy Love Each Other
2015-05-21 'Modern Family': Phil Realizes Haley and Andy Love Each Other
2015-05-21 'Modern Family': Is Gloria's Cousin Smuggling Heroin?
2015-05-21 'Modern Family': Phil Convinces Andy to Propose to Beth
2015-05-21 'Modern Family': Is Gloria's Cousin Smuggling Heroin?
2015-05-21 'Modern Family': Phil Springs a Leak
2015-05-14 'Modern Family': Alex and Haley Bond at the Theater
2015-05-14 'Modern Family': Phil Tries to Break Into an Old Theater
2015-05-14 'Modern Family': Alex Makes Out with Sanjay on the Track
2015-05-07 'Modern Family': Alex Is Tied for Valedictorian
2015-05-07 'Modern Family': Sanjay Admits Having a Crush on Alex
2015-05-07 'Modern Family': Phil Gets the Princess Castle Destroyed
2015-04-30 Real-Life Stories Ftom the Stars of 'Modern Family'
2015-03-22 'Modern Family': Damn You, Andy Bailey!
2015-02-26 'Modern Family': Haley's in Vegas?!!
2015-02-26 'Modern Family': Claire's Going to Be a Grandmother?
2015-02-26 'Modern Family': Luke's Crazy Haircut
2015-02-26 'Modern Family': Haley Explains Everything
2015-02-26 'Modern Family': Claire's Fight With Haley
2015-02-26 'Modern Family': Haley's Shocking Facebook Status
2015-02-26 'Modern Family': Claire's Seatmate From Hell
2015-02-19 'Modern Family': Phil Won't Switch Seats With Claire
2015-02-19 'Modern Family': Claire Busts Phil's Plane Party
2015-02-19 'Modern Family': Claire's Sexy Alter Ego Wows Phil
2015-02-12 'Modern Family': Phil Prefers Juliana to Claire
2015-02-12 'Modern Family': Claire Breaks Phil of His Crush on Juliana
2015-02-12 'Modern Family': The Dunphys Declare War On Their Neighbors
2015-01-15 'Modern Family': Phil Brings Out the Big Guns
2015-01-15 'Modern Family': Phil's Plan Backfires
2015-01-15 'Modern Family': Is Phil Sexy?
2015-01-08 'Modern Family' Star Might Miss Oregon Game If Work Calls
2015-01-06 Gwyneth Paltrow, Lena Dunham, Chris Pratt & More Stars Read Mean Tweets
2014-11-22 'Modern Family': Phil Tries to Edit the Wedding Video
2014-10-13 Bill Hader - Kristen Wigg and Bill Hader on Nitrous
2014-09-19 'The Skeleton Twins' Richard Roeper's Review
2014-09-14 Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader on 'The Skeleton Twins'
2014-09-11 'Breaking Bad' Takes Over at the Emmys
2014-09-02 'The Skeleton Twins' Trailer
2014-08-31 Kristen Wiig, Bill Hader, Ty Burrell in 'The Skeleton Twins' Trailer
2014-07-01 Speakeasy with 'Modern Family' Star Ty Burrell
2014-05-12 'Modern Family' Star Nolan Gould on Working With Ty Burrell and Ed O'Neil
2014-04-02 'Muppets Most Wanted': Exclusive Gala Premiere Report
2014-03-25 'Muppets Most Wanted' Cast and Director Interviews
2014-03-23 Behind the Scenes of 'Mr. Peabody & Sherman'
2014-03-18 Stephen Colbert Talks About 'Mr. Peabody and Sherman'
2014-03-18 Ty Burrell Talks About 'Mr. Peabody and Sherman'
2014-03-18 Kermit and Miss Piggy In the Limo and Cheryl Cole Excites London
2014-03-17 'Muppets Most Wanted': Welcome to the Big House Clip
2014-03-12 'Muppets Most Wanted': Keeping Up Appearances Clip
2014-03-12 'Muppets Most Wanted' L.A. Premiere
2014-03-12 Mr. Peabody & Sherman Time Travel with Max Charles!
2014-03-11 Ty Burrell Talks About Not Being The Perfect Father
2014-03-08 'Muppets Most Wanted' Preview - Keeping Up Appearances
2014-03-06 'Mr. Peabody & Sherman': Exclusive Interview With Ty Burrell & Rob Minkoff
2014-03-06 Ty Burrell's Love for 'Modern Family'
2014-03-06 Big Names Come Out For "Mr. Peabody" Premiere
2014-03-06 'Muppets Most Wanted': Clip - Meet the Manager
2014-03-05 'Muppets Most Wanted': MovieBites
2014-03-05 'Mr. Peabody & Sherman' Movie Preview
2014-03-02 'Muppets Most Wanted' Movie Preview
2014-03-02 Ty Burrell on Hand for Mr. Peabody Paw Print Ceremony
2014-02-15 'Mr Peabody' Star Puts Paws in Cement in Hollywood
2014-02-15 Ty Burrell: 'It's Tough Playing Perfect Mr. Peabody'
2014-02-03 The 2014 Golden Globe Awards: Winners and After Parties
2014-01-13 Muppets Most Wanted - User Reviews
2014-01-07 'Modern Family' Star Acts as Witness in Surprise Lesbian Wedding
2013-12-31 Muppets Most Wanted - Trailer No. 2
2013-11-23 Emmy Rossum, Jane Fonda, Stars Out For Los Angeles Symphony
2013-10-04 'Modern Family' Spinoff Starring Rob Riggle In The Works
2013-09-28 Ricky Gervais and Tina Fey in "Muppets Most Wanted" Trailer
2013-08-18 Muppets Most Wanted- Trailer No.1