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Now Playing: 'Cutthroat Kitchen' After-Show: In It to Twin It 'Cutthroat Kitchen' After-Show: In It to Twin It
2014-11-24 'Cutthroat Kitchen' After-Show: Thanks, but No Thanksgiving
2014-11-17 'Cutthroat Kitchen': Meringue Made With Stationary Whisk
2014-11-10 'Cutthroat Kitchen': Making Waffles with a Meat Tenderizer
2014-11-10 'Cutthroat Kitchen' After-Show: Empanada Chance
2014-11-10 'Cutthroat Kitchen Superstar Sabotage': A Sweet Finale Sabotage
2014-11-09 'Cutthroat Kitchen' After-Show: Superstar Sabotage Finale
2014-11-09 'Cutthroat Kitchen' After-Show: With a Chariot on Top
2014-11-09 Cutthroat Kitchen After-Show: Superstar Sabotage Heat Four
2014-10-30 'Cutthroat Kitchen' After-Show: The Undertaker
2014-10-27 'Cutthroat Kitchen Superstar Sabotage': Lemon Bar Challenge
2014-10-24 'Cutthroat Kitchen': After-Show- Superstar Sabotage Heat Three
2014-10-24 Cutthroat Kitchen After-Show: Chip Off the Ol' Baklava
2014-10-20 Cutthroat Kitchen: Alton Brown's Top 5 Evilicious Sabotages
2014-10-16 'Cutthroat Kitchen' After-Show: Here's Looking at You, Squid
2014-10-14 'Cutthroat Kitchen' Superstar Sabotage: Chefs Upstread, Plus a Pow
2014-10-12 'Cutthroat Kitchen' After-Show: Superstar Sabotage Heat One
2014-10-12 'Cutthroat Kitchen' After-Show: SaBOOOtage
2014-10-06 'Cutthroat Kitchen' After-Show: Tos-Ta-Da
2014-09-30 Cutthroat Kitchen After-Show: Crabs of Steel
2014-09-22 'Cutthroat Kitchen' After-Show: Tongue Thai-Ed
2014-09-15 'Cutthroat Kitchen' After-Show: Chili'd to the Bone
2014-09-08 'Cutthroat Kitchen' After-Show: When In Rome
2014-09-01 Cutthroat Kitchen After-Show: The Eggs-Orisct
2014-08-25 'Cutthroat Kitchen' After-Show: Superhero Sabotage
2014-08-19 'Food Network Star' 10: Giada, Alton and Bobby's Best Mentoring Moments
2014-08-12 'Food Network Star' 10: Nicole Gaffney's Journey to the Finals
2014-08-12 'Food Network Star': Season 10 Recap
2014-08-12 'Food Network Star' 10: Lenny McNab's Journey to the Finals
2014-08-12 'Food Network Star' 10: Luca Della Casa's Journey to the Finals
2014-08-12 Lenny McNab Wins 'Food Network Star' 10
2014-08-12 'Food Network Star' 10: Giada, Alton and Bobby Get Silly on Set
2014-08-12 'Food Network Star' 10: Behind-the-Scenes Fun With the Finalists
2014-08-12 'Food Network Star' 10: Behind-the-Scenes- Finalists Smack Talk
2014-08-12 'Food Network Star' 10: What It's Like to Be a Celeb Chef
2014-08-12 'Food Network Star': The Judges' Best Tough Talk
2014-08-12 'Food Network Star' 10: Finale Post-Show
2014-08-12 'Cutthroat Kitchen' After-Show: Ho-Ley Pot
2014-08-11 'Cutthroat Kitchen' After-Show- Corn Chowder and Gyro Sabotages
2014-08-04 Alton Brown Explains His Decision
2014-08-04 FN Star: Episode 10 Post-Show
2014-08-04 Lenny McNab's Pilot: Cowboy Up
2014-08-04 Luca Della Casa's Pilot: Luca's Feast
2014-08-04 'MythBusters' Tackle Turkey With Alton Brown's Help
2012-11-15 You've Got Alton Brown
2012-05-11 'Food Network Star' Season 8 Preview
2012-05-10 Michael Symon on Becoming a Chef Judge
2012-04-04 Alton Brown on the Next Iron Chef