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Now Playing: Alton Brown on the Next Iron Chef 'Cutthroat Kitchen' After-Show: Stop, Drop and Flambe
2015-08-17 'Cutthroat Kitchen' After-Show: Mo' Molasses, Mo' Problems
2015-08-10 Cutthroat Kitchen Testing The Sabotages: Chicken in a Bottle
2015-08-03 Cutthroat Kitchen Testing The Sabotages: Chicken in a Bottle
2015-08-03 'Cutthroat Kitchen' After-Show: Judge Jet Tila Knows Some Tricks
2015-07-27 Cutthroat Kitchen After-Show: My Kitchen for a Horse
2015-07-20 'Cutthroat Kitchen' After-Show: Chef Antonia Lofaso Tells All
2015-07-13 'Cutthroat Kitchen' Testing the Sabotages: Concession Stand Corn Dogs
2015-07-06 'Cutthroat Kitchen' After-Show: Circus Spectacular Challenge
2015-07-06 Cutthroat Kitchen After-Show: Yoga, Weird Spices and a Dollhouse
2015-06-29 'Cutthroat Kitchen' Testing the Sabotages: Awful Waffle Basket
2015-06-22 'Cutthroat Kitchen' After-Show: The Waffle Truth
2015-06-22 'Cutthroat Kitchen' After-Show: The Best of the Worst
2015-06-15 'Cutthroat Kitchen' After-Show: Carne Diem
2015-06-08 'Cutthroat Kitchen' After-Show: Grill or Be Grilled
2015-06-01 'Cutthroat Kitchen': Testing the Sabotage- Croque Madame in French Loaf Pan
2015-05-25 'Cutthroat Kitchen' After-Show: 21 Chum Street
2015-05-25 'Cutthroat Kitchen' After-Show: Evilicious Tournament Finale
2015-05-18 'Cutthroat Kitchen': Evilicious After-Show- Moo-in' On Up
2015-05-11 'Cutthroat Kitchen' After-Show: 20,000 Leagues Under the Prep Table
2015-05-04 'MythBusters' Tackle Turkey With Alton Brown's Help
2012-11-15 You've Got Alton Brown
2012-05-11 'Food Network Star' Season 8 Preview
2012-05-10 Michael Symon on Becoming a Chef Judge
2012-04-04 Alton Brown on the Next Iron Chef